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Choosing The Best Washer And Dryer For You

Melody Johnson5-Minute Read
February 24, 2020

Finding the right washer and dryer shouldn't feel like a chore. With so many options out there, you need to find the best and most reliable brands. Factors like capacity, energy efficiency, ease of use, performance, pricing, design and customer satisfaction helped to determine our top picks for the best washer and dryer in 2020. Choosing the right appliance is an investment, so we rounded up the top contenders. Now you have one less item on your laundry list.

Best Washer And Dryer Set

Samsung black washer dryer set in laundry room.

Look no further than this dynamic duo. The Samsung front load washer and Smart Electric dryer in black stainless steel have everything you need to do hassle-free laundry. This set boasts an impressive 30-minute Super Speed wash cycle and is ENERGY STAR® Certified. Tech-savvy consumers will love the Bixby-enabled feature, which notifies you via smartphone once your load is complete. Load as many articles as you like from comforters, gym clothes and more with 5 cubic feet of capacity. The dryer has even more space, at 7.5 cubic feet of capacity. Plus, if you're worried your minimalist apartment won't be able to fit this handsome couple, you'll be glad to find out that this combination can be stacked or placed side-by-side.

Ease Of Use

Laundry just got high-tech. Why not make this chore time smarter? With this front load washer and dryer, you can toss dirty clothes in and schedule your wash or dry time in advance using the Samsung SmartThings application. A recipient of the Consumer Technology Association Innovation Award 2020, this pair is a game-changer. Not sure if you can handle the tech? Don't worry; you still have all the best features of a reliable and sleek washer and dryer. Plus, an interior drum light helps you find all your missing socks so you won't miss a step.

Performance And Reliability

Powered by steam and quiet as a lullaby, stains have no place to hide. It’s equipped with VRT Plus noise- and vibration-reducing technology, which means you won't hear the same rattle as with your grandmother's machines. According to the most recent Laundry Appliance Satisfaction Study, the J.D. Power Awards listed Samsung as the top-rated washing machine brands. The 12 settings allow you to choose the type of wash needed, from heavily soiled clothing to a quick rinse. The dryer also features a moisture and heat sensor, which reliably keeps your clothes from getting too hot to handle and prevents heat damage to clothing. Did we mention we love the wrinkle-free setting? It's perfect for that blouse or button-down that you forgot to iron.

Energy Efficiency

ENERGY STAR® Certified and eco-friendly, we like that this duo supports sustainability and helps you save money on your electric bill. Tested independently on 3,000 cycles for energy efficiency, Samsung has got you covered. The dryer's moisture and heat sensors also prevent excessive use of electricity. The self-cleaning setting prevents you from using harsh cleaning agents.

Budget-Friendly Alternative

Samsung white set of washer and dryer in laundry room.

An affordable and reliable alternative to our top pick is this front load washer and the electric dryer in white. With only a fraction less space (4.2 cubic feet versus 5) than its counterpart, the WF42H5000AW still has many of the same features. All the best aspects, including energy-efficient drum design, VRT Technology for a quiet load, and self-cleaning, are still present with these appliances. So you don't have to worry about sacrificing too much when it comes to this budget-friendly option.

Best Top Load Washer

Best top load washer in Champagne by Samsung in laundry room

Champagne and laundry? Your washing machine just got a first-class makeover. With the top load washer with Super Speed in champagne, you can pretreat and remove stains with an active waterjet and steam technology. This sleek and sophisticated design gives you a whopping 5.4 cubic feet of capacity, so this week's laundry gets done in a flash.

Ease Of Use

The child safety lock and soft-close lid make this one of our favorites for growing families. The Deep Fill option also allows you to get the most out of the water levels while your load is running. Washing a full load on standard settings runs about 36 minutes. Like our top pick, this appliance comes equipped with VRT Plus™ technology.

Performance And Reliability

You can rest assured that this appliance is not style over substance. The stainless steel interior helps to decrease the chances of scratches that come from normal wear and tear. Without the agitator (the central spindle found in most top load washers), there's more space to fill large items. This feature also helps keep delicate clothing from getting torn or ripped. No matter what you’re trying to clean, this washer has got you covered.

Energy Efficiency

This Energy Star® and UL Certified washing machine continues to please. The Deep Fill option doubles as a way to save on your utility bill by making the best use of water. Unlike most appliances, this washer senses how much water to use to fill the drum based on the size load. Less laundry means a lower waterline and less waste.

Budget-Friendly Alternative

Budget friendly top load washer by LG

Recommended by Consumer Reports, the LG large top load washer in white includes top-of-the-line features for a fraction of the price. Its 4.5-cubic-foot capacity can handle large loads without a sweat. This appliance features a TurboDrum™ design without the central agitator and 6Motion™ technology, providing reliably clean results. Plus, this option uses 30% less water than other washing machines.

Best Clothes Washer

Front load washer by LG in white.

Sometimes your clothes need a little tender loving care. That's why we recommend using the LG Smart front load washer. Getting stains and wrinkles out can be hard work, but this machine gets the job done. In just 30 minutes, tough stains get a 360-degree TurboWash, leaving clothes clean and without any rips or tears. If you're allergy-prone, you'll be happy to find out that this appliance is Asthma and Allergy Friendly Certified. Using steam-powered technology, the Allergiene Cycle reportedly removes 95% of pet dander and dust mites.

Best Dryer On The Market

Best dryer on the market, black Samsung FlexDry.

This stainless steel appliance has it all. The Samsung DVE60M9900V FlexDry™ electric dryer in black stainless steel has the look and feel of a luxury car and all the benefits of a professional laundromat. With two versatile compartments, you can toss in a regular load of laundry while simultaneously drying your child's favorite plush toy. Special settings like refresh, sanitize, wrinkle-free, and more give you freshly laundered garments without having to stop at the dry cleaners. An Eco Dry setting also uses about 25% less energy than other dryers. Wi-Fi-enabled and fingerprint-resistant, this dryer comes in both gas and electric versions.

Most Reliable Washer And Dryer Brands

According to the 2019 Laundry Appliance Satisfaction Study, J.D. Power listed Samsung as the top-rated washing machine brand followed closely by LG, Maytag, GE Appliances and Whirlpool. Consumer Reports also listed several LG front load and top load washing machines as highly rated in their August 2019 report. Overall, Samsung and LG washers and dryers are among the highest-rated brands by customers and experts. Reliability is key when choosing an appliance, so it's best to opt for a trusted brand over other less notable selections.


There are many aspects to consider when choosing the best washer and dryer. Choosing a front load or top load washer is all dependent on your personal preference and style. But there's no question when it comes to reliability. The best washer and dryer selections come from trusted brands like Samsung and LG. Life's complicated already, so finding a trusted brand makes all the difference. At Rocket HomesSM, we believe buying a home should be easy. From finding an agent to closing on your new home, access to experts is just a click away.

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