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How To Get The Perfect Curb Appeal With Window Box Flowers

Morgan McBride3-minute read
August 11, 2021

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Window box flowers are a great way to add color and interest to the front of your home. If you decide to install window boxes, take a few minutes to strategically design them for the most beautiful results.

Here we’ll talk about flower box basics, how to choose the right soil or potting mix and the flowers that do best in boxes. Read on to learn more.

First Things First: The Basics Of Flower Boxes

Before you get started on planting your flowers in your window box, there’s some basic information you need to know to properly install them.

Proper Window Box Installation

First, you’ll need to properly install the window box. Note that window box planters either hang on the exterior wall brackets of your home or you might need to grab a drill if you have cedar shake or brick. Be sure that window boxes are secure before adding the weight of soil and plants.

Proper Plant Drainage

Each window box will need proper drainage for the plants. Some manufactured window boxes already have holes at the bottom for water to run out. But, if that’s not the case or you build your own, you’ll need to drill your own holes.

Adding stone, gravel or even plastic bottles at the bottom of the window box will help to ensure proper drainage. Some people also opt for a self-watering box, if the rain can’t reach the window box, to make watering easier.

Window Box DIY

Depending on what window box you buy, it might not look exactly how you want. You can give the window box a makeover by painting the box or adding decorative hardware. Most people match their window boxes with the exterior trim of the house, but you could also go with a bold accent color or a beautiful wood tone.

You’re Ready For Soil Or Potting Mix

After your window box is looking and hanging just the way you want it, it’s time for soil or a potting mix. Soil is another name for dirt. Potting mix is designed for container gardening and doesn’t include soil. It’s a mix of peat moss, pine bark, and other organic materials. Look for a potting mix designed for the type of plants you plan to grow for best results.

Fresh Potting Soil

Using fresh soil keeps the window box flowers healthy. It’s important to change the soil before replanting the flowers for each season. Over time, soil gets dried out, compacted and loses nutrients. Fresh, loosely packed soil will make for happier plants.

All-Purpose Potting Mix

Potting mix is great for growing healthy plants. It’s important to read the ingredients in potting mixes; look for a potting mix designed for the type of plants that you hope to grow for best results. Many potting mixes include fertilizer, so don’t add additional fertilizer to those.

Best Flowers For Window Boxes

For visual balance of your window box, it might be best to select a mix of different species of plants. It’s important to arrange your flowers in a few ways to get the look you’re going for. Add a mixture of different height plants to achieve an interesting, balanced look.

Vibrant And Bright Flowers

Vibrant and bright flowers can bring a pop of color to your window box.

Some examples of vibrant and bright flowers include:

  • Tulips
  • Pansies
  • Daffodils

Cascading Flowers For Window Boxes

Some people like to add cascading flowers to give off a different look to their window box flowers. Cascading flowers are also known as spiller flowers. They add a beautiful, drippy texture to any window box.

Some examples of cascading flowers include:

  • Ferns
  • Sweet Potato Vine
  • Ivy

Upright Flowers

Just like cascading flowers, upright flowers bring a different look to the window box. By adding vertical flowers, each flower you put in the window box isn’t the same height. The variety of heights really attracts the eye. Upright flowers are also known as thriller flowers and sit behind most filler flowers.

Some examples of upright flowers include:

  • Geraniums
  • Begonias
  • Petunias

Artificial Window Box Flowers

Artificial flowers are a great way to make your window box flowers look beautiful, but for a fraction of the cost. Some people add a mix of fresh flowers and artificial flowers to their window box. Artificial flowers can be swapped out seasonally and then reused year after year.

Keep Up With Proper Nutrition

Once your window box flowers are complete, you’ll still need to keep up with proper nutrition. Although the flowers may be in sunlight and might be watered by the rain, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to help them grow.

Each type of flower that you plant is different, so it’s important to research what each flower needs when it comes to fertilization, light, and moisture. Keep up with their care to keep them in top shape all season long.

The Bottom Line: Window Box Flowers Make The Perfect Addition

Window box flowers can make your home stand out in more ways than just one. Whether you’re wanting more color, more plants or just a container garden to take care of, they can make the perfect addition to a home or apartment. Read more about how to give your home more curb appeal and make it stand out.

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