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Oscar Party Ideas For Any Award-Winning Host

Lauren Nowacki4-Minute Read
August 04, 2022

Hollywood’s biggest night is fast approaching and you’re ready to party like a movie star. But between planning the food, decorations and entertainment, hosting an Oscar party can feel like quite the production – one that deserves a little recognition, too.

Get ready to write your acceptance speeches because, with these Oscar party ideas, all of the party-hosting awards will be going to you.

And The Award For Best Oscar Party Food Ideas Goes To …

The famous awards show typically lasts about 3 ½ hours, so make sure you have something your guests can snack on. Food is the perfect accessory for any party because it can serve two purposes: feeding your guests and adding to the decor. Use these Oscar party food ideas to enhance your party platter:

  • Champagne everything: in flutes, cupcakes and Jell-O shots
  • Charcuterie table spread
  • Bacon-wrapped dates
  • Star-shaped cookies dusted with edible glitter
  • Cheese and chocolate fondues
  • White-chocolate dipped strawberries with dark chocolate bow ties
  • Brie wedges with black olive bow ties
  • Popcorn, of course 

You don’t need to try make every food item fancy. You can dress up any dish by using such decorative tableware as gold plastic cutlery, glittery cocktail toothpicks and decorative cake platters. Try to match your food and tablescape with your theme, if you have one. This brings us to our next party idea.

And The Award For Best Oscar Party Decorations Goes To …

Movies are king on Oscars night, so center your theme around the cinema. Here are a few ideas from black tie affairs to more comfortable options. 

Classic Hollywood Glitz And Glam

Pay tribute to old Hollywood glamour with gold and glitter. Dress your tables in black linen and gold candles, white centerpieces or silver confetti. Set out black and gold chevron straws, flutes filled with sparkling champagne and appetizers decorated with gold stars. 

Decorate the walls of your home with black and gold streamers and silver and gold mylar balloons. Create your own Hollywood Walk of Fame by sticking personalized Walk of Fame stars on the floor with each guest’s name.

A Night At The Movies 

Cinematic achievements can’t be appreciated if no one experiences them. Movie theaters offer the ultimate experience for viewers, so honor them with a night at the movies theme for your Oscar party. Decorate your walls with movie posters and collect “tickets” at the door. Create a concession stand with candy bars, hot dogs and popcorn served in individual red-and-white-striped boxes.

Quiet On Set! 

It’s lights, camera, action with this type of theme – literally. Decorate with giant filmstrips and reels, fake stage lights, director clapboards and old cameras. Take it a step further and rent a few director’s chairs for guests to sit in. Place gold stars on doors to transform them into personal dressing rooms for the event’s most important celebrities.

And The Award For Best Oscar Party Games Goes To …

Keep guests engaged even through commercial breaks or the awards they’re not interested in by playing a few party games. Here are a few ideas for keeping guests entertained:

  • Print out an Oscar ballot for each guest and have them make their predictions of who will win.
  • Play a round of move trivia or Hollywood charades.
  • Make mad libs Oscar speeches.
  • Create Oscar bingo cards with things you may spot and events that may happen during the show: someone trips up the stairs, a presenter mispronounces a name, someone’s speech gets cut off by the music, etc.
  • Give each person a job for the night and have them act it out until guests can guess who they are. A few ideas are presenter, seat filler, usher, musical performer, security guard and host.

Don’t let the victors go home empty-handed. Purchase your own mini Oscar award trophies to hand out to the night’s biggest winners.

And The Award For Best Oscar Party Attire Goes To …

The Oscars isn’t just about the awards, it’s also about the fashion. And many stars take it to the next level, flaunting jaw-dropping designer gowns, pantsuits and tuxedos on the red carpet in front of hundreds of cameras. While your guests won’t be featured on prime-time TV, you can still make it an opportunity for them to dress their best. If your theme centers around Hollywood glamour, cocktail or formal attire will only add to your party’s pizzazz. Encourage creativity by choosing a dress code that follows a specific movie or movie genre. Or, to give your guests more options with their attire while keeping with a theme, choose a specific actor or actress and have guests dress up as any of the characters that person has played. Just remember that not everyone enjoys dressing up, so make dress codes optional instead of required.

Whatever attire you choose for your Oscar party, lay out the red carpet for your guests. Set up a camera to take pictures or set up these paparazzi party props. Make them feel even more like a star walking the red carpet by interviewing them as they come in. Whether they’re dressed to the nines or wearing their most cozy sweats, ask them what designer they’re wearing, the inspiration behind their outfit and who they think is going to win.

Other Party Categories To Keep In Mind

With the perfect Oscar party theme, food, decor, games and attire, you’ll be the one receiving a standing ovation at the end of the show. To make sure your guests have the best viewing experience, keep a few other things in mind.

Preparation Is Key

Even if you get everything else right, a viewing party can go south quick when the audio and visual aren’t working. Before your guests arrive, take the time to test your TV and sound system to make sure there’ll be no hiccups when the show begins.

The Oscars are in February, so if your party is in a cold climate instead of sunny LA, you’ll want to make sure your guests will be cozy – especially if they’re dressing in cocktail attire. Ensure your furnace is working properly before the party begins, heat your home to a comfortable temperature and leave out a few throw blankets for additional warmth.

Presentation is important, so make sure your home is clean and tidy before entertaining friends. All eyes will be glued to the screen once the awards show starts, so don’t forget to wipe down the TV screen and entertainment center. 

Location Is Everything 

A good host can throw a party anywhere, but small spaces do have their limits. Looking for the perfect place to host your next award-winning party? Rocket HomesSM partner agentsare local experts who can help you find your next home. You can also get a mortgage from our award-winning sister company, Rocket Mortgage®.

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