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Halloween Decor Trends

Hanna KielarDecember 13, 2019

Halloween is a fun holiday to decorate for because you can really go over the top. What other time of the year is it acceptable to have spiderwebs in your house? If you like to decorate your home for the seasons according to the latest trends, then you’ll want to decorate your home following the top Halloween trends of the year.

Pinterest recently released its 2019 Halloween Report outlining the most common searches related to Halloween. There are several unique trends that are growing in popularity.

“Stranger Things”

When one of the most popular TV shows in the world is spooky, it should not be a surprise that it’s inspiring Halloween decorations around the world. “Stranger Things” is by far the year’s biggest Halloween trend. If you’re a fan of the show, you should definitely consider decorating your home to match.

A popular idea is to use black plastic to create an eerie curtain as an entry to the Upside Down inside your home. Cover a doorway with fringed plastic to make guests feel instantly spooked.

Another popular touch is to hang the alphabeton the wall along with a string of lights to echo Joyce’s communication board.If you really want to take it to the next level, create a papier-mache Demogorgon head as the “Stranger Things” centerpiece.


If you prefer bohemian home decor, it makes sense that you would want boho-style Halloween decorations. The key to this look is a muted color scheme with lots of texture. Work with elements you already have in your home – such as large woven wall hangings – and add spooky elementsto them like plastic insects or spiders.

Boho style often incorporates natural elements, so give that an eerie twist by filling a vase with natural branches that are painted black. Another easy way to add boho texture is to temporarily replace art in a frame with a textured white fabric like a thick lace. Add black plastic spiders for an upscale spiderweb look.

Another simple way to add the bohemian style to your Halloween decor is with your pumpkins. There are a few ways to give a pumpkin a bohemian look. One simple way is by creating beaded tassels and hanging them from the pumpkin stems. You can also paint the pumpkins white and use a black paint pen to add a simple, geometric design.

Garage Door Decorations

Because so much of Halloween involves the outside of your home, yard decorations are a must. However, decorating your porch for trick-or-treaters is no longer enough! The latest trend in outdoor Halloween decor is garage door decorating.

One home that went viral in the past decorated their garage doorto look like a monster, and when the door opened it looked like the mouth of the monster was chomping closed. Other ideas include decorating your garage to look like a spiderweb, a cave or a swarm of flying bats.

Pink Is The New Orange

Orange might be the traditional Halloween color, but this year it’s all about pink. Bright magenta paired with black makes a bold statement. Simply swap for pinkwhere you would typically use orange – painting pumpkins pink, for example, can give them a really fresh and modern look.

Pastel Colors

Trends from the ‘90s are here in full force, and with them comes tons of pastel colors. If you live your life with a pastel aesthetic, it makes sense to carry that vibe into your Halloween decor instead of using bright orange and black. Pastel pink, yellow, purple and blue are all trendy colors for Halloween decorations this year.

By taking something that is usually creepy, such as a tombstone or a skull, and painting it pastel, it suddenly becomes more fun and whimsicaland a little less creepy. This is an easy way to update last year’s Halloween decor on a budget.


Cemeteries are classic Halloween symbols and they’re really trending this year.

Turn your yard into a graveyard with a few simple steps. Place store-bought or homemade faux gravestones with funny sayings on them around your yard. Don’t forget to add punny names like “Paul Bearer” or “I.B. Ded.” Add ghosts or skeletons around the perimeter of the space. For an authentic touch, consider constructing a spooky black iron gate using wire or PVC pipe.

Halloween Paintings

Halloween paintings are a fun, crafty way to bring the Halloween spirit into your home. You can paint on wood, canvases or even pumpkins. Popular Halloween painting designs include pumpkins, scarecrows, bats, witches and scary scenes. Add a seasonal saying, such as “Trick or Treat” or “Happy Halloween,” for the perfect touch.

Halloween decorations can be timeless or trendy, depending on whether you want to reuse decorations each year or start fresh. Either way, have fun decorating your home for Halloween this year and enjoy a month-long celebration!

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