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Halloween Decoration Ideas And 2020 Trends

Morgan McBride7-Minute Read
October 05, 2020

Halloween is a fun holiday to decorate for because you can really go over the top. What other time of the year is it acceptable to have spider webs in your house? If you like to decorate your home for the seasons according to the latest trends, then these Halloween decoration ideas are sure to get you excited to go over the top this season.

Popular Themes And Trends

While classic Halloween themes are classics for a reason, there are also several trends in Halloween decor specifically for 2020. Here are some popular Halloween decor themes and trends you can incorporate into the interiors and exteriors in your homes this year.


boho Halloween decorations living room

If you prefer bohemian home decor, it makes sense that you would want boho-style Halloween decorations. The key to this look is a muted color scheme with lots of texture. Work with elements you already have in your home – such as large woven wall hangings – and add spooky elements to them, like plastic insects or spiders.

Boho style often incorporates natural elements, so give that an eerie twist by filling a vase with natural branches that are painted black. Another easy way to add boho texture is to temporarily replace art in a frame with a textured white fabric like a spooky thick lace. Add black plastic spiders for an upscale spider web look.

Another simple way to add the bohemian style to your Halloween decor is with pumpkins. There are a few ways to give a pumpkin a bohemian look. One simple way is by creating beaded tassels and hanging them from the pumpkin stems. You can also paint the pumpkins white and use a black paint pen to add a simple, geometric design.

Black And White

black and white Halloween Decorations mantle

Decorating with black and white can be spooky, but it’s also a way to keep your Halloween decorations looking more high-end. There are many ideas for how you can incorporate a black-and-white Halloween decor theme into the interior and exterior of your homes.

If you’re decorating your front porch, consider swapping out things that you already have for a black or black-and-white version. For example, a black-and-white-striped doormat is an easy, chic swap and is a simple DIY project. Trade out planters for black ones and fill the top around the plant with spider webs. Or you can decorate faux white pumpkins with black accents for your front porch.

Black and white can be a great interior theme, too, especially if you already have white walls or a lot of white furniture and accessories inside your home. Hang black banners or garland from your fireplace, and top the mantel with black candlesticks for a high-end, spooky look.

Faux black bats, spiders, crows and cats are great silhouettes to add to any shelf or nook for an instant spooky look. Another creepy thing to do with black plastic animals is to paint their eyes white to finish off that spooky look.

Cute And Kid-Friendly

kid-friendly Halloween decorations

Have small children in your home? Here are some ideas for how you can incorporate non-scary Halloween decor that kids will love into the interior and exterior of your home.

The easiest way to get kids excited about the holiday is by letting them make the decor themselves! Kids crafts make charming Halloween decor, especially inside your home. For example, you can trace their hands onto white paper and decorate them fingertips-down to look like ghosts. String a few together to create a garland for the wall. And don’t forget to let them make cute Halloween drawings to hang on the fridge!

While carving pumpkins is a great tradition, carved pumpkins don’t last long and are usually kept outdoors. Save the carving for the final days leading up to Halloween, and let your kids decorate pumpkins for the indoors earlier in the month. Paint, stickers and markers are all great for decorating pumpkins, but there are tons of other no-carve ideas, too! Then carve the pumpkins a day or two before Halloween for another fun activity!

Fun with Skeletons

skeleton on laptop

Another popular Halloween trend is to decorate with skeletons posed in funny situations. You might set them up in beach chairs in your yard or float them on a float in your pool. If you are planning a Halloween party or dinner for your family, consider using a skeleton for the centerpiece or have one sitting at the table with you! There are a lot of ways to have fun with posable skeletons!

Decor Inspiration By Space

If you don’t want to decorate your entire home with a Halloween theme, you can also just focus on decorating certain spaces in your home. Here are ideas for adding a spooky touch to different areas in and around your home.

Front Porch Decorations

front porch Halloween decorations

Your front porch is one of the prime spots for Halloween decorations. Afterall, it will be seen by every trick-or-treater who comes knocking looking for candy. If you’re going to pick just one spot to decorate for this holiday, your front porch is it.

The traditional way to decorate your porch for Halloween is with jack o’ lanterns, string lights, fake cobwebs, and skeletons. For more of a harvest look, you can instead add haystacks, corn husks, and un-decorated pumpkins and gourds. For a more over-the-top look, pick a theme like skeletons, graveyard, or spiders and decorate aggressively with that theme. This is the time to go crazy.

No matter how you decorate your porch, make sure that you have plenty of light so trick or treaters and their parents feel safe approaching. You can have fun with the lighting by using orange bulbs or adding twinkle lights, flameless candles or spooky projector lights, too.

Garage Decorations

Halloween decorations on porch and driveway

Because so much of Halloween involves the outside of your home, yard decorations are a must. However, decorating your porch for trick-or-treaters is no longer enough! Many homeowners have also begun to decorate their garages.

One home that went viral in the past decorated their garage door to look like a monster, and when the door opened, it looked like the mouth of the monster was chomping closed. Other ideas include decorating your garage door with a large spiderweb or a swarm of flying bats.

Want to make a haunted house for trick or treaters? You can even decorate the inside of your garage for trick or treaters to walk through. Decorate like a mini haunted house, a mad scientist’s laboratory, or even a witch’s spell room. This is a really fun way to get into Halloween if you or your neighbors have a lot of older kids who might not be into regular trick or treating any more. The older the kids, the scarier you can make it! Just make sure you remove any of the regular items you have in your garage that might not be safe for kids to stumble across.


entryway pumpkins

If you want to decorate inside your home for Halloween, it makes sense to decorate your entryway. You can decorate the interior of your home for Halloween with fake leaves and pumpkins, purple and orange lights, blacklight bulbs in the lighting fixtures, orange and black streamers/garland, or even a huge spider web. If you plan to dress up to pass out candy, consider decorating your entryway to coordinate with your costume!

Fireplace Mantle

fireplace mantle strewn with Halloween decorations

Another fun area to decorate inside your home is your fireplace mantle. Hang garlands with a spooky theme such as spiders or bats. Add candlesticks or lanterns to your mantle for a dramatic look. If you have a mirror or art over the fireplace, consider draping it with a faux spider web. If you have family photos, you can temporarily add googly eyes over your family members’ eyeballs for a truly spooky look!

If you don’t light fires, you can also decorate inside your fireplace. Hang a skeleton from the inside of the fireplace or fill it with plastic skulls. Adding tons of pumpkins spilling out is dramatic and can work all of the way until Thanksgiving. You can also display a haystack or corn husks on the fireplace hearth for more of a fall harvest look.

DIY Halloween Decorations

If you plan to decorate for Halloween in an over-the-top way, decorations can get really expensive. DIY is a great alternative to store bought seasonal decor. Plus, it doubles as a holiday activity to help get you in the spirit! Here are some ideas for DIY Halloween decorations you can make.

Halloween Paintings

Halloween paintings are a fun, crafty way to bring the Halloween spirit into your home. You can paint on wood, canvases, or even pumpkins. Popular Halloween painting designs include pumpkins, scarecrows, bats, witches and haunted houses. Add a seasonal saying, like “Trick-or-Treat” or “Happy Halloween” for the perfect touch.


Turn your yard into a graveyard with a few simple steps. Place homemade faux gravestones
(easily made from Styrofoam, cardboard or pieces of wood) around your yard. Don’t forget to add punny names like “Paul Bearer” or “I.B. Ded.” Add ghosts or skeletons around the perimeter of the space to give the appearance that spirits are hanging around. For an authentic touch, consider constructing a spooky black iron gate using wire or PVC pipe.

Halloween Wreaths

Hanging a festive wreath is a great way to get in the holiday spirit – even if you don’t want to do much else for holiday decor! Plus, wreaths are easy and fun to craft and customize yourself. For Halloween, you could do something as simple as gluing mini pumpkins and fall foliage to a grapevine wreath form. Or, you could cover a foam wreath form with spooky spiders, eyeballs, or bats! For a big statement wreath, consider using deco mesh and ribbons for a big, bold look that people will notice from their cars driving by.

Plastic Pumpkin Structures

Plastic pumpkins are super cheap at stores, usually a dollar or so. These can be used to make fun structures to greet trick-or-treaters at your home. You can get five or six, cut a hole in the bottom of each and put them on a pole to make a pumpkin topiary. Fill the pumpkins with string lights to illuminate them on Halloween. You can also make a huge pumpkin arch the same way, by cutting holes in the bottom of tons of plastic pumpkins and running them up and around an archway. This is an easy and inexpensive way to DIY for a big impact!

The Bottom Line

Decorating for Halloween is a fun way to express yourself and bring some joy to the day for your neighbors and family. Check out more homeowner tips on the Rocket HomesSM blog.

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