Interior of modern Scandinavian designed living room with dog on couch and statement art as well as natural and monochromatic elements.

Top 9 Interior Design Trends To Try In 2022

Morgan McBride5-Minute Read
April 13, 2022

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Nothing expresses your inner self quite like your home’s aesthetic, but as the world changes and evolves, so should the space you call home. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best ways to incorporate 2022 interior design and home decor trends to breathe new life into your space.

Looking to refresh your home while keeping up with the latest decor styles? Find your inspiration here with our list of top interior design trends for 2022!

Popular 2022 Interior Design Trends

Interior home decor trends change year-over-year. While your home may have been considered trendy a decade ago, its design has likely become outdated unless you’ve taken conscious steps to update it. Some home decor trends have carried over from last year but there are many new design ideas that you can also incorporate into your home for 2022.

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1. Rounded Edges

Contemporary Art Deco kitchen and adjacent room interior with rounded archway to hallway and rounded bar.

It only takes a few minutes on home decor Instagram to see that arches, curved lines, and rounded edges are having a major moment. You can see this in the shapes of architecture, furniture, and even in murals painted on the wall. Sharp edges can feel aggressive, and after the last few years, we all could benefit from a bit of comfort. That’s why we’re seeing more and more rounded shapes incorporated into modern design, creating contrast and balance.

Arched doorways or windows are a great way to play into this trend, but if you are working with an established living space, consider adding a cabinet or bookshelf with an arched top. Rounded and curved sofas, chairs, tables, mirrors and artwork are increasingly popular and may be just what you need to transform your room. Look for couches and chairs with rolled arms or rounded backs. Or, paint an arch on the wall above the headboard on your bed for an inexpensive DIY take on this trend!

2. Organic Touches

Living room with organic elements like rustic wood side table and houseplants.

Bringing the outdoors inside has been a timeless design feature for the last few years. You can bring organic touches into your home with house plants, natural materials, and earth tone color palettes.

Nature-inspired touches, like houseplants, are an easy way to bring outdoor elements inside. Consider placing plants on shelves, hanging plant baskets, or displaying taller trees for layered heights. Incorporating natural materials is another great way to add organic touches to your home. Consider decorating with raw wood, branches, stone, jute or grass cloth. These materials have neutral colors but interesting, natural textures.

Earthy tones and landscape palettes, from a soothing shade of green to a tranquil shade of sky blue, allow you to bring the peace of the great outdoors into the comfort of your home. Natural color schemes have been proven to reduce stress. This means brown, copper and wood tones create a calming atmosphere, while jungle-inspired colors help to breathe life and color into the space.

3. Sculptural Furniture

Modern white living space with sculptural art inspired pieces.

Sculptural furniture is furniture designed with aesthetics first and function second. These pieces can add an artistic touch to any living room or den. They are uniquely shaped, often with curved lines and ornate details that make them more art than furniture. This playful furniture is a major statement-maker and can really be a conversation starter in your home. Sculpted sofas and armchairs are particularly popular this year. Look for unique shapes paired with bold jewel-toned colors to really make a statement!

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4. Monochromatic Color Schemes

Living room with blue velvet couch and blue velvet chair with light blue painted wall.

Monochrome color palettes are getting increasingly popular in fashion and home design. More homeowners have been picking paint colors in the same hue instead of the previous popular choice of off-whites or grays. To achieve a monochromatic color scheme, first choose a hue, such as red, blue, yellow or green. You can then choose a variety of shades and tints of that color - some a bit darker, some lighter - to layer. So, you will have multiple shades of the same color all within one space. This variety of tints keeps a monochromatic room from feeling flat or boring!

5. Sustainable Pieces

Kitchen counter with glass jars filled with grains and other food stuffs, natural wood cutting boards and farm fresh eggs in natural holder.

Sustainability has been more important to interior designers in recent years. Sustainability is at the core of many of these design trends, but incorporating eco-friendly designs in your home will help more than the environment – they also have the potential to save you money on monthly utility bills. Consider upgrading to LED light bulbs, buying a programmable thermostat or redecorating with used furniture to embrace sustainable living.

If you want to focus on sustainable pieces for your home, you have a few options. First, you can find furniture at thrift stores or estate sales. This helps to keep furniture out of the landfill and saves the resources of creating something new. Consider refinishing or completely repurposing a vintage piece to make it work for your home. People love a vintage look, and as a bonus, shopping used items is typically more affordable and environmentally friendly than buying brand new items for your home, so consider adding some retro pieces to transform your space.

One easy way to achieve this is to use what you already have. See what pieces you have tucked away in the garage, attic or basement than you can incorporate. If you’re visiting your parents or grandparents, ask about any items that catch your eye. If your relatives don’t have anything worth taking, hit up a local thrift store to see what you can find. This won’t cost too much money and you only need a few elements to make this work for your home. Shop in more affluent neighborhoods if you’re looking to find some high-quality items on the cheap.

Alternatively, you can buy new, but look for eco-friendly building materials like cork or bamboo. When buying new, try to buy items as locally as possible to cut down on the impacts of shipping on the environment. Finally, offer any old furniture you are replacing on freecycle or buy-nothing groups to keep it out of the landfill.

6. Multipurpose Rooms

Zen style home office with large windows overlooking lush green landscape.

The pandemic has caused more families to focus on making rooms functional for many purposes. For example, remote workers have had to turn a dining room into a home office or a living room into a homework space. If you have a space that you wish your home had, think about the spaces that you might be underutilizing. An empty corner can become an office by adding a desk, exercise equipment can go in a bedroom, or toys can be stored in a storage ottoman. Think outside the box to make your home work for your family’s specific needs.

Open spaces are still the popular trend, so if the wall between your kitchen and living room is constraining your space, consider renovating to embrace the open floor plan. Combining rooms will not only make them multifunctional, but it also helps you to make the most of the space in your home.

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7. Color Of the Year

Lavender purple flowers in a golden vase on a white marble table in an elegant dining room interior with molding on beige walls.

Another way for you to refresh your home’s interior design quickly and easily is by adding Pantone’s color of the year. This year’s color is Very Peri – a lively blue with a violet-red undertone. This color is said to represent joy, and courageous creativity. Very Peri is a bit bold to use on all of the walls of your home. Instead, use it as an accent color. This is a great color to use in pillows, artwork, pottery or lighting. Try adding pops of purple to your home to bring you joy and boost your creativity!

If you’re not quite ready to repaint, incorporating colorful, bold-hued furniture can be a simple but effective way to integrate a splash of color and create a natural focal point in your space. And if Very Peri isn’t quite your hue, don’t spend hundreds of dollars trying to be trendy. Instead, choose a color you do enjoy and add those elements to the room. Who knows, the color you choose may be Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2023!

8. Showcase Statement Art

Modern interior with throwback MCM elements featuring black and white abstract statement art and large houseplants.

Tired of staring at bare walls all day? Consider adding a few bold pieces! Statement art is a simple way to switch up your space, with unique and affordable options available at just about every thrift store across the country. And perhaps the best part of statement art is how easily it can be moved or replaced as your tastes change, so you won’t need a home renovation to change a room’s atmosphere. Art is a great way to incorporate some of the other trends for the year – such as curved lines, monochromatic colors, or natural elements.

9. Install An Accent Ceiling

Accent art ceiling with abstract neon lights in stairwell with large picture window to the left overlooking palm tree trunks.

Statement ceilings are another way to breathe new life into a room without losing space. Bold colors, patterns, mirror fixtures, wallpaper, wood beams and even painted art on the ceiling can entirely change the feel of the room. Statement ceilings are a great option for rooms with otherwise neutral decor. They draw the eye upward and can make a room feel larger. While statement ceilings have been the norm for commercial spaces, residential usage of this trend has increased in recent years, and, with countless options available, the opportunities are endless.

The Bottom Line: New Interior Design Trends Can Revitalize Your Home Decor

Design trends in 2022 are all about natural elements, rounded furniture and architecture, and bold color usage. You don’t want to include all of these elements in your home – just pick your favorites and sprinkle them in to make your space feel more current and on-trend. Research your favorite styles before testing them out in your home. You can learn more about decorating by reading the article on popular design styles and how to pull them off.

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