glass doors opening up to a balcony surrounded by lots of greenery and minimal furniture

Balcony Ideas: Creative Ways To Use And Decorate Your Home’s Balcony Space

5-Minute ReadMay 12, 2021

If you buy a house, townhouse or condo with more than one floor, there’s a chance you have a balcony connected to one of the rooms on the upper level. Having access to an enclosed outdoor area above the ground can be thrilling, and you might already have a million ideas for how you want to use and decorate yours.

Let’s explore some of the most fun and simple ways to deck out your balcony and transform it into the outdoor hangout space of your dreams.

Balcony Decoration Ideas

The possibilities with decorating your balcony are virtually endless, so it can be hard to know how to narrow your options down. Here are a few basic decoration ideas to help get you started:

Hang Up String Lights

someone hosting an evening on their balcony with friends and decorated with string lights

One simple way to make your balcony feel cozy and welcoming is to surround the space with string lights. There are countless lighting options to choose from, like Edison bulbs, colorful Christmas lights or even strands meant to look like chili peppers. You can hang them on the walls, over the door frame or along the railing enclosing the space – and evenings spent on the balcony will be all the more peaceful.

Roll Out An Area Rug

top view of a balcony with plants pouf a table with breakfast

With a bare floor, balconies can sometimes feel a little cold and uninviting. A simple way to warm up the space is to throw down a durable rug that fits your balcony’s dimensions and design style. Consider, for example, taking an earthier and more neutral-toned approach with a jute mat, or add a pop of color with an outdoor Persian rug.

Create A Seating Area

elegant decorated balcony with rattan outdoor furniture bright pillows and plants

Regardless of what size your balcony is, incorporating seating areas into your design concept for the space will help enhance your ability to fully enjoy it. Whether it’s waterproof cushions or comfy poufs on the floor, a tiny high-rise table and stools pushed up against the side of the space or a full table and chair set with an umbrella, having dedicated spots where guests can lounge and relax on your balcony is crucial if you plan to use it as a place for entertaining friends and family.

Choose Your Decor Style

wicker rattan hanging chair on balcony eco-friendly fur on chair with cactus and palm

The fun thing about having a balcony attached to your home is that it can be an area that feels entirely separate from the rest of your living space. If your living room is filled with modern farmhouse decor, for example, why not switch it up and transform your balcony into a mini French bistro? Or, if you tend to keep your interior design style more minimalist, why not spice up this exterior space and give it a little bohemian flair?

Once you’ve selected the ideal aesthetic for your balcony, pick out small pieces of weather-friendly decor to put the finishing touches on your space. These might include decorative vases, kitschy figurines, crystals, candles, lanterns and any other pieces that fit the atmosphere you’re trying to create and serve the purpose you’ve set for the space.

Set Up A Weatherproof Sound System

outdoor set up balcony with wooden overhang and speakers

If you plan to use your balcony for entertaining guests, having a way to play music can be a great feature to include in your design. Find durable outdoor speakers with good sound quality that you can connect to your phone or laptop, and get ready to crank up the tunes!

Install An Overhang

balcony with awning opened and beautiful flowers covered by sun shield on a warm summer day

If your balcony space doesn’t have a section of your home’s roof built over it, it might be wise to install an awning or fabric overhang to provide coverage from direct sunlight and rain. Not only can the added overhead protection make your balcony a more comfortable place to spend time, but it can also help tie together the aesthetic of the space depending on the type of material you choose.

Balcony Garden Ideas

Adding a little greenery to your balcony can make the space feel more vibrant, and there are plenty of ways to do so without your plants taking up the entire floor. Let’s discuss some of the options for incorporating your love for gardening into your balcony setup:

Attach Window Boxes To The Ledge

balcony seating for relaxation table with homemade lemonade bunches of herbs and wild flowers

Window box flowers and planters are a great way to showcase your flowers and other small plants, so why not attach a few to your balcony ledge or railing? This method of housing your garden saves room and adds an element of beauty to your balcony without completely dominating the space.

Use A Rolling Cart

urban balcony garden with chard kangkung and other easy to grow vegetables

If you live somewhere with temperatures warm enough to store your herb garden or collection of succulents outside for at least part of the year, a rustic or brightly colored rolling cart could be the perfect way to display them. For added efficiency, choose one with multiple shelves to store your extra soil, plant food, watering can and other plant care supplies – that way, you’ll be able to house all of your garden materials in one place without it taking up too much balcony space.

Create A Plant Wall

young woman watering her potted-plants on the balcony

If your balcony has at least one blank wall, some hanging plants or shelves of small potted plants can be great living art features to add to the space. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the design for your plant wall – use colorful pots, macrame hangers, a variety of plant species to add texture and anything else that makes you excited to have this as your balcony’s accent piece.

Build A Compost Bin

an open container with topped compost on the apartment balcony

If you anticipate a need to get rid of plant trimmings fairly often as you take care of your balcony garden, creating a small area for composting could be of great benefit. Not only will this allow you to dispose of your plant waste in an environmentally conscious way, but it’ll also create nutrient-rich soil for you to use as you continue caring for your living plants.

Small Balcony Ideas: How To Make The Most Of Limited Space

gorgeous view of the street from balcony with a tea table

While any amount of outdoor space attached to a real estate property is nice, sometimes balconies can be downright tiny. However, there are still ways to get enjoyment out of a small balcony as much as you would with a bigger one. Here are a few tips on how to best utilize your small space:

Give It A Specific Purpose

If your balcony doesn’t provide a lot of wiggle room, it can be wise to determine precisely what you want to use the space for ahead of time.

For example, do you envision your balcony becoming a go-to spot for reading and having your morning coffee? A place for meditation and yoga? A haven for hammock naps?

Having a set purpose in mind for your balcony can make it that much easier to maximize the limited space efficiently.

Choose Multipurpose Furniture

Another great way to make a small balcony space more efficient is to select pieces of furniture that can serve more than one purpose. If you hope to host the occasional two- or three-person game night out there, for instance, maybe choose a durable couch with storage spaces beneath its cushions for your board games and cards.

It can also be useful to choose furniture pieces that can save space and potentially be folded down into smaller sizes to create additional room on your balcony. Folding chairs and coffee tables that can be flattened or pushed underneath a larger seating piece can make it much easier to keep the space functional and prevent it from feeling too cramped.

Make Design Choices To Keep The Space Feeling Bigger

Even if you don’t have the option to expand the size of your balcony, there are strategic decisions you can make so the space at least feels less small. You could pare back your furniture and decor to just the necessities, choose light colors and materials for the pieces that do make the cut and use vertical lines on the walls to make the space feel taller. Sometimes, it’s even just as simple as putting up a mirror to add more dimension to create the illusion that your balcony is larger and more spacious than it actually is.

The Bottom Line

No matter how you decide to use your balcony, make sure it’s in a way that increases your appreciation for where you live. Cultivate a space that allows you to relax and clear your head, or that serves to provide more bonding moments with your loved ones. You should make your balcony a place that feels like a little vacation from the stress of everyday life, no matter what that looks like for you.

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