Giving Thanks: 5 Unusual Reasons You’re Glad You Chose Your House

Marni Epstein-MervisSeptember 13, 2018

Homeowners across the country are giving thanks to some of the more unusual features that made them fall in love with their homes. Check out these five unique features for insight into the less obvious things you may want to look for when you shop for a home.

1. Strategically Positioned Windows

In densely populated areas like urban neighborhoods and planned communities, homes with many windows can often spell a lack of privacy for would-be home buyers. That’s why finding a house that provides great views while also allowing for privacy is a huge plus.

Toni C., a homeowner in McLean, VA is giving thanks for finding a home with windows that face the right direction. She explains, “Our house is very private, even though our neighbors’ homes are not that far away. It’s because of the way the windows are situated. Our windows don’t face neighbors.”

When shopping for a home, be sure to pay attention to the direction the home’s windows face – and what those windows look out onto. Strategically positioned windows can make the difference between a home you like and a home you love.

2. Double Pane Windows

Besides being strategically placed and offering a great view, windows can also keep your house at a comfy temperature and save you money. Double pane windows will keep you warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and lower your energy bill year-round. So, a home that’s already been updated with double pane windows is a huge bonus.

Dave S. in Clinton Township, Michigan is thankful he didn’t have to worry about upgrading windows when he moved into his current home five years ago. He says that every time fall rolls around, he’s still reminded of the hassle he avoided by buying a home with recently installed double pane windows. They might not be as flashy as, say, upgraded appliances, but chances are you’ll end up being grateful for features that let you dodge a big project and save money in the long run.

3. A Children’s Park

Yep, you read that right. A children’s park. Sure, most homeowners may be deterred by the noise, but homeowner Karina R. of Temecula, California is giving thanks for the children’s park right behind her home. Karina’s home in Temecula actually sat on the market for eight months before she purchased it precisely because most buyers were turned off by the park’s close proximity.

A children’s park is definitely not ideal for those who work from home, but for a young family, a children’s park within walking distance can be a huge advantage! It just goes to show: one home buyer’s nightmare can be another’s ideal feature.

4. Its Quirkiness

Don’t be so quick to overlook quirky homes during a home search. Quirky homes are often historic homes built to suit the lifestyle of a bygone era, or homes that have been custom-built to suit the preferences of their original owners. And while quirkiness isn’t for everyone, for some home buyers, a home with just the right amount of quirk can steal their hearts.

Shawn S. of Madison, Wisconsin is glad she bought her quirky house – a home with two front doors and two separate addresses. “I bought my house because it was so unusual,” she explains. “The kitchen, dining room, and fireplace are downstairs and walk out to the backyard. The bedrooms, living room, and main bathroom are upstairs and walk out to the front yard. There are house numbers on both the back and front of the house!”

5. Two Master Suites

Another unusual home feature to look out for is two master suites, notes homeowner, Naomi H. of northern Virginia. It’s what sold her on her home. This feature is great for a family that has frequent visitors, or multiple generations under one roof. “Two master suites” might not be on a ton of home search wish lists, but this feature provides great separation – and maintains sanity – in a crowded home. This feature can be especially helpful when it comes time to host guests or out-of-town family for the holidays.

What Will You Be Thankful For?

What will you be most thankful for in your new house? Will it be an extra room that helps you seamlessly get through the holidays, or a recent renovation that ends up saving you big bucks? As you weigh the pros and cons of each home during your search, ask yourself if it has that special something to put it over the top. Sometimes all it takes is a little quirk to make you fall in love with a home forever.

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