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Unique Home Decor Ideas To Spice Up Your Space

Morgan McBride8-Minute Read
September 01, 2022

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Decorating your home is an extremely personal process. It can be so tempting to copy a spread straight out of a catalog. Ordering the whole set would be super easy. However, what’s most important when decorating is to curate a home aesthetic that is distinctly “you.” Home decor trends come and go, but having a space that reflects your personal style will make you the happiest of all.

Sources Of Inspiration

It can be hard to come up with ideas for unique home decor out of thin air. There are a few places that you can look to as inspirational starting points for choosing unique decor for your home.

Pantone’s Color Of The Year

The Pantone Color Institute™ provides color standards that are followed by brands and companies around the world. In addition to setting physical color specifications, Pantone also predicts color trends based on historical and current data.

Each fall, Pantone names a color of the year for the next year. This Color of the Year is a great place to get inspiration on current trends. The color often works great for accents – accessories such as throw pillows or wall art – that can be swapped in and out to stay on trend year after year. This is great because you can keep your overall style and still work in the trendy aspects each year.


Another great way to get a grasp on what’s popular in home decor is to follow what’s trending on Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual search engine full of ideas for room designs, decor schemes and DIY projects.

The easiest way to use Pinterest is to set up custom Pinterest boards for each area of your home and use them as mood boards when trying to plan each room and the decor of your home.

As you collect items in each board, you will begin to see patterns that emerge and show the styles and elements that you’re personally drawn to. Once you start to see this happen, you can begin to figure out how exactly you want to style your home.

Your Personal Interests

While trends are great, and incorporating trends is a fun way to keep your home feeling fresh and modern each year, the most important thing is that your decor style in your home reflects who you are as a unique individual.

So, make sure that you select elements that reflect you. One easy way to do this is to collect art or decor when you travel. Soon your home will be filled with happy memories and interesting conversation pieces.

You should also look for accessories that reflect you and your family’s hobbies and interests. Framed art, pillows and small accessories can make subtle or obvious nods to your passions. Adding personalized elements like these will make your home feel more special and unique.

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Unique Decor Ideas For Every Room

The idea of redecorating your entire home can sound overwhelming – and expensive. However, you don’t need to do a full gut job to give your space a new aesthetic. There are aspects of your home that you can swap out in any given room for more unique-looking options.

Light Fixtures

Generic lighting can make a home feel boring. Changing a light fixture can be scary, but adding new lighting is actually an easy DIY project. If you pick a few new lights at once, you can hire an electrician to switch them out at one time and get a better bang for your buck.

To make lighting feel special, think beyond the overhead lights. Table lamps, sconces, candle holders and wooden lanterns with touch lamps add light in an interesting way. Try to have multiple sources of light in each room for a more cozy and welcoming feel.

Area Rugs

Adding a rug to a room has a ton of benefits. Area rugs help to define areas of a room – especially in cavernous, open concept homes. Rugs also soften the floor and make a space feel more comfortable and inviting.

Colorful or patterned rugs are a wonderful way to add interest and personality to your space. Be sure to pick something that is cohesive with your home, but can still stand out and be the star of a room.

Color not your thing? That’s OK, too. Rugs are a fantastic way to add texture to a space. Consider color-matching the large furniture or walls of your home, but adding an interesting texture that doesn’t exist otherwise in your space.

Shelf Adornments

A great way to show your personality through your decor is through decorating shelves. Adding floating or built-in shelves is a fantastic way to open your room up to interesting and unique decor.

There are countless ways to decorate shelves. Try to focus on a few larger items rather than tons of tiny things in order to keep spaces from feeling too cluttered. If you need to store a lot of smaller items, consider placing them in an attractive bin or basket on the shelf.

Some unique decor that you can display on shelves include items you’ve collected in your travels, family heirlooms, an array of house plants, your favorite records or books, or anything that makes your smile. Keep the color scheme of your space in mind and try to keep things loosely cohesive, but everything doesn’t need to all match exactly. You want a collected-over-time look.

Unique Wall Decor

One of the easiest ways to display unique decor in your home is on the walls. Your walls are such a blank canvas – hanging art, photography and even textured items can really make your personality, and home, shine.

Prints From Local Artists

A great way to get artwork that is unique to the area where you live is to shop for art made by local artists. You can shop street fairs, craft fairs, or locally owned small businesses to discover new artists. Shopping with up-and-coming artists in mind will often give you the most unique pieces, and the best prices on handmade pieces. They also could increase in value if the artist gains notoriety.

Your Own Photography

If you want extremely unique art for your walls, then frame your own photos! Even if you don’t have a fancy camera, phone cameras have become very high quality and the photos print out very well, even large sizes.

When hanging pictures, go for larger sizes to make more of an impact. Or, group similar photos together to form a gallery wall.

Some ideas beyond your traditional family photos include landscape photos from vacations, candids of pets, or shots of your favorite buildings around town.

Your Child’s Artwork

Many people with kids want to display their little artist’s work at home. There’s nothing more unique than your child’s handmade art! You could curate a gallery wall and display framed artwork from your children that you can rotate out as they create more.

Your Own Artwork

You might be thinking that you aren’t artistic. You don’t have to be an artist to create art for your home. For best results, go for something large and modern. Pick a few colors that coordinate with your decor and have fun with it! You can even think beyond an ordinary canvas and paint a piece of wood. You might be surprised at how much you like the results!

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DIY Home Decor

Another way to decorate your home in a way that you can guarantee is unique (as well as affordable) is to create the decor yourself. Do-it-yourself doesn’t have to be overwhelming – pick one project at a time and you’ll soon be impressed with what you’re able to create!

Upcycled Pieces

One of the best and easiest ways to make a unique piece of furniture is by updating an old piece to reflect your personality. You can turn something completely random into something else – like turning a cutting board and a chair into a side table. You could use a small vintage suitcase as the top for a new side table, using old mason jars as vases or bulb covers in lighting fixtures, or build shelves out of old crates.

Painting Furniture

Another way to customize furniture is by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Paint is very cheap and you don’t need any special skills to apply it. Plus, paint comes in every color you can imagine. Paint an old piece that’s already in your space, or something that you pick up from a thrift store, and infuse a totally new look into your home.


Macrame is a huge trend right now. This woven rope art looks complicated, but all you need is a YouTube video to get you started. Making your own wall hangings or plant holders can add a unique touch to your space that you can feel more connected to since it’s your own creation. Macrame is an excellent option for those who want to add texture and interest to their space without adding tons of new colors.

Ceramics Or Pottery

Want to really get creative? Take a pottery class! You’ll have a great time and you’ll come home with decorative bowls, plates, or vases to use to decorate your home. And you are guaranteed that no one will have the same piece!

Best Places To Shop For Unique Home Decor

You can find unique home decor anywhere. Whether you prefer to shop in-person or online, there are tons of options for your shopping adventure to complete the look of your space.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a fantastic place to shop for affordable home decor. It’s important that you head into thrift stores with a loose but flexible idea of what you’re looking for. Remember, you never know what you might find! Keep your mind open for painting and upcycling opportunities. To save extra money, call around and find out if your local thrift shops have discount days on furniture or home decor.

Antique Stores

Don’t forget about antique shops! Antique shopping is a great way to find unique vintage decor. Sometimes antique shops have good deals and sometimes they’re more high-end. Costs can vary substantially depending on the store you visit and the city/neighborhood it’s in. Keep your goals in mind when picking a shop to visit!

Flea Markets

The flea market is another good way to find vintage decor and unusual items you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. You need to be willing to dig – and negotiate – but you can often find really cool things. Come with cash in hand and be sure to compare different vendors’ selections and prices before buying anything big.

Wayfair or Overstock

You might think that box stores aren’t great for finding unique decor. While these two sites are modern staples for countless home decor shoppers, they both have so much available that you’re bound to find items for your home that few others own. Look beyond the homepage and track anything that makes you think of your personal style. Be sure to add things to your cart you’re considering – these sites will often email you if items you’re following go on sale!


Etsy is a huge online marketplace for artists and independent shop owners. You can find handmade and vintage items, and so many of them are personalized or one of a kind. Be sure to follow your favorite shops so you get notifications when they add new items.

The Bottom Line

It can be scary to decorate your home. But it doesn’t have to be! Look to yourself, to your hobbies, interests, and life and let those things inspire you. Your home should be a unique expression of your individuality. Get creative with where you look for home decor this year!

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