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15 Wallpaper Design Ideas To Revitalize Your Home Style In 2022

Morgan McBride5-Minute Read
December 16, 2021

Wallpaper is a trend that’s back in a big way, and honestly, it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s not the same wallpaper that was popular in the past, though. If you’re going to commit to wallpaper in your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re selecting a pattern that’s on trend, but also fits in with the current decor in your home. There are many wallpaper designs to choose from and something for every style.

If you’ve been seeking to spruce up the interior design of your home with some new wallpaper designs, look no more. Here are the top wallpaper trends for 2022.

1. Geometric Prints

Circle Mirror on Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric print wallpaper is a great option for modern homes. These bold prints come in bright colors and neutrals, so there’s an option for you no matter your design style. The patterns often repeat continuously and appear busy close-up, but create a larger pattern from farther away.

If you go for a geometric print wallpaper, it should be the focal point of your space. Try putting these wallpaper designs in your living room with just the couch up against the wall; the accent wall will shine through the whole area.

2. Mural-Style Wallpaper

Floral Mural Style Wallpaper Trend

Murals are trending in a big way. However, commissioning a custom mural can be astronomically expensive. Therefore, mural-style wallpaper has been trending as a way to get the look on a budget.

According to Sherri Monte, a Seattle-based interior designer at Elegant Simplicity, murals “can easily capture a mood or theme from floor to ceiling and command your attention as a captivating focal point in any room.” Channel your own interior designer by giving your room a facelift with mural wallpaper, an interesting way to let a wall really be the star of the room.

Murals come in nearly any design style; however, they pair best with rooms that are otherwise simply decorated. The mural wall will need to be fairly open in order for the full design to be exposed. For these reasons, murals often work best in larger or sparser rooms, like less-crowded dining rooms.

3. Mini Patterns

pink, velvet sofa, in front of lastrico wall in a living room interior

Small-print, detailed patterns are very popular in wallpaper. They often consist of tiny dots, dashes, or miniature floral prints. “Small prints create the illusion of depth and make a room feel better,” explains Jeneva Aaron, founder of the House Wire. These small, repeating patterns are playful and interesting to the eye.

When decorating using a small-patterned wallpaper, steer away from too many other small, repeating patterns in the room. Pair the wallpaper with solids or larger-scale patterns to keep the look from getting overwhelming. Floral wallpaper has been an ongoing trend for years and pairs well with homes decorated in a traditional or feminine style.

4. Leaf Prints And Greenery

Bedroom Wall With Forest Wallpaper

Houseplants are a trend that’s here to stay, especially in homes decorated with a boho style. But houseplants require a lot of care and the right conditions. A leaf-print wallpaper is a great way to bring the feeling of the outdoors inside – even in a dark, windowless room.

When selecting leaf-print wallpaper, look for designs with muted colors and softer lines. This look feels more modern than the bold, geometric leaves that were trending a few years back. Look for larger-scale patterns if you want a bigger impact or smaller leaves if you want a more subtle, repeating pattern.

5. Intricate Patterns

Intricate Patterned Wall Paper Design in Dining Room

If you like a soft or romantic look in your home, consider an intricate patterned wallpaper. These papers usually include designs made up of lots of thin, curving lines and swirls. They might be only two colors or they could include many colors within the pattern.

Intricate patterned wallpapers are especially popular with the Grand Millennial style of home decor. If you are going for this look, pair the patterned wallpaper with other similarly busy patterns in the same color scheme. Pattern-on-pattern can be a lot - but the “more is more” philosophy is at the heart of Grand Millennial style!

6. Modern Wallpaper Designs

Living Room With Mountain Range Wallpaper

If you have a modern home decor style, consider a modern wallpaper design. Modern wallpaper is usually limited to two to three colors - often different shades of the same color. It includes large scale patterns that are usually abstract - wavy lines, bold scallops, or even a marbled look.

Modern wallpaper often has the look of texture from a distance. It could read as grasscloth, brick, or even stone. Maintaining the simple color scheme and textured feel is what really gives this wallpaper its modern look.

7. Vibrant Stripes

Striped Wallpaper Design

Bold stripes are a classic wallpaper look. Striped wallpaper adds an instant preppy or nautical look to a space. Thin, vertical stripes are a more traditional look, while wide, horizontal stripes are a modern take. You can find stripes that are textured as well, with metallic or glossy stripes in addition to multiple stripe colors.

For a softer look, go for stripes without much contrast between the stripe colors. You can also find stripes that have dashed lines instead of solid lines between the colors, which helps to soften this bold look.

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8. Bold Colors

Bold Color Wallpaper

Adding bold colors is a way to really make an impact in a space. If you want to create a true focal wall, bold colored wallpaper is a sure way to do that. You can choose a wallpaper that is one bold color – such as a solid, textured paper – or a patterned wallpaper with a lot of colors in it.

If you choose to use many bold colors, consider-keeping the rest of the walls in the room neutral and picking up some of the bold color from the wallpaper in accents like throw pillows or as a secondary color in the rugs. If you choose a wallpaper with one bold color, layer tone-on-tone texture in that color in the space to add dimension without adding lots of shades of colors.

9. Ombre Shading

Ombre Wallpaper Design Idea

Ombre is a look where a color fades gradually from very dark to very light. In wallpaper, it is often done in a watercolor look. This is a gorgeous style of wallpaper to use in a room you want to feel delicate and bright, such as a nursery. It is a modern way to feature pastel colors without it feeling dated.

You can choose an ombre wallpaper that will go from wall to wall, or choose one that fades the color in and out in a striped pattern. Ombre patterns also look great on wallpaper with a slight texture, such as a grasscloth paper.

10. Ceiling Designs

Celiing Wallpaper Idea

Adding wallpaper to the ceiling is an unexpected look but one that has been really trendy lately. Wallpapered ceilings can work in any room, from a small powder room to the tray ceiling of a large owner’s suite.

For a simple look, go with a white wallpaper. This will blend in with your traditional ceilings, but having a white pattern or texture will still provide a lot of interest. If you want your ceiling to be the focal point, you can wallpaper it with a bold color. If you go this route, stick with a simple solid color paint for the walls.

11. Dark Hues

Dark Hued Wallpaper Trend

Dark colored walls are really on trend at the moment. They add a cozy feel to any space. For this reason, dark colored wallpaper is trending, too. Dark prints look especially good in smaller rooms – consider running them on the walls and onto the ceiling for a really bold look.

Black or deep jewel-toned walls lend themselves to a modern style of home. Dark walls make a great backdrop, and sticking to simple patterns and textured looks allows you to accent with large framed art, for a really modern look. 

12. Traditional Prints

Traditional Wallpaper in bedroom

Traditional printed wallpapers will never go out of style and provide a timeless look. Timeless prints include simple florals, thin stripes, and paisley prints. Simple dotted or dashed patterns are very timeless, as well.

For a traditional look, wallpaper should be only one or two colors. Neutral colors are going to be more timeless compared to bold color schemes. When choosing a neutral wallpaper, be sure to note the undertones of the color – warm or cool – and choose a color with undertones that mesh well with the undertones in the rest of your decor.

13. Rustic Textures

If you want to bring texture into your home without bringing in any additional colors, you can still incorporate wallpaper into your space. Rustic textured wallpaper is usually a neutral beige to brown color and is either designed to look textured or actually has a touchable texture.

This look can include grasscloth, brick, wood, or leather-style wallpapers. They often have a crinkled, wrinkled, or hand painted look. Neutral textured wallpapers work in many home styles and can give your walls the look of having interesting architectural elements – even if it’s just modern drywall. 

14. Multiple Patterns In The Same Room

 Mixing patterns with wall papers and throw pillows in living room

Mixing patterns can be incredibly intimidating. But, if you have a maximalist style in your home decor, then you definitely will want to try multiple patterns in one room! To pull this look off seamlessly, look for patterns that have a similar style. Straight lines pair well together, or layer florals for a Grand Millennial look.

When mixing patterns, it’s usually best to have one bold pattern – on a larger scale – with the other patterns being more mini or basic such as dots or dashes. If you want to go with two bold patterns, just be sure that they repeat a lot of the same colors and have similar styles so they flow together seamlessly.

15. Hand-Drawn Art

Hand Drawn Modern Custom Wallpaper

The Bottom Line: Find The Right Wallpaper Design For Your Style

By now, you can see that there are many different wallpaper designs that can fit in your home to match your specific style and make for a perfect accent wall. Florals might look hand-painted, a mural might feature greenery and leaves. Don’t be afraid to combine trends to find a look that perfectly suits your home’s style and vibe. If you’re feeling stuck on choosing a wallpaper design, don’t worry – you can just design your own.

Wallpaper can be a scary commitment to make, but with more removable wallpaper options available, going forward can be a little less intimidating. Be sure that the prints you select are on trend for 2022 so you won’t be regretting the time and cost it takes to install them. For more ways to bring your accent wall vision to life, read our guide on accent wall ideas and tips.

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