Paint Color Trends For 2020

Anna BaluchDecember 11, 2019

Whether you’ve recently bought a home or lived in one for years, 2020 is the perfect time to spruce it up with some paint. Since paint color trends come and go, we’ve decided to compile this list of paint color trends for 2020. They are sure to steer you toward the right direction and give you some inspiration for your home.

For Laundry Rooms Or Mud Rooms

Laundry rooms and mud rooms tend to be small and utilitarian, making Snowbound by Sherwin Williams a great option.

“If you lack a lot of natural light, this color provides a beautiful taupe white that looks great with low-light spaces,”  says Michael Helwig, interior designer at Michael Helwig Interiors. Also, Snowbound is the ideal white to contrast any colorful cabinets or wood tones you may have in these rooms because it has an “earthy” tone rather than a warm or yellow hue.

For Rooms With Light Woods And Gray Upholstery

“If you have a room, like a living room or bedroom with light woods and gray upholstery, Black Bean by Sherwin Williams is the way to go,” explains Helwig. It’s warm and sophisticated with a coffee or dark chocolate tone that pairs well with these features. You can use it to create a clean, minimal or Scandinavian style that you typically get with white paint.

For Kitchen Cabinetry

Looking forward to 2020 kitchen trends and beyond, homeowners are choosing blues and greens for their kitchen cabinetry and limiting their wall color options to complementary earth tones. “We recommend Colonial Blue by Benjamin Moore for kitchen cabinets. This bold color is basically the blue jeans of kitchen design,” says Linda Fennessy, kitchen consultant at Kitchen Magic, Inc. If you’re tired of woodgrains, Colonial Blue or any other bold or soft blue can help you flex your design muscles.

For Dining Rooms And Bedrooms

Black Magic by Sherwin Williams is a hot pick for both dining rooms and bedrooms with warm wood floors. “If you go with Black Magic for your dining room or bedroom, make sure there’s enough natural or electric light. Otherwise, it’s going to be too dark,” says Lindsey Putzier, interior designer at Eclectic Interiors. You can also use this color on a ceiling in a room with light walls to create a beautiful contrast.

For Bathrooms

Since bathrooms with white cabinetry, porcelain and woodwork will be popular in 2020, Van Deusen Blue by Benjamin Moore is a great choice. “Van Deusen Blue is a dark blue that offers a nice contrast on the walls in these types of bathrooms,” says Putzier. It’s not quite as dark as other blues like Hale Navy so you never have to worry about it looking black in a room.

For Tired Furniture

If you don't want to paint your walls with bold colors, consider using them to paint tired furniture. “It’s just a piece of furniture and won’t look nearly as ‘loud’ as walls would,” explains Putzier. Here are some solid options for bold furniture colors:

●      Teal: Lagoon by Sherwin Williams

●      Green: Amazon Moss by Benjamin Moore

●      Coral: Coral Reef by Sherwin Willams

●      Red: Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore

To choose a color for your furniture, take inspiration from another item in the room that you love. This may be a rug, window treatment, or pillow.

Paint Application Tips

Ideally, you’d hire professionals for your paint project. They can get the job done right and on time. Professional painters know what areas to tape and how to cut (or paint the surface you want). By hiring them, you can ensure your paint job lasts for as long as possible and avoid splatters on your wood or runs on your walls.

“If you do decide to paint yourself, do not get cheap tools. You’re more likely to do a better job if you splurge on professional quality rollers,” says Putzier.

Now that you have an idea of what paint colors will be “in” this upcoming year, you’re ready to start planning your paint project. Good luck!

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