Pinterest Predicts These 20 Home Trends For 2020

Rachel BurrisDecember 30, 2019

Pinterest has become the go-to place for inspiration on all things, including home trends. With more than 320 million users pinning their passions and desires to their vision boards every month, Pinterest has a wealth of data on what people are looking for across the globe.

In preparation for the new year, Pinterest has released its annual report, which utilizes its data to predict what the biggest fads of 2020 will be. After perusing the list, we’ve narrowed in on the 20 emerging home trends predicted.

So, if you’ve been thinking that your abode needs some sprucing up, see if these creative ideas inspire you to finally begin that redecorating or remodeling project.

20. Every-Kid Playrooms

·     Increase in search volume: 75%

Gone are the days when parents persuade girls to play with Barbies and boys to play with Hot Wheels. Now, parents are careful not to force children to conform to gender stereotypes, which is why gender-neutral playrooms will be all the rage in 2020. So, make sure your kids’ new play space is entertaining for all by filling it with tents, books, easels and rocking horses.

19. Garden Room

·     Increase in search volume: 104%

You may not be fortunate enough to have abundant outdoor space, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to enjoy mother nature. In 2020, Pinterest predicts that more people will bring the outdoors into their homes by designing garden rooms. From greenhouses to solariums to sitting rooms crawling with vines, these lush spaces afford their owners the ability to sit back and admire the beauty and serenity of nature.

18. Feng Shui Decor

·     Increase in search volume: 131%

Feng shui home decor is all about bringing harmony and positive energy into your home. So, when life becomes chaotic, your home can be a place that inspires inner peace. Help create balance in your home by eliminating clutter and decorating your rooms with a combination of different shapes.

18. Dog Patios

·     Increase in search volume: 131%

As interested as people are in creating harmony and balance in their homes, it seems they’re equally motivated to carve out a canine-friendly area in their outdoor space. Show your love by giving your dog turf where it can relieve itself. Whether you have room to spare on your patio or balcony, your dog will be grateful to have a space of its own.

16. Goat Playhouses

·     Increase in search volume: 150%

Sure, not everyone has a pet goat – but those who do appear to be mad about them! Next year, goats won’t just have fields to graze in, they’ll also have houses that they can jump around in (and on). So, if you’re the proud parent of a lucky goat, you may want to consider building your frisky friend a playhouse.

15. Granny Pods

·     Increase in search volume: 159%

You want to be able to take care of your loved ones as they age, but you may still want a bit of separation from your parents or in-laws. Instead of feeling suffocated by live-in relatives, give them a roof of their own right in your backyard. These micro-houses are on the rise because they’re cozy enough to make their residents comfortable and close enough to enable you to lend a hand when needed.

14. Indoor Microgreens

·     Increase in search volume: 223%

As people pursue healthier lifestyles, they seem to be getting increasingly interested in controlling what they consume. So, it should be little surprise that they’re researching ways to grow their own herbs and veggies right out of their kitchens. By adding indoor microgreens to your home, you can rest easy knowing that your greens are free from pesticides and exorbitant mark-ups.

13. Thrifted Home Decor

·     Increase in search volume: 308%

As concerns about climate change continue to rise, people are turning to upcycled home decor as a new way to eliminate waste. Instead of buying brand new furniture, head to a nearby thrift store to score some more sustainable pieces. Whether it’s antique furniture or vintage tchotchkes, your home will not only be more sustainable but also more unique.

12. Spanish Bathrooms

·     Increase in search volume: 309%

Bathroom remodelers are now looking to Spain for inspiration. Spanish bathrooms add unique beauty to any en suite. If you want to score this look, consider adding bright, patterned tiles to your backsplash, an archway above your tub and dark woods to your cabinetry.

11. Home Theaters

·     Increase in search volume: 368%

With all the content you can stream nowadays, seeing a movie no longer requires you to leave home. However, your average media or living room may not provide you with the cinema experience you desire. If you have space to spare, you may want to transform it into a personal projection room by decking it out with theater-style, reclinable seats, a 7.1 surround-sound system and a video projector.

10. French Antiques

·     Increase in search volume: 384%

French antiques are making a comeback in 2020. These gorgeous pieces elevate any room with their rich woods and ornate embellishments. So, head to the nearest antique store to find a chaise longue to sprawl across or an etagere to display your collectibles.

9. Outdoor Cat Playgrounds

·     Increase in search volume: 512%

Catios are the latest craze for cat owners who want to give their feline friends new territory to explore. If your cat has been scratching your furniture or just looking a bit blue, create a cat playground to cheer it up. These jungle gyms will have your little tiger climbing and jumping around with joy.

8. Unisex Nursery

·     Increase in search volume: 527%

Once upon a time, nurseries were painted blue for boys and pink for girls, but those days have come to an end. Now, parents want to set up their infants’ nurseries with gender-neutral colors and toys. By designing a unisex nursery, you can start decorating before you know your child’s gender and don’t have to worry about pigeonholing your little bundle of joy!

7. Japanese Tubs

·     Increase in search volume: 563%

With Japanese tubs, you no longer have to take a bath lying down. Japanese soaking tubs are smaller and deeper than your average bathtub and often come with a bench. If you have a smaller bathroom or just want to be able to sit up as you submerge yourself in water, these tubs will transform your bathroom into a spa and allow you to literally sit back and relax.

6. Coffee Stations

·     Increase in search volume: 751%

With an increasing number of professionals now working from home, a trip to Starbucks is not nearly as appetizing. Instead of traveling to a coffee shop to get your caffeine fix, create a coffee station in your very own kitchen. With just a little counter space and a coffee or espresso machine, getting a cup of joe is convenient and far more affordable.

5. Australian Landscaping

·     Increase in search volume: 784%

When revamping their gardenwork, Pinterest users are now looking to the Aussies for ideas. Australian landscaping includes drought-tolerant plants, feature walls of bright colors or living greenery and interesting hardscaping. With this trend, your outdoor space will not only be eye-catching but also easier to maintain!

4. Audio Rooms

·     Increase in search volume: 803%

If you’re going to set up a sanctuary to enjoy your favorite films, why not show the same appreciation for your favorite albums? Turns out, a rising number of Pinterest users already are by adding audio rooms to their homes! With just a two-channel audio system and a comfy place to sit, you can close your eyes and let the music move you.

3. Indoor Water Fountains

·     Increase in search volume: 917%

Water doesn’t just have to trickle from your faucet, it can also fall from your indoor fountain. Water fountains are a perfect addition to any garden room, but you don’t need to be surrounded by plants to make these statement pieces worthwhile. Their natural sounds of babbling water will add a little more Zen to your world.

2. Indian Living Rooms

·     Increase in search volume: 2,080%

When redecorating your living room, don’t just swap out your sofa, spice up the entire room instead. Pinterest users are going wild over Indian living rooms due to their colorful textiles, brass accents, ornately carved woods and patterned floor cushions. Make your den all the more inviting by adding bold colors, exotic fabrics and hand-carved pieces to your home decor.

1. Outdoor Bars

·     Increase in search volume: 2,795%

Searches for outdoor bars have increased by an astounding 2,795% this year, which means far fewer people will be leaving their homes to enjoy a cold brewski when the weather warms up. If you have outdoor access to a water line, you may want to add a wet bar to your patio. Otherwise, grab some coolers, set up a dry bar and get ready to host your friends!

The searches presented in this list provide insight into what we should expect from 2020. They suggest a move toward an international mindset that’s geared to inclusivity, eco-consciousness, globalism and pet-friendliness. Furthermore, they demonstrate that, with a growing number of individuals working from home, our understanding of private space is evolving. Instead of being patrons, people are becoming more interested in bringing outside comforts in.

These 20 home trends predicted by Pinterest offer fantastic ways to reenvision your house for the new year. For more on-trend tips for decorating your home, check out of our blog.

Rachel Burris

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