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How To Keep Your House Clean And Organized

Michelle Giorlando5-minute read
May 09, 2022

A person’s home is their castle, but sometimes the castle gets a little cluttered and dusty and needs a good cleaning. Because house cleaning is a never-ending cycle, it can feel overwhelming very quickly. However, getting into a routine and doing a little bit each day can help you maintain a tidy space. Whether your cleaning goal is to maintain an impeccably spotless home or simply to make your space functional, we’ve got some tips on how to make it happen.

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How To Organize And Clean Your Home In 11 Steps

1. Do An Initial Declutter

One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for a successful cleaning routine and better organization is to declutter your space. Techniques like the KonMari Method encourage you to gather your similar items together to sort them. This helps you see exactly how many of each item you own, and you can decide whether you need to keep all of them or if you can get rid of them. Consider having a garage sale to make some money!

2. Keep A Collection Of Cleaning Supplies 

An important step should be to have some cleaning supplies ready to use. While there are all sorts of special cleaners and tools available, you can use some simple, inexpensive items to keep your home clean:

  • Broom and dustpan
  • Sponges – Avoid cross-contaminations. The kitchen sponge shouldn’t be used in the bathroom, etc.
  • Toilet brush
  • Spray bottle
  • Rags – old clothing makes great rags!
  • White vinegar – one of the most versatile cleaning solutions

You may want to buy cleaners for toilets, counters, etc. Just remember to avoid using a bleach-based cleaner anywhere that urine is found, because the reaction fumes are toxic.

3. Make Your Bed 

Getting into the habit of making your bed every day when you wake up can help you get into a cleaning mindset. It immediately makes your bedroom look neater, and it’s a simple way to accomplish something. It’s also nice to climb into a neat, clean bed each night. Encourage any other household members to make their beds, too. Even toddlers can learn to pull up their blankets and arrange their stuffed animals.

4. Clean As You Go 

Cleaning as you go definitely goes a long way in maintaining a clean home. Taking a few moments to clean up messes as they happen or putting away items as soon as you’re done with them helps break up the cleaning into much smaller efforts, instead of doing one big clean.

Making sure each object has its own place where it’s kept means you won’t have to waste brainpower trying to figure out where to stash something or shoving it into an overcrowded cupboard.

5. Sort Your Mail

Unless you truly love having stacks of paper on your dining room table, sort your mail every day! Each time you bring it in from the mailbox, take a minute to sort it. Have a recycling container on hand and make sure the junk mail goes directly in there to be recycled or shredded. Have a space where you put bills that need to be paid, or any other mail that needs attention.

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6. Sweep And Vacuum Regularly 

Keep your living room and kitchen and any other floor space clean by sweeping and vacuuming regularly. Doing this often means you won’t have to work as hard. If you’ve got areas that attract dirt very easily (thanks, kids and pets), sweep and vacuum more often. If you’ve got the means, consider some high-tech cleaning technology like a robot vacuum to take some of the work off your hands.

7. Do Regular Loads Of Laundry

Figure out how often you need to do laundry and try to do it regularly. Putting your loads of laundry away as soon as they come out of the dryer or off the clothesline will help avoid the clutter of overflowing laundry baskets and you won’t have to play the game of “Is This Shirt Clean Or Dirty?”

Enlist kids to help out – toddlers can match socks and older kids can put their own laundry away.

If you find your drawers and closets are overflowing and it’s hard to fit clean laundry in them, consider purging some clothes to make more room. Get rid of anything stained or torn (you need rags for cleaning, right?) and anything that doesn’t fit.

8. Clean And Put Away Dishes Daily

Cleaning and putting away your dishes every day can eliminate the exhaustion that tackling a full sink can bring. Take a few minutes to load and unload the dishwasher or to hand-wash the day’s dishes. Again, doing these smaller tasks more often is much less work than waiting and doing them all at once when they’re overwhelming.

9. Wipe Down And Clear Surfaces Daily 

Clear and wipe down surfaces such as countertops, dining tables, coffee tables, etc. each day. This helps everything look visually cleaner, and by wiping up crumbs, dirt and other debris, you’ll help prevent leaving out snacks for bugs and mice.

10. Hire A Cleaning Service

Cleaning can be overwhelming. You might find that you’d like to hire a professional cleaning service to perform a deep clean. This is often a helpful task to do for a big job, or one to do at the beginning of your cleaning journey. You can hire a professional to maintain the cleaning or take over the maintenance yourself. If this is out of budget for you, ask a friend to help or to keep you company.

11. Maintain A Cleaning Routine 

Once you find a cleaning routine that works for you and your household, stick to it as best you can! The important thing is to find the routine that works for you, not to fit yourself into the routine. Breaking each area or task down into small steps spread out over a week can help make sure you don’t get overwhelmed. Make sure any other household members take part in it as well – each person can find their strengths and likes so it’s less of a chore. You might love vacuuming and loathe laundry, and your partner might be the opposite!

The Bottom Line

Keeping your home clean is both a physical and psychological task. Figure out what your cleanliness thresholds are, consider how often you should be cleaning, and break down tasks into small steps. Doing a little bit every day can help you maintain the home you want.

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