Furniture Pieces To Splurge On (And Where To Save)

Ashley KilroyAugust 19, 2019

When it comes to decorating your home, many homeowners wonder what furniture pieces they should splurge on and where they can save. Even though you may want to purchase top-of-the-line items for every room in your home, that may not be a realistic financial endeavor.

To stay within your furnishing budget, here are some items you can save on and a few that you’ll need to spend a little more on.

Furniture Pieces You Should Splurge On

Purchasing a home is a large expense, not to mention having to spend more money on your additional furniture needs. Even though you may want to try to save on every purchase, there are some items you just can’t skimp on. Here are a few furniture pieces you may want to devote more of your funds to.

Bed And Mattress

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend about 8.82 hours, on average, sleeping every day. That’s almost 40% of each day spent in bed. If you’re going to spend so much of your life sleeping, you should invest in a bed that you thoroughly enjoy. Your bed is one item you shouldn’t feel guilty splurging on.

Pro shopping tip: Lauren Meyer, an Interior Designer, suggests, “If you want to ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase, it’s best to test each bed out. Don’t be afraid to sit down and lay across a bed to determine how you’ll feel when you sleep.”

While the purchase of mattresses online may be popular, this doesn’t allow you to touch and feel your new bed before it arrives. Even if you read plenty of reviews, they may not want the same firmness or density that you desire. That said, consider heading to your local furniture store to see what you like.

Remember, a new bed and mattress are significant expenses. You want to buy a bed that you look forward to crawling into at the end of a long day. And once you wake up, you want to feel refreshed and renewed. Purchasing the bed of your dreams will likely be money well spent.

Sofa Or Couch

Your sofa is one of the most essential and expensive furniture features in your home. That said, you want to make sure your sofa is built to last. Sometimes, to get high-quality, you must spend a little bit more money.

Meyer adds, “Sloppy or cloudy couches will continue to break down over time. Even though they look and feel comfortable initially, they don’t hold up very long. Go for structure instead.”

Pro shopping tip: Purchase a classic style sofa or couch so that if your tastes change over time you can reupholster the piece. This way, you won’t have to purchase an entirely new sofa or couch if it goes out of style.

When searching for a sofa or couch, be sure to sit on it and lounge for a little while. If you’re going to spend countless hours watching Netflix or hanging out in your living room, you want to make sure the couch is comfortable for long periods of time.

Your sofa is another item you may want to avoid buying online. Touching and feeling an item in person can help you determine the quality and durability of the piece.

Focal Point Pieces

Jeffrey Ramirez, Interior Designer with Jeffrey Ramirez Designs, says, “I always highly recommend my clients splurge on focal point pieces, like a dining room chandelier or a piece of art that will be hung in highly visible places.”

By investing in a focal piece, you can try to design the room around it. This piece can also be your inspiration for styling the rest of the room.

Pro shopping tip: Find a piece that will highlight the room’s best qualities. Try walking into the room and selecting the first thing you see. If it’s your fireplace, you may want to consider investing in a piece of art that will hang above. You can find these items almost anywhere. Take a trip to your local furniture store or art gallery for inspiration.

Furniture Pieces You Can Save On

Decorating your home doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways you can save and still make your home unique to your style. Here are a few furniture purchases you can save on that won’t take away from the look and feel of your home.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are a great place where you can save money. You don’t want to invest a lot in an item that is likely to be damaged.

Meyer states, “If you have children, pets, or love drinking red wine, you should think of your rugs as disposable. With the wear and tear they will encounter, you don’t want to invest a large portion of your furnishing budget on area rugs.”

Pro shopping tip: You can find inexpensive area rugs at stores like Ikea and Home Depot. You could also stop by a carpet store to get a price on a rug made out of old remnants of other carpets.

If you don’t want to break the bank or bust your budget, try not to spend a lot of money on your area rugs.

Lighting Fixtures

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a crystal lighting fixture when you can find a plastic or acrylic version for significantly less. In fact, there’s a chance they may even look the same as the more expensive version.

Pro shopping tip: You can find inexpensive lighting fixtures at Target or Home Goods. You may also want to browse second-hand stores to see what they have. You never know what you can do with a little bit of paint and new wiring. You could even transform a lamp and make it look like a million bucks with a bit of creativity.

Each location you browse may have unique pieces that can fit within your budget and the style of your home.


Buying high thread count sheets is nice, but you may not need them. In fact, according to HGTV, high thread counts don’t mean the sheets are better. There are a few tricks retailers may use to inflate a higher thread count, such as using multiple yarns twisted together. Just because sheets are a lower thread count doesn’t mean they’re a lower quality.

When it comes to decking out your bed, you may want to spend more money on items like your duvet cover or pillows. Since your sheets may not be visible, it’s OK to spend a little less money on this purchase. The key is to find something that feels comfortable to you within your price range.

Pro shopping tip: If you’re looking to save on sheets, try searching for a 200 thread count sheet set from a well-known brand. Well-known brands are more likely to have high certification standards for finishing their products.

And, if you’re willing to spend a little bit more, you may want to look at 300 and 400 thread count sheets for the best quality.

Artwork And Decorative Accents

There’s no need to spend a ton on additional artwork when you can make art out of almost anything. You can hang photos of your family, frame a piece of fabric, or even use wallpaper as a focal point in a room.

The same is true for decorative accents. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on items that give your home some personality.

Pro shopping tip: The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating your home. You can find decorative accents at stores like Home Goods or T.J. Maxx that add a little flare without costing your entire furnishing budget.

You can also identify meaningful items that you’ll enjoy looking at daily. For example, maybe your grandmother gave you a gold vase that you can place on one of your shelves. Using items that have meaning will make your house feel like a home.

The Bottom Line

Establish a budget for furnishing your home. Start with one room and move onto the next, focusing on one room at a time that will let you prioritize your needs and the funds allotted.

Remember, splurge on the items that really matter. You’ll be happy you invested in quality versus saving a few bucks.

What items have you splurged on that you now can’t live without? We want to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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