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11 Foyer Decor Ideas

Melody Johnson6-Minute Read
September 03, 2022

You never get a second chance at a first impression, and a foyer is no exception. Whether you have a small or large entryway, finding the best combination of decor is essential. Make the right statement with these stunning foyer options.

How To Decorate A Foyer

Let inspiration be your guide. The best part of owning a home is creating a space that shows off your unique style. So before you strategize your design approach, choose a home decor style that suits you. Take note of the entryway layout and any architecture aspects like stairs or vaulted ceilings that you want to bring into focus. Next, measure the space to make sure you know how all the pieces will fit! When you decorate a foyer, think about how each of the design elements works together to create a cohesive look.

Foyer Decor Ideas

You might be wondering, "What should I put in my foyer?" We scoured the internet and found the best ways to incorporate this year's top home decor trends. From light fixtures to benches and beyond, we list several essential foyer decor ideas. These inspiring entryway ideas can make the difference between creating a warm and inviting or cold and indifferent space.

1. Entryway Tables

Foyer Entryway Tables

The best foyers combine design elements of both fashion and function, and a console table ticks both boxes. A console table is usually a narrow table placed alongside a wall. This makes it a perfect entryway idea for a foyer, not only for storing keys and mail but also as a decor focal point! These versatile tables are central to any entryway aesthetic. Minimalist console tables, like this West Elm Industrial Storage Table, fit perfectly with unique decor items like vintage book sets and antique table lamps. If space is an issue, opt for a slim design like this Mateo Console Table from Pottery Barn, or consider a rustic wooden hanging shelf.


2. Benches

bench with shiplap

Toss your shoes off in style with a bench for every budget. Seating arrangements near your entrance provide your family with a designated space for keeping shoes organized and tidy. Plus, it's an opportunity to show off your personality. If you're ready to make a statement, nothing says Maximalist more than this bold pink storage bench. Looking for some more subtle foyer ideas? This Scandinavian style bench will save your wallet and refresh your entryway. Add a little boho decor by layering woven throw pillows on this oak colored Albertina Wooden Bench.


3. Mirrors

Mirrors in Foyer

Ask yourself which mirror is the fairest of them all. The secret lies in its shape. Step outside the box with irregularly shaped mirrors. Sunburst shapes, complete with golden rays, are among our favorite choices. Classic circular mirrors look exceptionally stunning when placed above an entryway table. We're also fans of this geometric mirror from Overstock, which gives off an eclectic vibe. No matter the shape, reflective surfaces are the ideal solution for small spaces. This is because mirrors use reflections to give off the illusion that an area is much larger than it appears. In large foyers, go for a dramatic element with an oversized mirror. On the other hand, hanging mirror sets and gallery walls create intrigue in tight spaces.


4. Coat Racks

Coat racks in entryway of home.

Everyone needs a place to hang their hat. And in cold climates, hats, scarves and coats more than earn their keep. But keeping them organized is another story. Enter coat racks. This fantastic entryway idea is both functional and stylish. Thankfully, you have your share of options, including midcentury coat stands and Scandinavian coat trees. Who knew that your coat rack doubles as an art display?


5. Hooks

Cozy hallway interior with plants and hooks

Hooks are a mudroom necessity. Multifunctional hooks with shelves are a bonus. Step aside Joanna Gaines, this rustic Wall Shelf with Hooks is ours. If you decide you like the farmhouse chic look, it may be time to roll up your sleeves for a DIY project. With a little paint, some shiplap and a few hooks, you can pull off a beautiful mudroom entryway. Need a professional foyer decor idea? This modern farmhouse entryway was a custom-designed project created by Detroit metro natives Clark and Aldine. We love the cozy accents, white shiplap and rustic hooks!


6. Light Fixtures

White entrance with hanging light fixtures.

Set the mood with the right indoor lighting. From funky fixtures to antique table lamps, a home isn't complete without a luminescent glow. Modern pendant lighting works well with vaulted ceilings and grand foyers. For a maximalist approach, go for a statement lighting element. For a small entryway, a well-designed table lamp goes a long way. A minimalist white ceramic vase adjacent to a colorful wall makes a striking visual display.


7. Rugs

Grand entrance with rug

Large area rugs or runners create a comfortable and restful space. To select the right size for your entryway, review the measurements and dimensions. Standard rug runners are perfect for hallways or small entryways and range in size between 4 – 10 feet long. For large entrance areas, a standard rectangular rug should allow for 8 feet of open floor around the perimeter. Mudrooms especially need durable materials as a high-traffic area, so consider adding a rug mat to keep it in place. Once you've done all of that, choose a color and pattern that put a smile on your face. Just as woven rugs are a go-to item for a boho chic home, a maximalist enthusiast can play with bright colors. By laying different patterns and textures, you can set the stage and mood of your home.

Entryway Ideas

Once you find your design mojo, you'll want to find out how to decorate your entryway. Every space is as unique as you, so don't be afraid to place your distinct spin on the decor.

1. Gallery Wall And A Console Table

Gallery wall with console table

Why not show off your adventures and love of art? A gallery wall and a small console table might be just the thing your entryway is missing. Combine a set of small sunburst mirrors, thrift store frames, family photographs and abstract art to make an astonishing presentation. Sharing your collection of rare finds will be as fun as putting it together! Need to get organized? Choose a console table with lots of storage. Those little nooks and crannies will help to keep important mail and keys from going missing!


2. Greenery

Greenery hanging from coat rack

Lush greenery sets the tone of freshness and relaxation. Popular indoor houseplants are a fantastic way to make your hallway or entryway inviting. Play up details in small entryways. Place sprigs of eucalyptus, baby's breath, lavender, or poms in glass bottles for a soothing effect. You can even recycle or reuse colored bottles as vases. If you have an ample amount of space, the broad leaves of the Philodendron or the spindly leaves of the Dracaena bring the outdoors inside in a beautiful way. Don't worry, these live plants are easy to maintain.


3. Baskets And Containers

Mud room with baskets and containers

Finding extra storage is like realizing you have extra pockets – a happy life perk. Baskets and containers help you hide away trinkets and organize your space. Ikea is the one-stop shop for containers in a variety of forms and prices. Look for woven baskets to give off a boho vibe or some patterned cotton containers for a modern and contemporary aesthetic. Tuck away shoes, dog toys, scarves and everything in between to create a fabulous-looking entryway.


4. Ceramic Accents

Ceramic accents and calendar in entryway of home.

Make the most of your decor with ceramic accents. Beautifully decorated ceramic pieces not only inspire but cultivate a rich and luxurious space. Minimalists and modern lovers will love this simple but elegant decoration. With so many gorgeous ceramic foyer idea selections out there, the sky is the limit! Ceramic vases look fantastic in any entryway size. Table lamps and art figures can fit into snug spaces like sofa tables, side tables, or on console tables in your hallway. You can never go wrong with these accents!


With the right strategy, finding the best foyer decor ideas is easy. As luck would have it, you're now ready to choose the best home decor style and turn your entryway into a magnificent work of art. From large to small entryways, choose colors and patterns that match your personality. Get organized with inspiring entryway ideas like console tables, benches, mirrors and hooks. Create a comfortable and inviting entryway with fun light fixtures, greenery and abstract art. Your space says a lot about you, so make the right statement with these foyer ideas.

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