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Shed Storage Ideas For Effective Organization

Molly Grace5-Minute Read
July 09, 2020

Shed organization is, understandably, an afterthought for many homeowners who would rather focus the little time they have for decluttering on the areas of the home that they have to live in and look at every day.

But when you’re in need of a specific tool that’s piled under a disorganized mountain of yard work paraphernalia, that messy shed can be a huge pain.

Every area of your home can benefit from some decluttering. Here are some ideas for how you can organize your backyard storage and achieve the peace of mind of never again having to wedge your lawnmower out of a shed that’s bursting at the seams.

Install Shelving

shelves with garage items

Making use of your shed’s wall space is an efficient way to get items off the floor and into a designated spot where they’ll always be easy to find. Install floating shelves directly onto the wall to store things like paint cans or lawn chemicals while taking up virtually no space.

The exact type of shelving you’ll need depends on what you’re looking to keep there. For heavier objects, be sure to look for a sturdy metal rack that can handle the weight. For little odds and ends, a few smaller wall-mounted bins for storing things like screws, bolts and other hardware will likely be a better choice.

metal shelf in garage

Add A Workbench

wooden workbench in garage

Not only can the right workbench give you a dedicated spot to tackle all your hands-on projects, it can give you some nifty extra storage space if you get one with some drawers or a hutch where you can hang all your most-used tools.

For those who are short on space or need a flexible work area, a folding workbench might make more sense so you can set it up wherever you need it and slide it back into space-saving storage when you’re done.

portable workbench

Tilt Wood Pallets On Their Sides For Stand Up Items

wood pallets sitting on side of house

Having trouble storing all your taller tools, such as rakes, shovels, brooms and the like? There’s an easy way to keep these items organized that doesn’t involve simply leaning them precariously against the wall. All you’ll need is a wood pallet (that is, if you have a way to get your hands on one on the cheap).

Stand up the wood pallet on its side and affix it to your shed wall so you can slide these tools inside the pallet, keeping them upright and out of the way. If you want to have a little fun with it, grab a bottle of spray paint and coat it in a funky color.

Don’t know where to get a wood pallet? No problem. You can also install hooks on your walls from which to hang your garden tools, or keep them in sand-filled buckets.

Take Advantage Of Magnet Metal Magic

Want to utilize your shed’s wall space in a way that’s not just handy, but also pretty darn cool? Display all your favorite metal tools on a magnetic strip mounted on your wall.

The magnetic strip allows you to simply stick your metal tools up on the wall. Just make sure you get one with a magnet strong enough for your needs.

magnet strip attached to wall and holding tools

Hang Anything With Assorted Hooks And Pegboards

tools on pegboard

The pegboard is a tool shed staple, and for good reason. With a pegboard, you can easily hang all of your lighter tools in one, easy to find spot.

When deciding on the layout of your pegboard, think about what items make the most sense to keep together. You’ll probably want to line up things like your wrenches or screwdrivers next to each other, so they’re easier to keep track of.

Store The Little Things In Jars

little nuts and bolts on a shelf in jars

Upcycle empty glass jars to keep track of your supply of fasteners and hardware. Separate these items and have one jar for each type, so you aren’t digging through a bunch of bolts and nails just to find the screw you need.

To make things even easier on yourself, label each jar so you know what it contains at a glance. You can do this quickly with a piece of tape and a marker, or you can have some DIY fun and paint interesting labels on each jar.

Utilize Mobile Storage

Improve the maneuverability of your shed by introducing storage that can easily be moved around and out of the way.

If you’re in need of a shelving unit, look for one set on wheels so you can easily roll it to a different spot if you need to.

rolling metal shelf in a garage

If you’re a serious crafter or handyperson, you might also want to consider investing in a rolling tool cart or cabinet, so all your tools can go wherever you do.

black tool cart

Look Up For Extra Storage Space

To make the most of all of the space you have, you might also want to consider mounting some hanging shelving from the ceiling of your shed to store stuff you only use occasionally (think holiday decorations or seasonal items).

shelf attached to ceiling holding bags

Lock It Up With A Cabinet

Have some things you want to keep more secure? A wall-mounted cabinet with a lock will keep curious kids from checking out any shed items that could potentially harm them.

black wall cabinet

Hang A Calendar To Plan Your Next Project

Now that your shed is all nice and organized, you’re probably excited to get started on all the home and yard projects you have planned.

Hanging a calendar in your shed – especially a dry erase board calendar that you can easily make changes to and wipe down to reuse next month – can keep you on track with your regular maintenance or special projects.

Make a note of the days you plan to mow the lawn, leave yourself reminders about when upcoming maintenance needs to be done or lay out a timeline for your big renovation project.

white calendar

Summary: Transform Your Shed Into An Inviting Work Nook

When your shed is organized, you no longer have to dread fighting your way through piles of sharp, heavy-duty clutter just to find the one yard tool you need. In fact, you may even find that you actually enjoy the time you spend in your shed, whether you’re just briefly going in and out to grab stuff or using it as your own workroom.

Take advantage of the warmer weather to overhaul your current shed setup and invest in some organization. A little bit of planning and decluttering now will save you many a headache for months and years to come.

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