Why Stay in Touch with Your Real Estate Agent?

Jonathan DevineOctober 22, 2018

How often do you think about your real estate agent after the closing table? If you’re like a friend of mine and answer with, “I’m not certain they’re still alive,” then you’re not alone. Also, maybe add that to the list of things not to mention to your agent.

I’ve asked many people about their past agents, and unless they were a friend before doing business, it’s extremely rare for anyone to have kept in contact with their agent. It’s a common, yet unfortunate situation because there are at least two compelling reasons why you should keep in touch with your agent after you’ve used their services.

1. Your Real Estate Agent Never Stops Working for You

Some friends of mine, let’s call them Amelia and Andy, bought their first home some years ago. Like many first homes, they loved it, but it was also a compromise. Still, they settled in and stopped looking.

What they didn’t stop, however, was keeping in touch with their agent, Ray. They spoke from time to time, until one day Ray approached them with their perfect home. Turns out, Ray remembered Amelia and Andy’s true ideal home and never stopped looking for it, even after they had closed. Ray never forgot what they really wanted.

Let’s say your active home-search window was three months. Think of the houses that came on and went off the market in that time. Now, imagine watching that market for three years. The chances of something great popping up is so much higher. That’s what happens when you stay engaged with your real estate agent.

2. You Will Probably Need Your Real Estate Agent Again

This reason is pretty straightforward. Most people buy three houses in their life: the adequate first home, the perfect second home and the right-sized third home. Unless you fall into the third and final category, you’ll probably need real estate services in the future.

Finding a good agent is hard enough. Why start from zero if you can build on an existing relationship?

How to Stay Connected with Your Agent

Say I’ve convinced you and you find it worth your while to stay on your real estate agent’s radar. Here are a few ways to stick in their mind without overdoing it.

  • Be Facebook friends, but use the Limited Profile feature
  • Send them your yearly family picture
  • Ask them from time to time what’s happening in the local markets
  • Become a LinkedIn Connection with them
  • Invite them to a networking or public event in the area
  • But most of all, REFER YOUR FRIENDS to them

A special note on that last point: Referring your friends reminds your agent that you exist, you trust and think well of them, and that they are still benefiting from your relationship. Ask for extra business cards and pass them out when appropriate. Not only will your agent be glad to provide them, they’ll remember that you took the initiative to ask for them.

Staying in touch with your agent can be very beneficial. It helps them remember you if they come across your dream home, plus you’ll likely need their help again in the future anyway. But at the very least, check in once in a while to make sure they’re still alive.

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