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13 Ideas For A Stylish Guest Bedroom Retreat

Morgan McBride7-minute read
October 19, 2021

Hosting guests in your home is great, but visits are a lot more fun for everyone if you have a dedicated guest bedroom for them to retreat to each night of their stay. If you are lucky enough to have a spare bedroom in your home, you can make guests feel like they are on a relaxing retreat. Whether the space is small or large, you can still make it beautiful and comfortable for visitors.

Here’s how to create a welcoming oasis with these stylish guest bedroom ideas for rooms of all sizes, including little touches that can make your guests feel at home.

Large Guest Room Ideas

If you have a large guest room, you’re in luck – there are a lot of possibilities for using the space.

Match The Furniture To Your Frequent Guests

It might seem obvious, but you should tailor your guest bedroom furniture to your most frequent guests. If you have a lot of couples visit you, go for a queen bed. If you usually have child guests, consider twin beds, bunk beds or a set of two bunk beds to make a bunk room.

Keeping furniture in line with your actual guest list will make the space as comfortable as possible for them.

Don’t forget dressers or at least side tables with drawers for guests to unpack some of their belongings into, especially if they usually spend more than a couple of nights there. If your guests work remotely, it might be nice to add a small desk and chair where they can sit with their laptop and catch up on emails. Tailoring the furniture to your guests is the easiest way to make them feel at home.

Set Up A Closet

Whether you have guests who come for extended stays or just for the weekend, it’s always nice to have space available in the closet. If you have a large guest bedroom, it should be easy to clear out at least a portion of the closet for guests to be able to use. If you don’t have a closet, consider setting up a wardrobe or a garment rack so they can hang up their clothing. At the very least, put a hook on the wall or on the back of the door for guests to hang an item or two.

Don’t Skip Lighting

Large rooms should have at least three sources of light. This could include an overhead light fixture, canned lights in the ceiling, table lamps, floor lamps or wall sconces.

If your room has multiple zones, like sleeping and sitting areas, make sure there is adequate lighting for each. Adding a few different lighting types makes it easier for guests to be comfortable at night. Also be sure to hang curtains or blinds so that guests can have privacy and block out the morning sun.

Include A Seating Area

If you have a large enough guest room, consider adding a small sitting area. This could be as simple as a pair of armchairs and a side table. Consider adding a small coffee maker or wine fridge to give your guests a place to wind up or down before heading out into the main area of your home each day. Adding this seating area will take your guest room to the next level and make it feel like a luxurious hotel suite.

Make It Cozy

Large rooms can feel cavernous. Guest rooms with no particular style can feel sterile. You don’t want a cavernous, sterile guest room!

To soften up the space, be sure to use lots of texture. This could be different types of bedding, extra throw pillows, art on the walls and rugs on the floor. Layering a variety of textures in the same color palette will soften even a large space into a cozy sleeping spot. Paint the walls a soothing color, too, to help the guest room flow with the rest of the house.

Don’t Forget A Focal Point

All rooms, but especially large rooms, need a focal point. A focal point gives your eyes somewhere to focus and is usually directly opposite the entry to a room. The easiest place to create a focal point in a bedroom is with a headboard. Consider going with a bold fabric patterned headboard to really draw the eye and create a cozy backrest for reading in bed. Another good option for a focal point is an accent wall, which could be done with paint, wallpaper or molding. Highlight the wall opposite the doorway usually behind the head of the bed for the most visual impact. 

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Small Guest Room Ideas

Small guest bedrooms can be trickier to work with but are still a great asset for any home. I think most guests will agree a small guest room is better than no guest room. The key for any small room is to be strategic about the furniture you put in the space. In small rooms, less really is more, and keeping it simple is key.

Nontraditional Beds

Guest bedrooms obviously need a bed. If your small room needs to do double duty as an office, playroom, or living room, consider a foldaway bed option. This could mean a sleeper sofa or a murphy bed. Each of these will store away when not in use to allow for the room to be used as something other than a guest room when there are no guests. It also allows for the bed to be tucked away while guests are in the room during the day, giving them more room to spread out if needed.

Limit The Furniture

As far as additional furniture goes, think about how your guests will really use your space. While a dresser is nice to unpack into, if your guests usually only stay a night or two, it is not necessary.

Consider adding a hook on the wall to hang a few items if there is no closet or if the closet is already full. Remove extra items like a desk or chair and be sure to leave room for guests to place their suitcases and other belongings. A console table can be a great option for a place for guests to get some of their things off the floor and they are often shallow enough to not take too much floor space.

Decorate The Walls

Instead of adding a lot of extra furniture to an already small space, focus on making the room beautiful instead. This could mean painting an accent wall or hanging a gallery wall of photos or art. In a small room, hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains on one wall of the room can be a great way to add color, texture and interest without taking up any floor space. If you have the same friends or family visit you often, putting their framed picture in the room will make them feel extra special.

Little Touches to Make Your Guest Room Stand Out

Speaking of making your guests feel special, there are a few little touches that you can incorporate into your guest room to really make the space welcoming. While these little touches might not seem like much, they can go a long way toward making a guest feel at home.

The Necessities

First, be sure that your space has all of the necessities. This includes extra blankets, fresh towels and extra pillows. You can place these in a basket at the foot of the bed or stacked neatly on a tabletop to make it clear that these are clean and for their use. A small trash can could also be a nice addition to make guests more comfortable. Toiletries, including toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and body wash, are great to have on hand in case a guest forgets them. If the room’s outlets are inconvenient, add an extension cord to make charging their devices easier overnight.

Less Is More

The one thing that you don’t want your guest bedroom to be is cluttered. Remember that guests will be bringing all of their own stuff, so leave as many surfaces as possible clear for them. If you want to accessorize, focus on wall art, a bold rug, or textiles for the bed, which won’t get in the way of guests’ belongings.

Little Extras

Little extras will make your guests feel loved and special. This could include fresh flowers in a vase, a scented candle, potted plants, or even a bottle of wine or their favorite snack. Pick types of flowers that last a long time so they won’t be drooping and dropping leaves halfway through their stay. Also consider framing your Wi-Fi login information to be sure they can easily get online. Those little things make a difference!

Take It For A Test Run

A great tip for making sure that your guest bedroom is comfortable is to spend a night there yourself. Bring a bag and make sure there’s a spot that serves as a luggage rack. Sleep in the bed and see if the bedding is comfortable. Wait until morning to see if you need heavier curtains or blinds. Really sleeping in a room is the only way to truly get a feel for the space and make sure it is comfortable for guests.

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The Bottom Line

Guest bedrooms are a great asset for any home. However, if you really want guests to feel welcome, do more than just point them toward an empty room. Make it feel like a spa away from home. Set up your guest bedroom thoughtfully to create a welcoming oasis, so your guests are comfortable away from home.

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