5 Solutions For Hard-To-Store Items In Your Home

Hanna KielarNovember 26, 2019

Do you have large items that are dominating your garage, basement, kitchen or living room? Worry no more! There are ways you can store troublesome items with no hassle necessary.

The following are easy ways to store five difficult items.

1. Storing An Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. The tradition of putting up Christmas lights, stockings and other decorations is something many people look forward to each year. But taking the decorations down is often a different story – especially when it comes to storing your artificial Christmas tree.

These trees tend to take up space, and the mess they leave behind can be frustrating. However, there are ways you can make the process easier.

Pop-Up Artificial Trees

Instead of stressing about storing your Christmas tree this year, give yourself a break and store your tree in an upright tree storage bag from Elf Stor. All you have to do is take off all the ornaments, lights and other decorations and wrap the storage bag around the tree.

If you’re storing your tree on the same floor it’s displayed on, consider purchasing a somewhat pricier upright tree stand with wheels so that you can roll your tree into its storage space until next year.

Artificial Trees With Removable Branches

If you have a tree with removable branches, store the branches in a rolling duffle bag instead of a cardboard box. Cardboard deteriorates quickly in comparison, exposing the branches to dust and insects.

Storing your Christmas tree in a proper tree storage bag or even a plastic tub will keep your tree dust-free and looking real each year!

2. Storing A Bike

Many people have a hard time finding a place to store their bikes, especially if they’re living in an apartment and don’t have a garage to protect the bike from the elements.

While it may seem impossible to store your bike inside your apartment without taking up a lot of floor space, there is a place that makes it possible – the wall.

Cycloc Bike Rack

With the Cycloc Horizontal or Vertical bike rack, you have the ability to hang your bike on the wall horizontally or vertically. The rubber bike rack is easy to install and will give your apartment or office a modern aesthetic.

Delta Michelangelo Bike Rack

What’s convenient about the Delta Michelangelo Bike Rack is that it holds two bikes. In addition, you don’t have to attach it to the wall, and the arms are adjustable! All you have to do is lean the rack against any wall, and you’re good to go.

3. Storing Suitcases

Instead of stacking your suitcases on top of one another in your basement or attic, there are many innovative ways to store them to avoid damage from mildew and humidity.

Suitcase Storage Ideas

You can store your entire luggage set in a variety of ways. If your bed is tall enough, store your suitcases underneath your bed. Zipping your suitcases inside of one another is also a great way to save space and keep track of each piece of luggage.

You could also install a shelf high in your closet for your suitcases. Not only does this approach allow extra floor space, it’s makes for one less object to trip over.

Vintage Suitcases As Decor

If you have vintage suitcases lying around that you don’t use anymore, be creative and use the antique luggage as decor!

Make your home more elegant by hanging vintage or retro suitcases on your walls and place anything you want to showcase inside them. For example, you could use one as a liquor cabinet or vanity.

4. Storing Pots And Pans

Do you hate digging through your pots and pans trying to find the one you’re looking for? Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid that hassle.

By hanging your pots and pans on a rack, you can grab the one you need without having to rummage through all of them. Interior designer Jennifer Ott of houzz provides many examples of how to hang your pots and pans in an orderly fashion.

For example, you could DIY a pegboard pot rack for your own original look.

5. Storing Items In The Garage

Is your garage cluttered with miscellaneous items that make it impossible to park your car? To open up floor space, consider creating a sliding storage system with labeled totes attached to your garage ceiling.

The Family Handyman provides instructions on how to create a sliding storage system on carriages made of plywood. Attached to the carriages are special reinforced totes that can be filled with seasonal decorations, camping gear or other items that are currently taking up space.

Hanna Kielar

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