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Etsy Home Decor Trends for 2020 – Color-Blocked Decor

Morgan McBride4-Minute Read
October 19, 2021

Etsy is a huge online marketplace for unique and creative goods. They are a go-to destination for shoppers looking for handmade and vintage items. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Etsy’s team has the pulse on emerging trends in many shopping categories.

Etsy recently released their top trends for 2020. It might not surprise you that one of the most exciting trends is color-blocked decor. But what is color blocking?

Color-blocked decor is home decor that features clean, straight lines separating different bold colors – often colors that might not traditionally be paired together. It’s a vibrant look that’s both modern and retro in feeling, so it can cross over several home decor styles.

Color blocking can be kind of intimidating to bring into your home – it’s a bold choice that often plays off of unexpected colors living side-by-side. However, if you do it right, color blocking can be a real statement choice in your home that will get people talking. These ideas can inspire you to see simple ways to incorporate color blocking into your home’s decor.

Color-Blocked Wall Treatments

The boldest way to embrace color blocking is to paint a whole wall with a color-blocked design. This could be as simple as a two-toned wall stripe or as bold as a geometric mural design.

The most important thing to remember if you are DIYing a painted color-blocked treatment is that you want straight, crisp lines. Use high-quality painter’s tape and follow the instructions completely. Be sure to remove tape while the paint is still wet for best results. It’s very simple to make a color-blocked wall treatment yourself, as long as you focus on creating even, straight lines.

If you don’t trust yourself with a paint roller, you can get the color-blocked mural look by using wallpaper designs or removable wall decals. This is a no-skills required DIY project. And, removable wallpaper is totally renter-friendly. Here are some tips for applying peel-and-stick wallpaper.

No matter how you color block your wall, it will create a bold statement. Generally, if you do a color-blocked wall treatment, you will want to keep the decor in the room fairly neutral and simple. You don’t want to clash with the wall or take the look away from it.

Color blocking wallpaper

Color-Blocked Art

Color-blocked wall art is a really easy way to bring this hot trend into your home decor in a very temporary way. You take the same concept as color blocking your wall, but translate it to a canvas. It is super simple to paint a color-blocked canvas yourself – just use painter’s tape to ensure you achieve crisp and clean lines.

You can also make DIY color-blocked art by layering and framing bold colors of paper or stationary. Keep the lines crisp and focus on geometric shapes to stay on top of this trend.

Another idea is to purchase color blocked prints and paintings premade. Because of the dramatic nature of this type of art, they usually look best unframed or with a really simple frame. Or, consider mounting a color-blocked print in floating acrylic frames for an ultra-modern look.

Again, remember not to clash color-blocked art with a different color-blocked wall treatment. Putting these together will likely be way too similar or way too different, and neither will look good.

Color blocking wall decor

Color-Blocked Accessories

Accessories are the least intimidating way to embrace color blocking in your home. It’s easy to swap out a pillow or rug for something very on trend.

One easy way to DIY color-blocked accessories in your home is to paint a piece of furniture that you already own. Paint each drawer front of a dresser a different color or create a new striped wooden top for an existing table. This is a low-cost way to embrace this hot new trend.

Pillows are a really easy way to bring color blocking into your home. You could use fabric paint to add blocks of color to a pillow that you already own, or sew a quilted cover from scratch. Pair this with a solid color couch to make a pop.

Color blocking can be added to nearly any accessory that already exists in your home. Simply wrap with painter’s tape and paint a bold color or two! Spray-painted color-blocked kitchen canisters make a huge impact for just a few pennies.

Take a look around your home at the accessories that you already have. What could be updated with a color-blocked look? The DIY opportunities really are endless!

Color blocking accessories

Try color blocking in your home. Bring in that bold color-on-color and really embrace 2020!

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