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Weirdest Home Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

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February 01, 2021

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With so many colors, styles and items to choose from, decorating your home can seem like a monumental task. Even once you have a style in mind for your space, it might feel difficult to truly make it your own.

The secret to making your home feel like a reflection of you while still sticking to a theme is actually very simple: include things you like!

Unique decor can bring fun, color and energy to any space of any style. Adding a few quirky or interesting pieces to your rooms is an easy way to spice up your existing furniture.

Here are a few of our ideas to help you get started.

Unusual Art

Picture One: Giraffe in a Tub, Picture 2: Abstract Portrait, Picture Three: Dog Reading a Newspaper

1. Giraffe in a Tub – $24

2. “The Dream” – $33

3. Dog Reading the Newspaper – $28

Abstract or unusual art is an easy way to add a splash of color or an interesting visual to an empty wall. You could choose an art piece that really speaks to you or one that fits the mood of the room it’s displayed in.

Pieces with calming colors like gray or blue might fit perfectly in the bedroom, while pieces with bright colors like yellow can help give other spaces like the kitchen or living room a pop of energy.

You don’t even have to hang your painting up if you don’t want to. Try leaning it against a wall or placing it on a shelf for a more relaxed vibe in your space.

Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Three images of various accent peel and stick wallpaper

1. NCC Seesaw Wall Panel Peel and Stick – $162

2. Marta Barragan Camarasa Marble Peel and Stick – $125

3. Pink Mountain Wall Panel Peel and Stick – $147

If you’re someone who loves to change up the look of their space frequently (or someone who fears the commitment of real wallpaper) peel and stick wallpaper has you covered. It has an adhesive backing, so you apply it to your wall like a sticker rather than using wallpaper paste.

Try using it to create a statement wall in your living space or to spice up the boring walls of a bathroom. If you’re on a budget, you can even buy peel and stick wallpaper by the square foot, which is less expensive than a full roll design.

A Bold Rug

Vibrant living room with a teal beanbag chair and a colorful geometric design rug

Cherita Modern Bold Geometric Rug – $174

Rugs are a potentially functional and stylish option to decorate your home with. A bold or colorful rug can give your space an eye-catching focal point that ties the colors and styles of your furniture together.

Rugs with light color schemes could even make your room feel more spacious, while darker rugs can make it feel smaller and cozier.

A bold rug is a great way to add a touch of your personality to any room in your home. If bright colors or cheetah print speak to you, don’t be afraid to tie them in to your style. Bright colors and patterns can be a major game-changer to the mood of a room.

Unique Storage

Vintage laundry basket

Vintage Laundry Basket – $123

You don’t have to limit yourself to boring totes and closet shelves when storing things in your home. Try incorporating a unique method of storage into your decor.

Pieces like this vintage laundry basket add function and a unique twist to your space. You could use something like this to hold blankets, pillows or even laundry, since it is a laundry basket.

Many unexpected items could serve as both unique furniture and storage in your space. Try using a ladder as a blanket rack, or experiment with a metal pipe-based open wardrobe.

Funky Sculptures Or Figurines

Colorful dachshund sculpture on a table

Graffiti Dachshund Dog Figurine – $80

A tiny sculpture or figurine is one of the easiest ways to insert a bit of your personality in a room. A small representation of something you like – whether it’s dogs, trains or your favorite sports team – can make your home feel truly yours.

Small pieces are easy to tie into your existing style as well. Place them on a shelf, table or counter to personalize the area without having to make any major style changes to the room.

A Quirky Lamp Or Fun Lights

Image One: Neon Lamp that says "Stay Weird", Image Two: gold flamingo with lampshade, Image three: fairy lights behind the head of a bed

1. Stay Weird Neon Sign – $165

2. Fairlee Flamingo Table Lamp – $137

3. Window 320 String Lights – $40

Every room needs lighting, so why not make it fun? A unique lamp like the flamingo-inspired piece above can add a little fun to your living space without looking silly or being impractical.

Lighting can have a huge effect on our moods, so having light sources you enjoy in your space is more important than you may think. A warm light can make a space feel cozy or relaxed, while a brighter “white” light can give your space an energy boost.

If you’re looking for other unique lighting ideas for your space, try a neon sign in your living room or hang string lights to bring a starry glow to your patio, porch or indoor hangout spot.

A Secret Door

Slender wood bookcase

Alder Wood Hidden Door – $1,084

If you’re looking for something totally out of the ordinary yet hidden in plain sight, a secret bookshelf door is perfect for you.

While this option is expensive and a little out there, it has the potential to add a whole new level of wonderful weirdness to your home. It swings open on hinges like a regular door and provides some additional storage as well.

A “hidden” door can make one room of your house feel like a whole new space without making any other style changes. Whether this door leads to a secret hideout-style playroom for a child or a mysterious hidden library office is up to you. It’s your home, don’t be afraid to get creative!

An Unusual End Table

Image One: Stacked books end table, Image Two: squoval end table, Image Three: Ying and Yang faces end table

1. Montegue End Table – $195

2. Kai End Table – $144

3. Lovers in Black and White End Table – $190

An unusually shaped end table can bring some variety as well as additional surface space to your room. Small enough not to look ridiculous or out of place yet big enough to be useful as table space, these unique pieces work in almost any room.

Choose a themed table like the book stack table above to show off your love for a hobby, or try using a brightly colored table to add a splash of unexpected color to a space feeling lifeless.

Novelty Candles

Image One: llama candle, Image 2: beehive candle, image three: egg carton candle

1. World Menagerie Llama Candle – $25

2. August Grove Beehive Candle – $27

3. Biedermann and Sons Pastel Egg Candles – $31

Novelty candles are another easy way to incorporate your personality into your home’s style. Show off your favorite scents while adding a colorful knickknack to your shelf or table to bring the space to life.Novelty candles are perfect for any room of the house and come in countless designs and styles to fit the theme of your home.

Unique Dinnerware

Image one: apple dinner ware, Image two: multicolor dinnerware, image three: leaf dinnerware

1. Behr Apple 12-Piece Dinnerware Set – $70

2. Alerich 12-Piece Dinnerware Set – $50

3. Mckayla 3D Serving Bowl – $34

Colorful or unique dinnerware is a great way to spice up your kitchen. Fun shapes and colors can add fun and energy to your dining area as well as personality to your kitchen.

Apple-shaped dishes like the ones above could be used to complement a farmhouse-style kitchen with their produce-themed design. You could also consider plates with bold, solid colors to stand out and bring some color to more modern-looking kitchens.

Get Creative

These are just a few ideas to help you start filling your home with pieces and designs that make you happy. While we would advise you not to go too wild with crazy colors and patterns, don’t be afraid to showcase your uniqueness with the right pieces here and there.For more homeowner’s tips and decorating ideas, check out the Rocket HomesSM Blog.

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