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14 Hot Tips To Beat The Heat And Cool Down Your Room

Emma Tomsich6-minute read
August 06, 2021

As we approach the late months of summer, heat and humidity are starting to feel more unbearable.

You’re probably wondering how to prevent this heat from taking over your house. To stop daytime sweat and ensure you have a cool, peaceful night, follow our tips about how to cool down a room.

How To Cool Down A Room Without AC

Unfortunately, not all houses are equipped with the luxury of air conditioning. But don’t let that stop you from cooling off this summer. To help make your house feel air-conditioned without a cooling system, follow this list of preventative strategies to keep a room cool all summer long.

1. Open Windows At Night

Take advantage of a cool and breezy night by opening your windows and interior doors in the evening or before you go to sleep. Because night is the coolest time of the day, opening doors and windows will promote airflow and create a cross breeze that will fill your room with cooler air.

With the sun down and cool breezes flowing through the trees, opening your windows and interior doors will ensure you a peaceful sleep and prevent you from waking up in a pool of sweat.

2. Close The Windows During The Day

Just as you should open the windows at night, you should also close them during the day. Preventing hot sun rays and humid air from entering your house during the day will help keep your interior cool.

Along with closing the windows during the day, you should also close your window’s curtains during the day. Using dark or blackout curtains will give your home extra protection from hot air, while keeping the cool air inside.

This strategy works because the windows and curtains block the sun from shining into your room. So, instead of feeling like a greenhouse, your home will remain cool even without air conditioning.

3. Make Sure Ceiling Fans Are Rotating Counter-Clockwise

Did you know you’re supposed to adjust your ceiling fan based on the season? Believe it or not, ceiling fans have two modes that can either create a cool breeze or push hot air down.

Check your fan and make sure it spins counter-clockwise during the summer and clockwise during the winter. You can also upgrade to an exhaust fan in your bathroom, kitchen and any other rooms that tend to heat up fast.

4. Upgrade To Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Swapping your current light bulbs for some that are energy efficient is another way you can cool down your home. Because electronic equipment emanates heat, keeping the lights on in the summer can make it harder to keep your house cool during the day. Energy efficient bulbs won’t create excess heat, so you’ll also save on your utility bills. It’s a win-win situation!

If you’re not able to change all your light bulbs, you can also turn off the lights and use natural daylight to brighten up your home. Either way, you’ll be reducing your energy consumption, saving on your utility bill and staying cool all at once.

5. Replace Your Windows

If you’re looking for a more long-term way to keep your house cool without investing in air conditioning, you might consider replacing your home’s windows.

Installing new windows or window treatments can cool down a home by trapping in cool air and keeping out hot air.

6. Drink Cold Water

This might seem like a silly strategy but drinking cold water will help you stay better hydrated and cool down your body temperature. Invest in a water bottle that can hold a lot of water while keeping it cool, and remember to drink a lot of water throughout the day, especially before you go to bed!

7. Place Ice Or Cool Water In Front Of Your Fan

Another DIY air conditioning hack is placing ice or cool water in front of a fan while it’s on. This strategy works because your fan will blow the crisp coolness of the water or ice around your room to cool it off. This hack will make you feel refreshed as if you just installed a new AC unit!

8. Stay Low

Because heat rises, it would be best if you could stay as low as possible, especially while you sleep. Consider sitting or sleeping on a cool or tile floor to beat the heat. Just hope that you don’t mind hard or tile surfaces!

9. Buy A Cooling Mattress, Pillow And Sheets

If you’re looking for a more comfortable way to beat the heat while you sleep, consider buying a cooling mattress, pillows and sheets. Because no one wants to sweat while they sleep, mattress technology has been engineered to help you stay cool and sleep through the night.

Consider getting a set of moisture-wicking covers, a breathable foam core or cooling sheets and pillows. You can also try using cotton sheets and see if that helps. Either way, these tips will be sure to cool you off at night!

10. Take A Cold Shower

You can make your body adaptable to temperature changes by taking a cool shower or switching between hot and cold water during one shower. If you’re wary of taking a hot shower in the summer, you can also take a lukewarm shower to cool your body off while still adapting to changing temperatures. If you’d prefer to opt for a cold shower, don’t do it right after coming out of a hot environment. Instead, give your body some time to regulate in front of a fan before entering the cold shower.

How To Cool Down A Hot Room Fast

If you get hit with a heat wave that is hotter than normal, you might need some additional strategies to cool your house down. Whether you urgently need a cool down or some of our preventative strategies aren’t working, don’t worry. We’ve got some final tips to make your house go from heat wave to ice box without any air conditioning.

1. Turn Off Appliances That Generate Heat

Nearly every electrical appliance will generate heat while in use. While you might not think this will contribute to steamy, suffocating air in your house, you might be surprised to find out that it certainly can.

For example, your oven, microwave, tumble dryer and hair dryer were all created with the purpose to generate heat! Avoid these electrical appliances during the summer, and switch to air drying your clothes and hair, hand washing your dishes and swapping a hot meal for something cooler like a salad. While you’re at it, try to shut off computers and other screens when they’re not in use!

2. Invest In Fans

When it comes to investing in fans, there are a number you can buy without breaking the bank. If money isn’t an issue for you, go ahead and try purchasing the best fan money can buy! I’m sure it’ll feel just like AC and cool your room down in an instant. But if you’re looking to be budget friendly, round up the fans you do have and learn how to strategically place them to create an air conditioning effect.

3. Maximize Your Fan Placement

Once you gather your fans, start by opening two windows that are in line with each other or at opposite ends of the room. Next, make the most of the breeze by placing a fan in front of each window. Set one fan in one window facing into your room to blow in the air from outside. Place the other fan facing outside to blow the hot air from your room back outside. Voila! Your room will cool down in an instant with this fan hack.

4. Take Advantage Of Cooling Technology

Hopefully these heat hacks will keep your house cool in the summer months, but as a last resort, you might want to look into cooling technology.

Depending on your budget, you should be able to find something that works for you and your home. Consider exploring misting fans, portable AC units, portable evaporative coolers and more. If your budget is tight, hang up damp sheets around your home to cool it off.

The Bottom Line: Beat The Heat However You Can

If your life is being consumed by heat waves and sweat and you’re finding it harder and harder to concentrate, take a deep breath and start strategizing your DIY air conditioning with these helpful hacks.

Remember, you don’t need AC or expensive tools to stay cool this summer! Be creative and consider choosing an energy efficient HVAC system if all else fails. Before you know it, the temperatures will drop and you’ll go back to being comfortable in your home!

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