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Square Footage Calculator & FAQs

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May 14, 2021

As a homeowner, knowing the square footage of a space is important for a number of reasons. For example, it can better help you determine your home’s value, install flooring, or even evaluate the cost to paint the house. If you’re planning any of these projects or want to determine the cost of new construction, knowing the square footage of your home will give you an advantage. Luckily, our square footage calculator makes it easy to estimate the square footage of any space.

Square Footage Calculator

When using a square footage calculator, you can estimate the size of a lot, a room, or even an entire house. But it’s important to know that for more complex spaces, you can often get a better measurement estimate by breaking it down into several simple shapes and then adding their square footage together.

Use our square footage calculator to estimate the size of any space in your home:

Square Footage FAQs

To learn more about square footage, check out these commonly asked questions.

What Is A Square Foot?

A square foot is a measurement of any two-dimensional surfaces. It’s equal to a square measuring 1 foot on each side. However, square footage is not a measurement reserved only for square spaces. 

How Do You Calculate Square Footage?

For basic rectangular spaces, square footage is calculated by multiplying length x width. However, the formula for square footage can change depending on the shape. For example, the formula for the square footage of a circle is Area (ft2) = Pi x (Diameter/2)^2 and the formula for the square footage of a triangle is Area (ft2) = (1/4) x square root [ (a+b+c) x (b+c-a) x (c+a-b) x (a+b-c) ].

How Do You Calculate Square Footage Of An Entire House? 

Since many homes are shaped like squares or rectangles, the square footage calculation is straightforward. But if your house has an odd or complex shape, you can break the shape down into smaller squares, rectangles and triangles, find their square footage, and then add them together. 

Do Unfinished Rooms Like Basements And Attics Count Toward Total Square Footage?

Unfinished basements and attics should not be included in a house’s total square footage. But if an attic or loft space is finished and accessible by stairs, it can be counted. 

Does A Finished Basement Count Toward Total Square Footage?

Even if a basement is finished, its area should not be added as part of a house’s total square footage. Any part of a home that falls even partially below ground level should not be included in the total square footage. 

Does A Garage Count Toward Total Square Footage?

Garages should not be included in the calculation of total square footage. But in the case that a house has an attached garage, the shared wall will act as the outside wall of the house when determining square footage. 

Why Does Ceiling Height Matter In Determining Square Footage?

While you’re not finding the three-dimensional area of a room, your ceiling does need to be a certain height to be included in a house’s square footage. Because of this, crawl spaces cannot be included. 

Why Do Painters Base Their Price On Square Footage? 

Painters base their price on square footage because measuring square footage helps to estimate the amount of paint and other materials required, plus time involved in the project.

Why Is Square Footage Important For Flooring Installation? 

Accurately calculating square footage will allow you to find out how much different flooring options will cost. It’s important you buy 10% – 20% more flooring than the square footage to cover any accidental mishaps in calculation. 

How Much Does Square Footage Affect Appraisal?

Square footage affects home value to a point, but it still has its limitations. For example, the calculation of a home’s square footage in a tax assessment can sometimes differ from an appraiser’s square footage calculation. This could happen if the appraiser uses an estimation method or if an error of communication occurs. Nonetheless, it’s not uncommon to see discrepancies between your square footage calculation and an appraiser’s square footage calculation.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully you’ve learned more about square footage and can now use our calculator to estimate space in your home. To learn more about home appraisal and determine the value of your home, use our home value estimator.

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