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8 Ways To Feng Shui Your Home

Morgan McBride5-minute read
UPDATED: May 23, 2023

Feng shui is an ancient practice that developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It’s a combination of art and science, and it teaches you how to balance the energy in any given space, particularly your home. Having balanced energy in your home is believed to ensure good fortune for those who live in and enter it. This can mean good health, a successful career or a fulfilling love life. Really, it can extend to pretty much any area of your life.

Wondering what the feng shui principles are and how to incorporate them in your home? Here are eight tips that can create a positive energy in your home.

What Is Feng Shui?

“Feng” means “wind” and “shui” means “water.” In Chinese culture, wind and water are the yin and yang of good health and good fortune. The practice of feng shui is based on the belief that our homes are a mirror of what is going on inside of us. If your environment is aligned with who you are and the goals you want to accomplish, you should have no trouble.

Chinese Feng Shui Principles

The basic principles of feng shui revolve around carefully considering what you bring into your home, how you arrange your rooms and how you maintain your house. Everything that lives in your house has energy – even the bookcases and pillows! Feng shui helps to guide the energy that these objects create to make the best life for you.

The five elements of feng shui are wood, fire, earth, metal and water, which provide various attitudes into your living space through color, sound, shape or placement. These elements are arranged in a bagua, which is an energy map that serves as a compass to guide the layout of a home. This map can be applied to your entire home, or to a smaller space such as a single room or even one area within a room.

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How To Feng Shui Your Home

1. Declutter Living Spaces

The first step to achieve feng shui is to declutter your living spaces, removing anything that isn’t necessary to create a more peaceful space. Messy homes do not have good energy. Clean homes tend to feel calmer and more peaceful. Piles of clutter will not only make your home look messy, they’ll also zap your energy levels and make you less productive.

Focus initially on the entryway; that way, the first thing you see when you arrive at home will be a positive and peaceful space. Then, work your way to the clutter at the center of your home and try to remove things that aren’t necessary.

You may have some broken or damaged items in your home. Broken objects are impediments to vitality. You should throw away things like chipped plates, clothes with stains and old vacuum cleaners. Doing this will free up more room in your house for new belongings that actually work and have a purpose.

2. Find Balance In Each Room

Each room in your home should have the five elements of feng shui: wood, earth, metal, fire and water.

Wood represents growth and strength. Wood can be incorporated in your space with flooring or furniture easily. Look for natural wood when possible, for a true wood element in your room.

Earth represents physical grounding. One way to bring earth elements into your home is with photos of a natural landscape. Another idea is to include earth tones like brown dirt or sand colors.

Metal represents mental clarity. Metal or metallic colors are easy to bring into a space with smaller decor accessories. Too much metal can make a room feel cold, so be sure to keep it at a balanced level.

Fire represents boldness. Candles, lamps, or sunlight are a great way to bring fire elements into a room that doesn’t have a fireplace.

Water represents spirituality. Water can be brought in with an actual water feature, or instead decorate using watercolors, reflective surfaces, and wavy lines.

3. Open And Enhance Your Front Door

The front door is the gateway to the home, so it should be inviting and kept open when possible. You can add an archway or gate to clarify which door is the front door and install a doorbell that rings loud and clear through the house. This is the obvious entryway for opportunity and you don’t want to miss it when it comes knocking (or ringing).

4. Decorate In Bold Colors

Bold colors can instantly impact your mood. Red is a powerful and bold color – it instantly draws attention and feels strong and powerful. Purple and green are royal colors that can attract wealth. You don’t have to go wild with color for it to have an effect; you can paint one wall green or lavender, or decorate with red blankets and throw pillows. Even small amounts of color can allow that color’s mood to transform the feeling of a space.

5. Keep Your Space Clean

Keeping an organized and clean house can help with clarity. Just like eliminating clutter, eliminating dirt and grime will help to make a more inviting space.

Follow feng shui principles and keep your kitchen clean and tidy, especially your pantry and refrigerator. They should be organized at all times and full of fresh food and ingredients that you use frequently. Your stove should be clean – both inside and on the stovetop. And, most importantly, you should never use your kitchen table as a place to deposit clutter. It should always be clear and free of clutter.

In feng shui, windows are your eyes to the world. You want to enhance clarity in your home by maintaining your windows and keeping them sparkling clean. They represent your home to other people who are passing by and give a first impression of who you are. Try to spot-clean your windows once a week and do a deep cleaning once a month.

6. Bring The Outdoors Indoor

Incorporating plants in the house will help with a sense of nature throughout the home. The best indoor plants will depend on the amount of light and space within the room of your home. It is much better to have one healthy plant than a cluttered room of neglected potted plants.

7. Make Your Bedroom Peaceful

A bedroom should be peaceful and a sanctuary you go to each night. Eliminate distractions like screens and technology. Keep clutter at bay – nightstands with drawers help to have a place to put things away each night. Organize drawers and closets to cut down on the buildup on surfaces throughout the space. Choose a peaceful color – such as blues and greens – for your bedroom walls and decor.

8. Maximize Natural Light

It is important to let more natural light in throughout your home. Opening windows, having less curtains or shades, or even installing smart lighting can make a big difference. Bright light will allow for clarity and a sense of calm throughout your space.

The Bottom Line: Create A Positive Energy Flow With A Feng Shui House

Feng shui is the idea that your home is a reflection of you. Having a clean and clear home is a sign of good health and good fortune. Following the principles of feng shui can help you have a home that you truly love. These are just a few tips, but, by doing more research, you can find other tips to feng shui your household. Check out Rocket Homes℠ Homeowner Tips for more tips to incorporate into your home.

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