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Morgan McBrideDecember 13, 2019

Wallpaper is a trend that’s back in a big way. However, it’s not the same wallpaper that was popular in the past. If you are going to commit to wallpaper in your home, you want to make sure you’re selecting a pattern that’s on trend. Consider using wallpaper on just accent wall and choosing a corresponding color for the other walls instead of wallpaper all the way around.

Here are the top wallpaper trends for 2020.

Aztec Prints

Aztec prints are modern and geometric in nature. They usually involve two bold colors and diagonal lines. The patterns often repeat continuously and appear busy close-up but create a larger pattern from farther away. The colors are typically moody  – such as rust, mossy green, or deep black. Aztec print wallpaper pairs well with homes decorated in a modern or eclectic style.

According to David Ewart of home decor store Pavilion Broadway, “using Aztec print wallpaper for a feature wall is a particularly attractive option if you don’t want to overdo it on the pattern matching in your home space.”

Aztec prints bring in a variety of patterns at once and therefore should be the focal point of your space.

Shop Aztec wallpaper:

●     Marigold Wallpaper by Mitchell Black, $59

●     Isobar Wallpaper by Roostery, $180

Mini Floral Patterns

Small-print, detailed patterns are very popular in wallpaper. Jeneva Aaron, founder of the House Wire, explains, “small prints create the illusion of depth and make a room feel bigger.” These small repeating patterns are playful and interesting to the eye.

When decorating using a small-patterned wallpaper, steer away from too many other small, repeating patterns in the room. Pair it with solids or larger-scale patterns to keep the look from getting overwhelming. Mini floral patterns pair well with homes decorated in a traditional or feminine style.

Shop small-print floral wallpaper:

●     Sylvia Wallpaper by Anthropologie, $158

●     Whimsical Floral Wallpaper by Urban Outfitters, $49

Leaf Prints And Greenery

Houseplants are a look that’s here to stay, especially with homes decorated in a boho style. But, houseplants can also infiltrate the rest of your home. A leaf print wallpaper is a great way to bring the feeling of the outdoors inside, even in a dark, windowless room.

When selecting leaf print wallpaper, look for designs with muted colors and softer lines. This look feels more modern than the bold, geometric leaves that were trending a few years back. Look for larger-scale patterns if you want a bigger impact or smaller leaves if you want a more subtle, repeating pattern.

Shop leaf print wallpapers:

●     Wallshoppe Tropical Wallpaper by West Elm, $59

●     Rainforest Wallpaper by Anthropologie, $98


Murals are trending in a big way. However, commissioning a custom mural can be astronomically expensive. Therefore, mural-style wallpaper has been trending as a way to get the look on a budget.

According to Sherri Monte, a Seattle-based interior designer at Elegant Simplicity, murals “can easily capture a mood or theme from floor to ceiling and command your attention as a captivating focal point in any room.”

They are an interesting way to let a wall really be the star of the room.

Murals come in nearly any design style. However, they pair best with rooms that are otherwise simply decorated. The wall with the mural on it will need to be fairly open in order for the full design to be exposed. For these reasons, murals often work best in larger or sparser rooms.

Shop mural wallpaper:

●     The Dream by Rousseau Wall Mural, $3.90/ft

●     Landscape Mural Wallpaper, Platinum by West Elm, $349

Hand-Drawn Designs

Another trend in wallpaper is a design that looks hand-painted or drawn. According to Teri Moore, of T. Moore Home, “my design clients are moving away from crisp, geometric patterns in favor of prints that look hand-drawn or painted.”

Common styles of hand-drawn designs include a watercolor look. This style features soft brushstrokes that really look high-end.

These hand-painted designs look less stark and feel more like a painting directly on the wall. This style might be incorporated into a mural-like design or be used on more traditional style wallpaper, too. Hand-drawn designs work really well in modern and eclectic style homes.

Shop hand drawn wallpaper:

●      Drop It MODERN Femme Wallpaper, Black/White by West Elm, $117

●      Watercolor Stripes Wallpaper, Rainstorm Blue by West Elm, $149

I hope that you can see how many of these looks can go together. Florals might look hand-painted, a mural might feature greenery and leaves. Don’t be afraid to combine trends to find a look that perfectly suits your home’s style.

Wallpaper can be a scary commitment to make. Be sure that the prints that you select are on trend so you won’t be regretting the time and cost it takes to install them.

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