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Prepping Your Home For Winter and the Holidays

Andrea DavisSeptember 10, 2018

The temps are falling, the sun is setting earlier, Game of Thrones warned us: Winter is coming. Now’s the time to prepare your home for frigid temps (unless you’re one of those lucky warm climate folks) and holiday gatherings. Follow these useful tips and decorating ideas to get your house ready for winter and the holiday season.

Safeguard Your Plumbing

Nothing will stop a party in its tracks like frozen pipes. Try to identify pipes that are problematic or far from a heat source before the freezing cold weather arrives. Heat tape is an inexpensive way to keep your pipes insulated and warm so they don’t freeze and rupture, which can cause major household damage.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Have your HVAC service contractor inspect your furnace before the winter season begins. In many cases, a maintenance check will uncover wearing belts or parts that could lead to a breakdown. A tune up by a skilled technician will ensure your furnace is in good shape and ready to handle the chilly months ahead. In addition, be sure to have your tech change any furnace filters. A clean furnace provides improved airflow and better energy efficiency.

Improve Your Lighting

One of the drawbacks of the winter season is darkness sets in early. Candles help provide additional light indoors and enhance the ambiance of your home. If your outdoor walkways need more illumination, there are a variety of energy-efficient designs and models to choose from that won’t break the bank.

Seal Cracks and Leaks

An airtight home helps ensure the comfort of your holiday guests. Use caulk to fill in cracks around windows, door frames and near your foundation. In some cases, you will need to add more insulation to keep a warm interior climate. Insulation reduces wear and tear on your furnace by keeping the warm air inside and the cold air outside.

Keep Walkways Safe

Lighting isn’t the only way to minimize accidents on walkways and steps. Be sure to shovel your walkways to keep them clear of snow and ice. Also, don’t forget to replenish your supply of rock salt. Keeping yourself and your guests safe is top priority.

Add a Touch of Nature

Seasonal décor adds a cheerful touch to your home during the stark winter months. Wreaths decorated with autumn leaves add beauty to your door or wall, and sprigs of evergreen and nature-inspired garlands deck your home with festive charm.

Add Cozy Features

Be sure to add cozy blankets and throws to your home when decorating for the winter holidays. These features provide your guests with a warming touch should they need it. You can also add festive throw pillows to your living room to enhance your holiday décor. In rooms with hard floors, consider adding a plush throw rug to add some comfort. Also, keep a large supply of firewood on hand if you have a fireplace.

When expecting guests, stock up on warm beverages like cocoa, tea and coffee. They will appreciate having something hot to sip when they come in from work or to visit. Drinks like hot cider, mulled wine and warm cranberry punch also add a welcoming touch to the holidays and fill your house with an inviting aroma.

Be Prepared

With these tips, you can prepare your home for winter with an eye toward celebrating the holidays. A cozy home is a happy home!

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