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Storage Solutions For Every Room In Your Home

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December 07, 2021

No one likes a cluttered house. But sometimes it can be hard to keep your home well-organized and ensure your belongings are properly stored. As you prepare for spring cleaning this year, you may be overwhelmed by each chore that sits on your to-do list. Instead of letting your clutter cause frustration, take control of your items and implement new storage solutions throughout your home.

Entryway Storage Solutions

While your entryway may not be the most expected place in your home for clutter, it’s generally the first space guests see upon entering your home. Consider implementing a few useful storage solutions in your home’s entryway to make sure a tidy space is the first thing your guests see.

Coat and Shoe Racks

If your entryway is known to pile up with shoes and outerwear every time someone walks through the door, think about getting a coat rack and shoe rack. Designating a square-foot-conscious area to store shoes and coats in your entryway can help keep belongings properly stored and out of the way, even if you don’t have a front hall closet.

Make Smart Use Of Your Hall Closet

If you do have a front hall closet, use it wisely to make the most out of your entryway storage. Instead of just using it to hang coats, create a smart layout to maximize the space from the ground to the ceiling. You can use wall hooks to hang purses and coats, cubbies to store shoes and baskets for other items like hats and gloves.

Storage Bench

A storage bench is the perfect multipurpose piece for an entryway. It will give your kids a place to sit down and take their shoes off, but it will also double as a place to store miscellaneous items like shoes, blankets, hats, gloves and even dog toys.

Mirrors With Shelves

On your way inside, you might also need a place to drop off little everyday items like your keys, wallet, sunglasses or lip balm. An entryway mirror with an attached shelf is the perfect place to keep these items in an accessible, easy-to-remember place without contributing to the surrounding clutter in the rest of your living space. Just grab your goods, glimpse in the mirror and go!

Living Room Storage Solutions

Since your living room is a space that you and your loved ones are likely to spend a significant portion of time in, it’s important to find proper storage items that belong in that space so you won’t have things sitting out all the time.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture is all the rage lately, making it easier to not only furnish your home with pieces that look good but also aid your storage goals. Many pieces of furniture come with built-in storage nowadays, including couches, ottomans and coffee tables. Incorporating these into your home can help you keep your space clear with more ease.

Built-In Cabinets

Built-in cabinets are another storage hack that add to the aesthetic of your home while creating more storage space. If you’re looking for living room storage solutions, it’s important to remember to utilize all the space your room has to offer from top to bottom. Homeowners love built-in cabinets because they can be strategically placed so they won’t take up extra room in the living room.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

As part of your basic kitchen maintenance, it’s important to employ some simple storage tricks in your kitchen to keep things organized and clean. Keep these ideas in mind when creating your kitchen organization plan.

Hooks And Hanging Racks

Utilizing hooks and hanging racks in your kitchen can help you maximize storage space and add more life to your kitchen walls. You can use hooks and hanging racks for overhead storage of things like pots, pans, colanders and larger cooking utensils. This will free up cabinet space for additional kitchen storage without taking up excess space elsewhere in functional areas of your kitchen.

Over-The-Sink Shelf

Another way to maximize storage space in your kitchen is by installing an over-the-sink shelf. Small, portable over-the-sink shelves and drying racks can provide extra space for storing kitchen items without taking up precious counter, cabinet and drawer space.

Sliding Pantry

If you have a gap between your refrigerator and the wall, make that space useful by installing thin shelving and a door. A sliding pantry is an easy DIY project, and the perfect place for extra storage of canned and jarred goods. 

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep your bathroom orderly and as spa-like as possible, especially if you’re sharing it with other people. Hopefully these storage hacks will help you keep your bathroom as peaceful and pristine as possible.

Shower Caddies

While they might take you back to your college days, using a shower caddy can help you maximize storage in your bathroom. Over-the-shower-head caddies and organizers can help free up shelf space in your shower and allow you to fit more of your necessities in the stall.

Toiletry Bins

If you’re like me, you have many toiletries that serve a variety of purposes. Consider putting your toiletries in bins labeled either by category or by function, and storing them either under the bathroom sink or in your linen closet. This will help you keep your toiletries more organized and prevent them from overtaking your counter space.

Bar Carts

If you’re looking for a more aesthetically appealing storage solution for your bathroom, consider taking it to the next level and get a bar cart. Stationing a bar cart in the corner of your bathroom can provide additional shelving and storage options for your toiletries while contributing to your bathroom’s decoration.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

There are several ways to expand the amount of storage in your bedroom. Read on to find which storage solution is best for you.

Bed Frames With Drawers

Purchasing a bed frame that has built-in drawers is an easy way to add extra storage in your bedroom. This simple storage hack can be extremely helpful if you need more space for your clothes, extra bedding, cosmetic tools or any other miscellaneous items.

Bed Risers

You can also free up extra space under your bed by using bed risers. Bed risers can help to lift your bed frame and provide additional under-the-bed storage space. To increase the number of things you can store under your bed, use vacuum-sealed bags.

Door And Wall Hooks

Even something as simple as door and wall hooks can help you free up storage space in your bedroom. Just use an adhesive door or wall hook to add a much-needed storage spot in your room for things like coats, scarves, hats and bags.

Garage Storage Solutions

There are several ways you can store items in your garage efficiently so that it’s still a functional space and doesn’t end up feeling like a catch-all room for the odds and ends needing to be stored in your home. Here’s how to maximize space in your garage:

Shelving Units

An easy way to add more storage in your garage is by lining your garage walls with wire shelving units. Shelving units can be an effective way to store a significant number of items without those items overtaking the bulk of your free garage space.


If your garage is a space where you or a loved one works on a lot of projects, setting up a designated workstation can help keep things organized and make your garage less cluttered. When creating this hands-on spot, make sure the workstation has enough baskets and drawers to properly store tools and other appliances.

Joist Shelving

Another way to free up space in your garage is by installing joist shelving. Installing shelves that hang from your ceiling so you can store items in between overhead joists in your garage can be an extremely effective way to save space.

Closet Storage Solutions

Closets are commonly used as places to store all of your extra stuff in a cluttered heap, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a mess. There are many ways to optimize your closets as efficient storage spaces.

Hanging Organizers

Hanging organizers are a simple way to create space inside your closet. Hang items like shoes, clothes and accessories inside the organizer to improve the organization of your closet and make room for more items to be stored.

Closet Extenders

If you haven’t heard of closet extenders, they are a useful tool that attach to a hanger rod and lengthen the rod, allowing you to layer more clothing. This storage hack is an easy way to add extra space for clothes that might not otherwise fit in your closet.

Totes, Baskets, and Bins

Maximizing extra space above or below your closet is another easy storage solution. Just choose a tote, basket or bin and store it on top of overhead shelving or on the floor of your closet.

Clothing Racks

If your closet is simply too tiny to fit all of your clothes, building an external clothing rack can be an easy fix that won’t take up too much additional space in your room. Depending on the theme of your bedroom, a clothing rack can also add extra ambiance and flair to the room while showing off your wardrobe.

Storage Solutions For Messy Drawers

Drawers are one of the easiest areas of a living space to have become cluttered or crammed full of a random assortment of objects. But thankfully, there are many ways to improve their effectiveness as spaces for storage all around your home.

Drawer Organizers

To keep your drawers from looking like a tornado occurred inside, consider getting drawer organizers. Whether it’s a drawer for silverware, desk supplies or random junk, drawer organizer inserts can help ensure that things stay in their proper places and don’t get lost or misplaced as easily.

Rolling Your Clothes

While this isn’t a tangible item to aid you with storage, there are numerous YouTube tutorial videos explaining how to roll your clothes to maximize space inside your drawer. Not only is this a new fad, but it is also a tactic that can help to free up ample space in dresser drawers. Take a look online and give it a try!

Other Storage Ideas

You will always have the odd, hard-to-store items in your home that you aren’t sure what to do with. But these are a few tips for how to keep these items stored in a tidy and organized way.

DIY Storage

Some hard-to-store items might require DIY storage solutions in your home. Some DIY storage solutions can include creating custom shelves, finding clever ways to use hooks and repurposing household items for storage. We will talk more about DIY storage containers later!

Children’s Toys

It’s easy for kids to take over the house with their toys. But there are many ways to discreetly store your kids’ toys so it doesn’t look like a scene out of a Disney Channel movie. Consider getting labeled bins, chests that double as benches, or cubbies for this purpose.

Holiday Decor

Storing holiday decor and seasonal items can be easy if you know how to do it right. Make sure you put these items in well-labeled, moisture-resistant bags or tubs in your attic, basement or garage. You can also use specific types of storage containers for more specific decor items like ornaments, string lights and artificial wreaths.

Cleaning Supplies

Organizing your cleaning supplies in places like your kitchen, bathroom or mudroom is another storage hack that will help you when it comes time to clean or declutter other rooms in your house. You can easily keep these rooms organized by getting portable caddies for under sinks, labeled bins to also go under the sink or in closets, and hooks or racks on walls out of the way of the main action room.

Unused Storage Containers

Get creative and repurpose old storage containers you already have and use them in unexpected, useful ways. You can hang shoe organizers to store cords and chargers in your garage, use empty glass jars to store kitchen essentials or detergent pods in your laundry room, or use old crates as baskets for blankets, candles or other odd items lying around.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully by now you’re ready to implement some storage solutions into your home! Whether you’re ready to embark on a new DIY project or you’re just reorganizing, implementing these ideas can help you store more items and maximize space inside your home. If you’re still looking for more inspiration, explore the Homeowner Tips section of the Rocket HomesSM blog for more ideas!

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