9 Creative Ways To Disguise Pet Supplies As Decor In Your Home

Hanna KielarNovember 22, 2019

Your pets may be the most adorable members of your family, but they also require a lot of care – and a lot of stuff. From leashes and treats to pooper-scoopers and more, pet supplies are sometimes more of an eyesore than anything else. Thankfully, there are ways to camouflage these items so they blend with your home decor. By implementing a few of these ideas, you’ll ensure that the only sign of a pet in your home is Fido himself.

Built-In Food Dishes

Today’s cabinets often include custom built-ins for trashcans, lazy Susans and more. So, if you constantly find yourself tripping over your cat’s water bowl, consider adding some custom built-ins for pet dishes.

There are many different types of built-ins you can utilize. Many pet owners opt for a pullout drawer with circular cutouts so metal bowls can easily be removed for cleaning. You could also use a cabinet with double doors to store a slide-out tray that gives pets easy access to dinner.

If you’re not up for a cabinet remodel, standalone cabinets are available that do the job just as well.

Food Storage

While you’re considering options for your pet’s dishes, you might also be wondering how to store their food conveniently, without making it too conspicuous. You can purchase storage designed especially for pet food, but any decorative bin will easily solve this problem. Just make sure it’s airtight, and don’t forget to add a scoop for convenience.

Pet Beds

Skip the basic plaid and search for a bed that matches the room you want to use it in. Pet beds are available for almost any decorating style, including modern, vintage farmhouse and boho. Whatever style you choose, make sure the bed is easy to clean; ideally, the cover should be removable and machine washable.

Leashes, Collars And Harnesses

Leashes, collars and harnesses are generally the most difficult items to hide because they’re used often, so they need to be easily accessible. These should be kept near the door so you can grab them quickly when your pet is in desperate need of a bathroom break. However, that doesn’t mean they should detract from your room.

A storage basket with a lid works wonders in this situation, making it easy to stash supplies and grab them quickly when you’re on the go. You can also choose items that match your decor and then hang them on decorative hooks near the door. A leather or faux-leather leash looks quite stylish in most rooms, especially when paired with a pretty hook.


When it comes to toys, baskets are the obvious choice, but you can conceal some of the flashy colors by choosing one with a lid. When you’re shopping for options, here’s a tip: Look for storage for children’s toys, too. You may find a bigger selection this way.

If you’re feeling a bit more creative, you could also turn to DIY. You can turn a wine crate into a storage cart or use pallet wood to create a rustic box, complete with lid.


Dog and cat treats make an adorable addition to your kitchen decor – if you store them creatively. Canisters are a popular option for treats nowadays – you’ll even find personalized ones in all different styles to match your existing color scheme. No matter what your kitchen design, there’s a canister to match.

Scratching Posts

You’ll find that there are many updated options for scratching posts nowadays. Many of these don’t even look like they’re for cats; they blend into your decor seamlessly.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, however, you may need to get crafty. For example, you can turn nearly anything into a scratching post by wrapping it with jute or rope.

Bath Supplies

Bath time can be a huge hassle for pet owners, especially if there’s no designated pet-friendly bathing area. To make this task much easier, consider adding a small bathing area to a laundry room, a mudroom or even your backyard. You can install a simple shower enclosure at a pet-friendly height or just use a garden hose on the patio. Keep pet shampoo and other items handy in a pretty basket or rolling bin to make baths easier than ever.

Pet Door

Most pet doors stand out like a sore thumb, but there are simple ways to change that.

If you’d like to hide the door from the inside, build it into the wall, then place a cabinet over it. When you want your pets to have access, open the cabinet door so they can go outside as they please. When you’d like to hide the pet door, simply close the cabinet.

To conceal the door from the outside, place a large planter or other piece of furniture in front of the door so it’s not easily visible but still usable for your pet.

Create Your Own Ideas

These are just a few easy ways to disguise the pet supplies in your home. With a bit of creativity, you’ll be thinking of your own ideas soon.

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