How to Decorate Your Home for Sale During the Holidays

Marni Epstein-MervisSeptember 13, 2018

For many of us, there’s something warm and inviting about a home that features tasteful, seasonal décor. Use that to your advantage if you list your home for sale in December! These decorating tips will help you parlay holiday cheer into a holiday home sale.

Keep Your Exterior Merry – But Not Too Bright

Less is more when it comes to enhancing curb appeal during the holidays. By using simple, elegant decorations, you can draw attention to your home’s best features without distracting potential buyers. Think tasteful sprigs, ribbons and other festive natural touches, which will welcome potential home buyers with some holiday cheer without overdoing it. By keeping it simple, you’ll make it easier for buyers to imagine the home adorned with their own holiday decorations.

Consider the Holly on Your Own Front Door

The entrance of your home is particularly important to homebuyers. When staging to sell during the holidays, consider placing Christmas greens on steps and hanging a wreath on your door which can be easily be customized to match the personality of the home. If you go with an “all-natural” look inside and outside of your home, use materials like pinecones, evergreen boughs, holly berries and even fruits and nuts which can be beautiful and merry. Your home will be memorable before they even set foot inside of it.

Deck the Walls with a Fresh Coat of Paint

No matter the season, fresh paint is great for sprucing up your home’s interior. During the holiday season, you can coordinate the color with your festive décor. Paint your walls a neutral cream or beige hue and you’ll provide a lovely backdrop for your holiday accents. Overall, a fresh coat of paint is one of the least expensive options for transforming your setting to appeal to home buyers. Keep your color scheme consistent with the established holiday décor and you’ll get even more value out of it.

Make Your Interior Comfy Cozy

The top goal for your interior should be the same as for your exterior – decorate to draw attention to your home’s standout features. But inside you can cozy things up. Replace lightweight cottons with knits and velvets, and consider adding accent items like throw pillows in muted holiday colors. You can even simmer some DIY potpourri – cinnamon, citrus, ginger and vanilla will make people feel warm and welcomed. To keep a nature-inspired theme, coordinate accessories like candles with greenery, branches and berries, artfully arranged fire logs and evergreen wreathes. Make sure each decorative item has its place and does not interfere with the flow of your home. The idea is to show off the house, not the holiday decorations.

Give Your Home the Gift of an Interior Designer

If you aren’t comfortable with decorating on your own, hire an interior decorator or design consultant. A professional can help you showcase your interior and weave in a holiday them to maximum effect. In many cases, you’ll only need one appointment with a skilled professional to revamp your decorative plan.

Strike a Balance with Your Holiday Décor

December is the season for food, family and festivities, so it’s natural for home shoppers to think about how a home would feel during holiday family gatherings. It’s important to strike a careful balance – you want your home to feel like the perfect place for holiday memories, but you don’t want to distract potential buyers from the home itself. The trick is to enhance your home’s features with tasteful décor, not hide them behind Christmas trees or stockings. Keep it classy and you and a lucky buyer will get their Christmas wish.

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