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Coffee Bar Ideas For The Caffeine Lover In Your Home

Holly Shuffett6-Minute Read
September 03, 2022

You’ve heard the saying before: “Money makes the world go round.” In fact, potential for profit is a common motivation behind many home renovation projects. But sometimes upgrading isn’t just about the money – it’s about quality of life. What better way to enhance your morning routine than with the one other thing that makes the world go round: coffee.

Tips For Starting Your Coffee Bar

You might be wondering what a coffee bar is and why you’d ever need one in your home. And though it’s not a necessity, why not dedicate some space to something you use daily? Read on to explore just a few of the easy ways you can bring your caffeinated dreams to life.

Designate Counter Space

Before you hop online to buy new cabinets or fancy accessories, take stock of what space you can afford to use for your coffee bar. Also take some time to consider what area would make the most sense in your home – maybe that spot next to your fridge or the corner of your dining room. Wherever you decide to build your coffee station, having a designated spot will give you a clearer vision of how much space you can work with.   

Create Adequate Storage

Maybe more than any other room, kitchens can get cluttered in no time. But the universal solution to declutter is kitchen organization, so be sure to clear out a spare cabinet or to relocate some countertop clutter. If your kitchen is feeling cramped try utilizing some of these storage solutions to save space and stay organized:

coffee mug organizers
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  2. 12 Hook Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Mug Hanger $12
  3. Wall Mounted Wrought Iron Mug Rack $28

If you want to take your coffee station to the next level, cake trays are a fun and tidy way to stay organized. They can double as a tool to keep breakfast foods fresh or simply provide a stylish display for your coffee mug collection.

clear cake stands

Choose Your Coffee Maker

white coffee mug under an espresso machine

At last, the “coffee” part of “coffee bar.”

It only makes sense for your dedicated area and organization to revolve around the very machine that makes your cup of coffee. Will you need storage space for K-cups? A nearby sink for frequent refills? Identify what kind of coffee maker you have and the supplies you might need nearby so you can better prepare your space.

Give this article a read if you’re looking to upgrade your coffee maker or simply try out a new way to brew.

Simplify Cleanup

person washing dishes in kitchen

No one would dispute that cleanup is the least-coveted part of any routine. Make cleaning easier on yourself by situating your coffee bar with a trash can or composting bin nearby. Easy access to a sink can also streamline your cleanup process.

Another easy cleaning tip is to keep paper towels or reusable rags within reach. You can also store cleaning solution or sanitizing wipes by your coffee bar – so long as you keep them separated from your ingredients.

Personalize It

After you’ve determined the logistics of your coffee bar, it’s time for the fun part: making it your own.

Indoor plants and macrame wall art can add a bohemian flair, while framed photos and mirrors are a timeless personal touch. Lettering boards and vintage signs are also a fun way to make your coffee bar stand out.  

coffes bar decor ideas
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  3. 12 x 12 Letter Board $15
  4. Make-Ramé Kit Double Twist $25

Whatever your personal style, there’s plenty out there to ensure you have a one-of-a-kind coffee bar that suits your needs.

Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas

If you’ve decided to build your coffee bar in your kitchen, you may want to include counter space for your toaster and blender. This can transform your coffee station into a full-fledged breakfast bar, while also accommodating smoothies and Frappuccino recipes.

You can also store your dry ingredients, like flour and sugar, in a matching set – not only will cute jars add a decorative touch, but you’ll also have easy access to sugar for your coffee.

coffee bar canister set

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Using A Tray To Designate The Bar Area

Regardless of whether your coffee bar is going to be a section of your countertop or its own space, a tray is an effective way to isolate the area. You can organize your coffee fixings, like syrups and cinnamon, or opt for a functional approach by placing your coffee maker on the tray to catch any drips.

wooden tray

Artland Home Mixology Tray $25

Utilize Cabinet Space

Clearing out a spare cabinet or setting aside some room in your pantry can also serve as great additional storage space for your coffee needs. If you’re somebody who’s frequently on the move, this is also a practical and easy place to store your travel coffee mugs.

Make A Dual-Purpose Bar

If you’re already maintaining a bar area in your home, you can easily make it work for both your days and nights. Your bar fridge can chill your booze and creamers while mugs can be stored next to wine glasses. Adding a coffee station to your bar area not only conserves space elsewhere in your home, but it will also make Irish coffees that much easier to serve.

Coffee Bar Ideas For Elsewhere In The Home

If you think kitchen space or a small dining area limits your coffee bar options, there are many other ways to incorporate a coffee station into your home. If you find yourself walking back and forth from the home office to the kitchen, consider building your coffee station near your desk. The patio is also a great option for enjoying your cup of joe in the fresh air.

Use A Bar Cart

Looking for a more flexible way to keep your coffee organized? A bar cart may be just what you need. This staple piece offers mobility if you want to try out different locations in your home or simply don’t have the space to spare, plus it can be used for a wide range of bar cart ideas.

gold and glass bar cart

Emrich Industrial Iron / Glass Bar Cart $150

Take A DIY Approach

Whatever your DIY experience, there’s certainly a project that suits your skill level. For beginners, try a little decor magic using coffee beans – whether they’re in a frame to serve as unique wall décor or paired with a vase for an eye-catching centerpiece.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on project, invest in some chalkboard paint or contact paper. A DIY chalkboard is a fun backdrop to your coffee bar and allows for doodles, notes or keeping track of a busy schedule.

This final project may call for some experience in upcycling, but it’s sure to be worth it in the end: Repurpose an old dresser, armoire or hutch. With some reconstruction of an old piece of furniture and a fresh coat of paint, your coffee bar is on its way.

Incorporate Your Home’s Aesthetic

Knowing your home décor style can really simplify your design process. Whether you like the farmhouse look or gravitate towards a minimalist finish, knowing what you like will make finding, well, what you like, that much easier.

If your home is of the farmhouse or rustic style, wood accents are an easy essential to incorporate into your coffee bar. Try playing around with wooden picture frames, signage or shelving units for a simple bucolic look.

For coastal or bohemian aesthetics, geometric patterns and a variety of textiles are great ways to make your coffee bar fit in. Woven baskets can be used to store ingredients, and indoor plants with fun planters are a go-to for that effortless boho look.

For modern homes, metallic accents are an easy way to make your coffee bar feel like home. Copper trays or silver mug carousels add a boldness to your decor that’s sure to be eye-catching.

Just remember: In the end, the most important thing about your coffee bar is that it suits your needs. Have fun experimenting with new decor styles and aesthetics, and if you like it then that’s all there is to it.

The Bottom Line

Enjoying your morning coffee is sometimes reduced to an unglamorous part of the morning routine. But as something we do every day, it’s not a bad idea to inject a little fun back into your coffee ritual. Adding a coffee area in your home, whether it’s a small bar cart or a dedicated space in your kitchen, is a refreshing way to bring some of that calming cafe energy home with you.

Check out our other articles for more Homeowner Tips and leave a comment below if you used any of these tips in your at-home coffee bar.

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