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How To Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Your Favorite Ladies

Rachel Burris5-Minute Read
August 31, 2022

Ever wish your life was more like a sitcom? Many of us drool over the romantic entanglements we see on TV. But there’s far more we can learn from the endearing friendships depicted in the laugh-out-loud comedies we watch after long days at the office and during chill weekends on the couch. Fictionalized gal pals seem to have it all with their playful misadventures, tearful heart-to-hearts and impromptu celebrations.

But there’s no reason we can’t celebrate the lovely ladies in our lives with the same gusto and flair we find on the shows we love to binge. Instead of making a fuss over Valentine’s Day this year, turn your attention to the women who matter most. Mark your calendars, because Galentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and it’s your chance to honor your real ride-or-dies!

What Is Galentine’s Day?

What is Galentine’s Day? Well, if you ask Leslie Knope, she’ll tell you, “Oh, it’s only the best day of the year.”

For those of you who aren’t intimately familiar with the NBC show “Parks and Recreation,” Leslie Knope is the fictional character played by fan-favorite, Amy Poehler. Leslie is a spirited, modern-day feminist, who’s also the creator of this wonderous, new holiday.

Unlike Valentine’s Day with its candlelit dinners and chocolate-covered strawberries, Galentine’s Day is all about the breakfast foods. Leslie shows her appreciation for her favorite femmes with waffles, frittatas and personalized gifts.

Although the holiday began as fiction back in 2010, Galentine’s Day has gained some serious traction in the real world. Women across the country now get together on February 13 to celebrate the lovely ladies in their lives.

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Galentine’s Day Ideas

You, too, can take advantage of the once-faux, now-real holiday by creating your own Galentine’s Day party. While Leslie brought her friends together to dine out, you can make your festivities all the more fabulous by planning an exquisite brunch at your own home. To help you make the most of the occasion, we’ve gathered some fantastic Galentine’s Day ideas. Take a look at how you can celebrate your BFFs in style! 

Choose The Right Vibe 

When planning the ideal Galentine’s Day, it’s crucial to set the stage. Before you go wild at the party store, decide what kind of vibe you want your Galentine’s brunch to have. Consider your guests and how you want them to interact. Do you want this to be a low-key or classy affair? Is the attire going to be cahj or chic? 

For some, the holiday is all about kicking back and relaxing. So, they choose to make their brunch a throwback to slumber parties of yore filled with PJs, rom-coms and games of Truth or Dare. For others, the day is about recognizing each other for the impressive, independent women you’ve become. These gatherings take on the same maturity that you exhibit each day – think Bellinis, charcuterie boards and spectacular floral arrangements.

Find The Perfect Galentine’s Day Decorations

For a laidback event, you’re going to want to create a cozy atmosphere for your guests. Forgo the table and chairs. If you’re going to be in your pajamas, there’s no need for such formalities. Create a space to lounge in by scattering colorful pillows and blankets across the floor. Add a touch of whimsy by draping sheer fabrics and fairy lights across the ceiling.

When you’re going for an elegant soiree, figuring out the right decor can be a bit more nerve-racking. But transforming your room into a festive garden will impress even your most finicky guests. Create a gorgeous photowall by taping a variety of flowers to a bare space. Sprinkle pink petals and pastel balloons across the floor for a dreamy path to the brunch table. Light scented candles and place them around the room.

Mix A Specialty Drink

No brunch is complete without a specialty cocktail, but you don’t want to spend the entire event mixing drinks for your friends. So, instead of offering your guests a selection of complicated beverage options, focus your attention on one. For a PJ brunch, you may want to set up a boozy hot chocolate bar where everyone can mix their own concoctions. Otherwise, consider making a batch of sangria, mimosas, Bellinis or Aperol spritzes.

You can also create your own signature libation. Pom-ecco cocktails are rich in antioxidants, easy to make and add a lovely pink hue to guests’ glasses. Just create a pitcher that’s four parts prosecco to two parts pomegranate juice and add some pomegranate seeds to each glass for festive floaters.

Feast Your Eyes On Brunch

Instead of serving food the old-fashioned way, create a grazing table to showcase all of the yummy options. These spreads, which make charcuterie boards look like child’s play, have become all the rage. They’re a practical way to serve larger groups and encourage guests to gather around the table to socialize. The best part about displaying your food in this manner is that it creates a beautiful feature that dresses up any ordinary table.

To create the ideal grazing table, begin by rolling kraft paper across the table to eliminate the need for more traditional serving dishes. Place different types of cheeses along the center and fan out slices of meat nearby. Fill in gaps with piles of crackers and bread. Add fresh fruits for pops of color. Then, toss in some waffles and other traditional breakfast treats, like mini-muffins and donuts. Don’t forget to squeeze in some bowls of honey, jam and syrup to round out the display. The more varied the sizes and shapes of the food items are, the more visually appealing your table will be.

Greet With Galentines

Galentine's Poster

Leslie may write each of her guests 5,000-word essays that detail their amazing qualities, but in real life, who has the time? Instead of penning a whole paper, create beautiful Galentines that highlight what you appreciate most about your BFFs.

You can hand these Galentines out during your feast or place them at each table setting before you sit down. If you choose the latter, these special cards can also double as place cards. That way, your friends will know where to sit and be greeted with a compliment when they do.

Galentine’s Day Gifts

While having all your closest friends together in one place is the best present a girl could ask for, providing your guests with a parting gift can be a lovely gesture. If you’re crafty like Leslie, you may want to make your friends a party favor, like potpourri, flower crowns or decoupaged picture frames.

For those of us who don’t possess the artistic spirit or the time to dedicate to handmade giveaways, there are great gifts that you can afford on a budget. Some fan favorites include face masks, boxes of chocolate, soothing candles, personalized wine glasses and journals covered with your favorite feminist icons. Just remember, there’s no need to go overboard – it’s the thought that counts!

Making The Most Of Your Galentine’s Day

Men are great and all, but sometimes, it’s necessary to have a girls-only event to unwind and recharge. The close bonds we share with our girlfriends afford us an undeniable strength that we often take for granted. That’s why Galentine’s Day is so important: It’s an annual reminder of how blessed we are to have such caring, unique souls in our lives.

To show your friends just how much they mean to you, go all out this Galentine’s Day. But as you nosh on your delectable brunch, remember: This holiday is about ladies celebrating ladies. Meaning, it’s just as much about taking time for yourself as it is about showing gratitude for your BFFs. So, before Galentine’s Day comes to a close, light some candles, draw yourself a bubble bath and appreciate the wonderful woman you are!

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