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12 Kitchen Organization Ideas To Try

Kayla Donaldson5-Minute Read
July 14, 2021

Food undeniably brings people together. Why else would we spend so much time in the kitchen?

Since a large portion of daily life is spent in your kitchen, it is important to keep it organized. Doing so can prompt positive lifestyle habits including meal prep, meal planning, and an easier grocery shopping experience, all which will inevitably save you time and money.

If your kitchen feels cluttered and disorganized or you’re lacking in kitchen storage and space, now is the perfect time to try new kitchen organization ideas. Check out our 12 ideas.

1. Add Utensil Trays

drawer of utensils organized with dividers

Adding utensil trays is a great step in organizing your kitchen drawers. Utensil trays have several compartments that allow you to effectively organize and separate your silverware, reducing clutter. This storage solution can be used in other rooms of the house, including in your bathroom or closet drawers to store items such as makeup or other toiletries.

2. Switch To Refillable Storage Containers

row of glass jars filled with pasta and grains

Using stackable, refillable storage containers is a great way to help organize dry pantry items. These storage containers can be plastic, metal or glass, and are a great way to keep your pantry accessible. Using these containers helps to eliminate food waste since it promotes grocery shopping that fits within your designated storage containers.

A current popular trend we also highly recommend is labeling clear storage containers to make it easy to identify pantry products, optimizing your pantry accessibility.

3. Organize Your Plastic Containers

organized drawer with plastic containers

Plastic containers can easily become an unorganized, random mess. Organizing plastic containers and lids according to size can prove beneficial in decluttering kitchen shelves or cabinets. Using kitchen drawer organizers can help to compartmentalize your drawer to best organize by size. We also recommend recycling your stained or cracked plastic containers as part of your spring cleaning routine to minimize clutter.

4. Revamp Your Fridge Storage

fridge organized with containers

Another kitchen organization idea that can lead to a positive lifestyle change is maintaining an organized fridge. Doing so allows easier visibility and accessibility of your food items and allows you to prioritize which foods you want your eye to see first.

Oftentimes, vegetables, fruits and other healthier items are hidden in the back of the fridge or in drawers. By creating more refrigerator storage space by organizing food products in clear bins or storage containers, not only are you allowing for more space for more food products but are also allowing yourself to place priority foods in visible places.

Another important recommendation to maintain a clean and organized fridge is to frequently clean the inside of your fridge and ice maker as part of regular kitchen maintenance to ensure that all food products can stay fresh for as long as possible.

5. Invest In A Rolling Cart

metal rolling cart next to kitchen island

Adding a rolling cart to store items on is a method that can add much-needed additional storage space to your kitchen set-up. Some common items we recommend fitting well on the cart include non-refrigerated fruits and vegetables, oils and vinegars, and even pots and other crockery.

Another fun way to use the rolling cart is to turn it into a bar or coffee cart. Putting your favorite alcohol, mixers and glasses or your go-to mugs, syrups and coffee grounds on this cart provides an aesthetic and portable means of storing and transporting your favorites.

6. Consider Cabinet Racks

racks inside of cabinets got organized look

Another idea is adding kitchen cabinet organizers. Our favorite, elevated cabinet racks, can create significantly more storage for your kitchen cabinets.

The most effective way to stack and organize cabinet racks is one on top of the other. This method allows you to separate your plates, for example, with the smaller plates on top and the larger plates on the bottom rather than in one pile. This allows for more organization and space as well as an easier way of selecting your desired plate from the cabinet without having to remove them all and restack.

7. Install Open Shelving

open shelving on open wall in kitchen

Want to spruce up your open wall? Installing open shelving offers the best of both worlds. It allows for a creative design element to decorate that empty wall while also providing additional opportunities for kitchen storage. It is easy to do and the options for what you can store on your shelves are endless.

This idea is one of many DIY home decor projects that can elevate a kitchen space.

8. Create A Kid-Friendly Area

family hanging out in kitchen

Kids can often throw the idea of an organized kitchen out the window. This can be avoided through the creation of their own designated area. This way, your children are less likely to rummage through and re-clutter other areas of the kitchen looking for their own belongings. This area can be dedicated to storing kids’ lunch boxes, snacks, etc.

We recommend putting this kid-friendly area in a space that is accessible for children, most likely a floor-level cabinet. Doing this will teach children where their belongings are, what areas of the kitchen they can touch, and beginning organization skills. For example, storing their belongings in the same location and asking them to put it back where they found it is providing them a foundational understanding of independence and self-sufficiency.

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9. Hang Up Your Kitchen Accessories

kitchen utensils. oven mitt, and cutting board hanging on rod in kitchen

Kitchen accessories are often placed in a single drawer, resulting in them getting lost or taking significant time to locate. This is why we recommend installing hooks or a hanging rack in the kitchen and hanging up your kitchen accessories there. This kitchen organization idea can provide more available storage space, plus make it easy to access certain tools or cookware.

We recommend hanging essentials such as coffee mugs, pots and pans, spatulas, oven mitts, etc.

10. Utilize The Side Of Your Cabinets

island cabinet without a door showing decorative organization

Another idea is utilizing the side of your cabinets to create additional storage space in your kitchen. The outside of the cabinet door is often wasted space, which is why it is a perfect area of your kitchen to implement a new storage tactic.

This can be accomplished in many ways such as adding hooks, rails or mini shelves to the side of kitchen cabinets. We suggest utilizing this new storage space to hang kitchen towels, kitchen accessories, oven mitts, cutting boards, etc.

11. Make A Spice Drawer

drawer of spices organized with labels

Digging through spice after spice to find the one you are looking for is very time-consuming. Making a spice drawer is an idea that will automatically make your life easier. You can use your time much more effectively through making a spice drawer as it improves the function of the kitchen by allowing you easy and quick access to your desired spice as well as opening up your old spice cupboard space for more efficient usage.

To implement this idea, you will need thick plywood panel wood, wood glue, a table saw, measurement tools and protective gear. To install, you need the dimensions of the drawer, an anticipated amount of spices, and predetermined characteristics of your desired storage piece.

12. Create A Wall Dish Rack

rods under cabinets for hang drying dishes

Creating a wall dish rack is a great way to avoid a soapy, disorganized mess. Here you can store dish rags, soap dispensers, and sponges. Including a drying rack portion is a great option to alleviate drying dishes taking up countertop space.

What If I Need More Space For Kitchen Storage And Organization?

If you’re looking to overhaul your kitchen, it is important to consider renovating your kitchen to create a more functional space. For example, taking on renovation projects such as painting your cabinets to completely redesigning and building your island, it is beneficial to choose projects that allow for more storage and organization. For example, painting cabinets white to create a more open, clean concept or creating your island to feature hidden compartments to optimize storage space will provide a much more functional, organized kitchen.

The Bottom Line: Rethink Your Kitchen Organization

It’s time to rethink your kitchen organization. By implementing ideas such as utensil trays, open shelving and a wall dish rack you can help to declutter and organize your home. Doing so can lead to other positive lifestyle habits and will save you time and money.

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