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Chartreuse Home Decor Makes A Statement For 2020

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October 19, 2021

Etsy is a huge online marketplace for unique and creative goods and is the go-to destination for shoppers looking for handmade or vintage items. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the marketplace has the pulse on emerging trends in many shopping categories.

Etsy recently released its top trends for 2020. Each year, it identifies trends in colors, styles and items they believe are going to be the hot purchases for the year. One of those trends is its color of the year – chartreuse.

Chartreuse is a bold green color – somewhere in between neon lime green and army green. It has distinct ’80s vibes, which is not surprising since all things ’80s seem to be making a comeback.

While chartreuse is really beautiful, its boldness and deep, saturated color can make it extremely intimidating to decorate with. You may not want to paint your entire living room chartreuse, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate the color into your home decor. Here are some ideas for how to feature Etsy’s color of the year.

Chartreuse Accent Pieces

Interior Living Room with Green Accents

The easiest way to include a bold color in your home’s decor is to use it as an accent color. This works particularly well if you have neutral home decor – like wall color and large furniture – and can easily swap out your accessories for a totally new look.

A chartreuse lamp base paired with a neutral shade will pop in your living room without looking out of place. Look for a simple design and streamlined shape and really let the bold color be the star.

You also might consider a chartreuse rug for your home. A bright-colored rug can be toned town by placing furniture on top of it – or used in a smaller space such as a runner in a hallway – to keep it from being overwhelming to the space. Having a color like chartreuse pop out in little pieces from under your furniture will really highlight its boldness and the piece on top of it.

The easiest way to bring chartreuse accents into your home is with pillows. Pillow covers are easy to store and swap out seasonally, so why not hop on the chartreuse trend by adding some new pillows to your sofa?

No matter what your personal style is, it is easy to bring the this bold, green color into your home with updated home accessories.

Chartreuse Accent Pieces

Decorate With Patterns That Include Chartreuse

Modern bedroom with wood lamp

Another way to include chartreuse in your home without it being overwhelming is to decorate with patterns that feature, but are not exclusively, green. This is a great way of bringing the color into your space without it being the star.

A fabric that includes chartreuse alongside a geometric design is an easy modern way to bring the color into your decor. This fabric could be used for curtains, pillows, or even to re-cover a headboard. If geometrics aren’t your style, a polka dot print softens up the boldness of the color in a fun and whimsical way.

In addition to printed fabric, printed wallpaper is a great way to bring chartreuse into your space. A bold green stripe can have a retro feel that is perfect for a half-bath or a focal wall.

A painting featuring strokes of chartreuse can also be an interesting way to decorate with this trending color. This green is popular in midcentury modern art, so seek out prints or paintings from that era for a cool, vintage look. Remember, a color doesn’t have to be the star of any piece, but having it in multiple pieces really ties things together.

If you are a lover of pattern play, be sure to pick up some patterned home decor that features chartreuse. That’s a great way to embrace this trend while still staying true to yourself.

Chartreuse Decor Patterns

Paint Something Chartreuse – Just Not A Wall

Tuscon House Entrance

Paint is an inexpensive, nonpermanent way to update your home and follow a trend. However, you likely wouldn’t want to paint an entire room chartreuse. While some homes may be able to pull off the look, it seems more likely to make you dizzy than make you happy with the results.

Instead, consider painting something smaller that will still make a big impact. A chartreuse front door (interior or exterior) is bright, happy and welcoming. Chartreuse is also a great color to paint the shutters on the outside of your home for a bold, vivid look.

Another great option is to paint a piece of furniture. You could paint an entire chair, table or chest of drawers chartreuse, or even just paint a portion of the piece. Consider painting just the legs of a desk or accent table and leave the top a natural wood. This allows the green to pop without being overwhelming.

If you really want to embrace chartreuse, consider using the color to paint a cabinet in your home! A bold green bathroom cabinet or kitchen island is an easy way to bring a punch of color into your space that doesn’t have to be permanent.

One more option would be to paint the inside or backing of a bookcase chartreuse and leave the shelves and exterior wood or a neutral shade. The chartreuse will stand out through your decor and be a sight to see.

Take a look around your home and get creative – there are plenty of spots that might really shine if given a fresh coat of chartreuse paint.


Chartreuse Paint Colors

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to experiment with chartreuse in your home decor.

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