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2019 Holiday Decor Trends To Make The Season Bright

Hanna KielarDecember 06, 2019

Christmas is a time of traditions, but that doesn’t mean that your holiday decorations have to be traditional. In fact, it’s becoming more and more popular to decorate for Christmas with decor that coordinates with your home. This makes your Christmas decor flow more with your house, making everything seem more in place and less like you added new things for the holidays.

Here are some of the biggest trends in holiday decor this season. Use these to integrate into your style or as a new theme for your home.

Boho Christmas Decor

Boho Christmas decor with mug of coffee, shiny ornaments and cozy blankets.

Boho home decor is here in a big way. Boho means “bohemian” and usually features a neutral color palette with lots of tone-on-tone texture.

How do you get a boho look in your Christmas decor? Focus on accessories in whites, creams and natural wood tones. Popular accents for Christmas could be wooden bead garlands and twig star tree toppers.

Instead of adding lots of colors to your space, add interest with texture. White stockings made from a knit sweater material are an easy way to add texture to your mantel. Pair them with metallic candlesticks to keep it from looking too rustic.

Another element of a boho Christmas is lots of lush greenery. Decorate with plenty of garlands – but make them good ones. You want to look for strands with several types of greenery along the branch. You can also layer multiple strands together for a luxe, textural look.

The boho look is very popular and easy to achieve – remember to keep your colors simple and focus on adding interesting textures and you will be on the right track.

Shop the look:

●      Wooden bead garland – $23 Crate and Barrel

●      White woven stockings – $30 L.L. Bean

●      Cedar garlands – $104 Ballard Designs

Sunflower Christmas Trees

Christmas tree made with sunflowers and autumn gourds.

Do sunflowers make you think of the ’90s? Well, the ’90s are back and sunflowers came back with them! Sunflowers make a huge impact and are the perfect way to bring a sunny disposition to your Christmas tree.

For maximum impact, cover your tree with dozens of huge faux blooms. Pair with burlap ribbon and baubles – metallic gold ornaments let the sunflowers shine while red provides an excellent accent color.

Conversely, it’s possible to bring in sunflowers without letting them take over your tree. One large sunflower bloom or a big bunch of the stems make a great tree topper. Sunflowers also make an unexpected addition to Christmas wreaths and centerpieces.

Sunflowers might not be a typical Christmas flower, but expect to see them in a lot of holiday decor this season.

Shop the look:

●      Sunflower stems – $14 Amazon

●      Sunflower ornaments – $17 Holy Art

●      Sunflower wreath – $145 Macy’s

Christmas Photo Booths

Group of friends taking a picture holding holiday props.

Planning a holiday party? Don’t forget the photo booth. Photo booths have been around for a while, but this year they are cranking up a notch with special Christmas touches.

An important part of any photo booth is the backdrop. Consider hanging strands of twinkle lights vertically for a dramatic, lit-up look. Alternatively, gift wrap is an easy and inexpensive way to hang to create a colorful backdrop to match any color scheme.

The other important aspect of a photo booth is the props. Santa hats, antler headbands, and snowman top hats are all great options. Winter hats and scarves, oversized candy canes, and “NAUGHTY” and “NICE” signs are other fun options. And don’t forget the mistletoe!

A Christmas photo booth is a great way to take your holiday party to the next level and gives your guests a memento of their great night. Warning: Once you do a killer photo booth, your guests will expect it every year!

Shop the look:

●      Christmas photo booth props – $6 Target

●      Mistletoe – $4 Target

●      Merry Christmas banner – $15 Target

Sustainable Holiday Gifts And Decor

Sustainable, linen holiday wrapping paper.

Another trend that is not going away is sustainability.

There are a few ways to bring sustainability into your holiday decor. The simplest way is to not buy anything new for the holiday season. Reuse what you already have in order to lessen your impact on the environment.

Another way to decorate sustainably is to use recycled materials to create decor. For example, you could cut ornaments out of recycled cardboard or reuse papers to wrap gifts.

A final idea to decorate sustainably is to use natural elements. Branches and greenery gathered from the yard can make for beautiful holiday decor but will not contribute any additional waste to the landfill.

It is important to keep sustainability in mind when decorating your home. While it may be a holiday trend in 2019, it’s a great theme to keep in mind every year.

DIY the look:

●      Recycled ornament ideas

●      How to wrap a gift in fabric

●      Upcycled Christmas decor

Greenery On Greenery

Green color palette dining room table.

If you have been following home decor trends for 2019, you know that greenery and lush plants have been on trend all year long. So, it’s not surprising that greenery is also a huge trend for holiday decor this season.

Holiday greenery usually means garlands and wreaths. Keep your garlands looking fresh by layering multiple types of greenery along each strand. This can be real or faux, but adding sprigs of spruce or eucalyptus gives an interesting texture to the typical greenery.

Think beyond the mantel with your garlands. This year it is very trendy to add greenery in unexpected places, such as on top of your kitchen cabinets, tied to your chandelier, or hanging mini wreaths on the back of each dining chair.

Give your home a fresh, current look this holiday season by bringing in lots of layered greenery.

Shop the look:

●      Eucalyptus garland – $119 Balsam Hill

●      Juniper garland – $21 Factory Direct Craft

●      Wispy flocked garland – $8 Target

There are so many things about holiday decor that are timeless, but it can be fun to mix it up and decorate with the trends each year. We hope these holiday decor trends inspire you to try something new this season.

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