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Christmas Decoration Ideas For A Merry End To 2020

Morgan McBride5-minute read
November 24, 2020

It’s true … 2020 has been an extremely long and depressing year. After months and months of quarantine, the holidays are giving many people a glimmer of joy and excitement to look forward to. While you might not be hosting big holiday gatherings, you can still decorate all-out for the season.

If you’re ready for the next thing after decorating for Halloween and already have your outdoor decorations planned, it’s time to start planning your inside Christmas decorations. While it’s great to decorate in a traditional style, it can also be really fun to mix up your themes and decor styles each year.

Here are some of the top trends for Christmas decorations in 2020.

Decorating Your Door

When decorating your home for the holiday season, a great place to start is at the front door. But, it’s time to think beyond the basic holiday wreath and go a little bit more dramatic. Door decorations are a great option if you don’t have a front porch or a lot of floor space but still want a cheerful entryway.

Wrap The Door

Black door with red bow

One inexpensive way to add an instant festive touch to your door is by wrapping it in gift wrap. Choose a color or pattern that contrasts with the color of your home for the boldest look. Don’t forget to add a crisscross of ribbon and an extra-large bow.

Unique Door Hangings

Brown door with fern decorations and boxes from holiday shopping

Wreaths are great, but think beyond the basic circular offerings. Teardrop wreaths are very popular and available at most stores that sell holiday decor. You could also hang a basket on the door and fill it with greenery or ornaments. Or, layer multiple wreaths of varying sizes on a hanging ribbon. Just remember that if you have a storm door, all your wreaths have to fit between it and the front door.

A Themed Christmas

Many people are feeling nostalgic this year and Christmas nostalgia can be celebrated by decorating your home like your favorite holiday movie. Two very popular Christmas movies to inspire decorations are the “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Silver Christmas tree in front of a dark wall

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a spooky haunted take on the holiday. To match your decor to this movie, focus on a bold black-and-white color palette. Figurines or ornaments of the movie’s characters make the theme very clear. Black-and-white thin-striped ribbon, linens, and wrapping paper perfectly finish off the look.

‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’

Droopy Whoville tree from 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'

“The Grinch” is a very whimsical, Seuss-style take on Christmas. Focus on decorating with red, white and lime green. Of course, you need a large Grinch – or many Grinches – for your home. Go over the top with tons of colorful ornaments and, if you can manage a curved or crooked tree, that would be amazing!


COVID-19 has been inspiring more people to delve into DIY projects for themselves and their kids more deeply than ever before. So, plan ahead this holiday season and you can DIY your own holiday decor.

Advent Calendars

If you plan in advance, November is the time to DIY an advent calendar. Advent calendars have small gifts or activities for the 25 days leading up to Christmas. While there are adult advent calendars, they usually are made for kids.

For a simple advent calendar, string up ribbon and use miniature clips to hang 25 envelopes or small baggies. If you are up for a bit more DIY, you can paint a set of wooden drawers for the occasion. Or, wrap a book a day to give the gift of reading.


Wreaths add an instant holiday touch to any home. Whether you want one for your door or several for all of your windows, you can’t go wrong with a Christmas wreath. While you can purchase premade wreaths, you can also buy plain wreaths and customize them.

The simplest way to customize a wreath is with ribbon that matches your holiday decor. Wired ribbon is the best for making big, bouncy bows. You can also use floral wire to add greenery, pinecones, or ornaments to an existing wreath form.


Ornaments are a really popular holiday craft. Personalized ornaments can be sentimental, such as photos of your kids or family, or decorated to correspond with this year’s tree theme. Fillable clear ball ornaments are really easy to paint, fill or decorate for any theme. When creating DIY Christmas tree decor, don’t forget the tree topper, garlands, tree stand and tree skirt! There is so much room for creativity and personalization.

Going All-Out On The Christmas Tree Decorations

Maximalism is trending, so why not go all-out on your Christmas tree this year? There are a lot of ways to make any style of holiday decor have this “more is more” look.

Maximalism For Your Tree

White Christmas Tree in wood living room with red accents

One idea is to add layers and layers of ornaments. To achieve this look, first place ornaments such as colorful balls deep in the tree, closer to the trunk. Then layer additional ornaments on the outer ends of the branches, too. If you feel like you need more ornaments, solid-colored ball ornaments are a timeless way to take your tree up a notch. To make your favorite ornaments feel larger, consider adding a bulky silk or velvet ribbon as a hanger and drape it all the way to the bottom. You can also decorate your tree with extra-large light bulbs for a more dramatic look.

To really embrace this look, add a bold, colorful tree skirt. I like to use a tablecloth or blanket because there are many more fabric options there than compared to traditional tree skirts. Select multiple, bold-colored wrapping papers for the gifts that will go under your tree. Don’t forget a corresponding tree topper, too.

Maximalism For Your Home

Green Christmas tree with red accents

Maximalism is often busy, layered and mismatched. This is the perfect holiday decorating style for someone who has an attic full of holiday decor in many colors, patterns and styles.

For best results, group items that coordinate in some way. That could be a cohesive color scheme, material type or style. This makes even a really overflowing, maximized space feel cohesive and intentional.

Coordinating With Your Home

It’s becoming more and more popular to decorate for Christmas with decor that coordinates with your home. This makes your Christmas decor flow more with your house, making everything seem more in place and less like you added new things for the holidays. Be sure to check out the decor trends of 2020 to get inspired!

Color of the Year

Blue room with navy velvet loveseat and a Christmas tree

The Pantone Color of the Year often pops up as a major trend in fashion, home decor, and holiday decor. The color of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue, a shade of navy. So, decorating with navy blue would be very on-trend.

It’s easy to add navy blue as Christmas ornaments, a tree skirt, or ribbon on your decor. Take it to the next level with navy throw blankets or pillow covers. And, don’t forget the navy blue wrapping paper!

Vintage Touches

Bright red chair with holiday decorations and a Christmas tree

Vintage is very popular this year. Luckily, vintage Christmas decor is easy to find at thrift stores and on sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace all year ’round. Or, you can even create a vintage-inspired DIY decor item instead. If you already decorate with a vintage style of furniture or home decor, take the opportunity to incorporate that same vibe into your holiday style.

Midcentury modern style decor is especially popular. For Christmas decor, this could include bottle brush trees, metallic ball ornaments, starburst designs and ceramic light-up Christmas trees. Focus on bold jewel tones and natural wood elements for the perfect midcentury modern holiday look.

The Big Picture

There are so many things about holiday decor that are timeless, but it can be fun to mix it up and decorate with the trends each year. We hope these holiday decor trends inspire you to try something new this season.

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