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Summer Home Decor Trends For 2022

Morgan McBride7-minute read
July 12, 2022

Decorating your home is a lot of fun, and it can be even more fun to mix up your home’s decor for the different seasons. Summertime is all about sunshine, warm weather and being outdoors. Adding summer home decor to your space is a great way to get a summer home feel. 

When transitioning from early spring to the heat of summer, are you unsure how to decorate your home? Use this guide to spark your inspiration and learn about some of the best home decor ideas.

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13 Summer Decorating Ideas For Your Home’s Interior

There are numerous ways that you can decorate the inside of your home for summer, regardless of your home decor style. Between accent walls, summer inspired colors and tiling options, there’s no limit to how your home can be customized during the warmer months.

Add Summery, Floral, Vibrant Or Bold Colors

Incorporating warm and vibrant colors into your interior design can help to create a summer look. If your home has neutral colored walls, it is easy to add a pop of bold colors to a room with throw pillows, curtains and small accessories. You can even consider swapping out art or photographs to images of blue beaches, green forests or purple gardens for a seasonal look to your home color palette.

Make An Accent Wall

Temporary accent walls are a bold, but effective way to decorate for the seasons. Placing it in a high traffic area like the living room or entry way will also ensure any gatherings are easily themed. Wallpaper is definitely trending and choosing a print with a summer inspired color scheme or pattern can be a great way to bring the season into your home. For a temporary look, you can use peel-and-stick wallpaper that will easily come down at the end of the season. Just be sure to patch test before trying the entire wall.

If you prefer solid colors, consider painting just one wall in your room a bright, summer color. This type of color blocking is really having a moment and is a great way to make your room feel trendy and cheerful.

Use Textured Textiles

Bohemian style continues in home decor as textured and embellished textiles are still on-trend for summer. This globally inspired trend is artistic and homey, giving a unique touch to your wall art or throws. Even if you prefer a neutral color scheme, textured fabrics like linen or ribbed cotton will add interest to your decor even if it is monochromatic.

Add Blue Or Green Color Tones

Blue and green colors are really having a moment. When choosing accent colors, blues and greens are easy choices. They are versatile and flattering to numerous decor styles. If you like a bold color palette, choose bright shades like emerald or sapphire. If you prefer something more earthy or neutral, choose colors with muted gray undertones to keep them from feeling overwhelming. Both of these colors are perfect for accent decor or to paint a whole room in your home!

Include Warm Metallics

As colors move from cold neutrals to warmer pigments, metal finishes are also experiencing a warmer transition. For example, while nickel and chrome reigned supreme in winter, summer is making way for brass, gold and rose gold. Think beyond the fixtures. You can bring in metallic finishes with picture frames on the coffee table, accent lamps in the bedroom, or hardware on furniture and cabinets in the kitchen.

Create Floating Fixtures Or Vertical Gardening Inside

Think vertically when decorating this summer. Adding floating shelves can be the perfect opportunity to create a simple vertical garden. Potted plants with trailing vines will love being mounted and hanging plants as wall decor is a great way to draw the eye upward.

This trend is especially popular in cramped bathrooms, as raising up bulky items from the floor can actually open up a small room and give the illusion of a larger room. But don’t stop at the bathroom; incorporate floating shelving and storage in your living spaces to open up room to move around more freely.

Use Light And Airy Fabrics

Put away the heavy curtains and thick throws. Using light and airy fabrics in interior design can help to create a summer look. Silk, sheer fabric and light gauze are great options. These fabrics can be used in various ways such as curtains, window treatments, throw blankets and pillows.

Add Bold Tiles To The Bathroom Or Kitchen

If you are renovating, consider adding a bright and bold tile to your kitchen or bathroom. Tiles can be a summer inspired shade or have an interesting shape or layout. Interesting tile is a great way to contrast more neutral choices for cabinets or countertops and is easier to change out down the line.

Include Lilac Colors

With its inviting hue and call back to nature, lilac is another color that is really trending. Lilac might be a bit much on the walls, but is perfect as an accent color in artwork, rugs, pillows and smaller decor. Or even bring in real lilac flowers in a vase. Try to bring at least three pieces of lilac into a room to make it really stand out as a strong accent color.

Create Color Blocking

Color blocking means pairing two bold colors together, usually with a very sharp line between them. This is a bold look but one that is very popular at the moment. The easiest way to color block is by painting the wall two different colors. Try to put the line at the ⅓ or ⅔ mark – thirds are very agreeable to the eye and tend to look nicer than dividing something in half.

Include Natural Elements

Natural elements have been popular for home decor even before summer and aren’t going anywhere any time soon. House plants, fresh summer flowers and greenery, and natural twigs or branches are all great decor to get this vibe. Longer lasting elements such as stone, raw wood or wicker are also great ways to bring the natural look into your space.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

Creating an outdoor vibe inside a home can add a unique, summery feel to your interior design. If you have an outdoor living or dining area, try to keep the color schemes and general vibe cohesive for the perfect indoor-outdoor flow. Houseplants will of course bring an outdoor feel in, but you can also decorate with elements that are traditionally used on porches or patios including string lights, lanterns and even a hanging swing chair. Think outside the box and have a little fun when creating this natural style indoors.

Let In The Natural Light

Summer is sunny – let that light shine indoors! Natural light not only brightens the mood it also has a different color then most artificial light sources. Anything it touches will immediately have a new look to it. Remove any heavy window treatments and open the blinds whenever possible. If you have furniture blocking windows, scoot it to the side to open up the space. Really let the light in.

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5 Summer Decor Ideas To Use For Your Home’s Exterior

Don’t forget to bring the summer decorations to the exterior of your home. Here are outdoor home decor ideas for summer!

Add A Summer Wreath To The Front Door

Adding a summer wreath to the front door can easily add a seasonally appropriate look to the exterior of the home. If you are using pops of color inside, mimic that color palette on the wreath. Pair it with a fresh doormat for a perfectly seasonal greeting for houseguests.

Install Outdoor Lights

Summertime means more time spent in the backyard. Light up your yard with outdoor lighting. You can add uplighting to the front of your home or to landscaping. String lights zig zagged across the yard add an instant party aesthetic. Finally, consider picking up some battery powered outdoor candles to place in lanterns for twilight.

Paint The Door A Bright Color

Painting the door a vivid color can not only add summer look to the exterior of your home but also make a bold statement. Consider bright colors like green, yellow, orange or pink. There are tons of paint color trends to help you find the perfect seasonal shade.

Spruce Up The Outdoor Space

If you have existing outdoor furniture, you could consider giving it a bit of TLC. This could mean power washing rugs and furniture and wiping everything very clean. It also could mean replacing worn throw pillows with something in your new favorite bright summer color. A few new potted plants can go a long way towards breathing life into your patio, too.

Create A Dream Garden

No patio, no problem. Many homeowners are now adding furniture, lighting and accessories to their garden. Choose a flat area and add a dining table or more cozy seating. Select taller and denser plants to put around the new seating area to give it a real secret garden feeling to it.

Why Should You Change Your Home Decor For The Summer?

The start of summer means long, hot days. It can feel good to update your home to reflect the season. Using light and airy fabrics, letting the light shine in, and bringing outdoor elements into your home are all great ways to capture the feeling of summertime inside your home.

How To Find Summer Decorations For Your Home

Summer decorations are really easy to find in the right season. Big box stores, hardware stores and home decor stores will all have seasonal options for you. Online boutiques or craft stores will also have more unique options if you’re looking for a specific theme. If you’re the sort to really plan ahead, shopping near the end of the season for discounted items can help you save money and be ready for next summer.

The Bottom Line

Decorating your home for summer is a fun way to lean into the season and breathe a breath of fresh air into your space. Focus on natural elements, bright colors and letting the light shine in for perfect summer vibes. Keep reading to learn how to get your home ready for summer.

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Morgan McBride

Morgan McBride is a DIY-lover and home decor enthusiast living in Charleston, South Carolina. She has been blogging at CharlestonCrafted.com alongside her husband since 2012, where they empower their readers to craft their current home into their dream home through the power of DIY.