How To Set Up A Home Office

Getting organized at home can often pose a challenge, especially if you don’t have a dedicated space. You may look around and not see any options, but take another look – even the smallest corner can become a great work area! You don’t want to have to figure out whether you will work at the kitchen table or on the sofa each day. Having a specific workspace allows you to be more productive and make the area your own.

How do you set up a home office space? We’ll lay out the steps to make it easy for you.

Make Room

Whether you have a small office, a corner in your bedroom or a section of the basement, you can create a space just for you. You don’t have to have big, bulky furniture. It doesn’t take much at all – a desk, a chair, a small bookshelf and voila! You instantly have a home office.

Don’t be hesitant to carve out a portion of the living room or other open family space. You can always use a decorative partition to hide it when company comes.

If you have a bedroom or den that isn’t being used, the options are limitless. You can fully furnish and decorate to your heart’s desire.

The key is to ensure that this is your workspace, not a place for the kids to play or family to watch TV. You shouldn’t find cereal bowls on your desk. Make it clear that the space is off limits. You need to be able to focus on your work and keep others out of your area.

Get Organized

Ask yourself this question: What are the most important tools I need at an arm’s length to be productive? For some it may be a printer, for others a basket of yarn. Place those things close to you so you don’t have to get up often to find them.

Make it a habit of putting items back where they belong. This helps you avoid forgetting where you put something, and saves the frustration and time of looking for it. You can quickly get to it and keep working.

Keep your space neat. It’s always a good practice to clean up either when you leave the space or before you go to bed at night. Tidy up and make your to-do list so you can have a fresh start each day.

Add Your Personality

Have decor items around that speak to your personality. Quotes by people who inspire you, figurines that represent things you love, or pictures of travel make great office additions. These things make you feel good and help the space truly become yours. Who wants to just look at a plain wall? If you have a window, freshen up the blinds or curtains. Place a small plant on the window ledge or on a shelf.

Not creative? Check out home office decor on Pinterest and draw from the looks you love!

Another tip is to add some background music. Ever find yourself working at a coffee shop and rocking to the tunes? Find a playlist that re-creates that feeling and get in a zone.

Stay Focused

This one can be difficult at times when your to-do list may seem never-ending. You will be tempted to jump from one thing to another. A phone call could cause you to shift gears, abandoning your list. There are many productivity methods, depending on how you work best. Try one of the following:

· Work on every item on your list for 2 hours each. This allows you to get into a groove and get the creative juices flowing. Determine what you will do for each 2-hour segment the day before.

·     The Pomodoro Technique of working on one thing for 30 minutes, then taking a 5-minute break. You do this four times and then take a longer break.

With either of these methods, if something urgent comes up that shifts your focus, add it to your list and reprioritize accordingly.

Enjoy Your Work

Creating a space you love, being organized and having a plan for how you will accomplish your tasks will allow you to enjoy what you do. You will have a renewed energy to get started and be able to focus.