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Zodiac Signs As Houses: Your Astrological Abode

Victoria Araj6-minute read
February 08, 2022

The dream home for you may be swayed by scenic views or its distance to your favorite cafe in town. However, did you know your personality can play a role in your perfect pad?

In astrology, the 12 zodiac signs were created based on the position of the sun in relation to the traveling constellations on your date of birth. Each zodiac sign embodies a certain array of personality traits and shapes your likes and dislikes.

Knowing which type of house is best for you and your one-of-a-kind personality will help you when purchasing your ideal home. Keep reading to discover what the zodiac signs as houses are and what the stars may have in store for finding your astrological abode.

Chart showing all 12 zodiac signs as different styles of houses.

Table Of Contents

Fire Signs

Aries (March 21 To April 19)

Leo (July 23 To August 22)

Sagittarius (November 22 To December 21)

Earth Signs

Taurus (April 20 To May 20)

Virgo (August 23 To September 22)

Capricorn (December 22 To January 19)

Air Signs

Gemini (May 21 To June 20)

Libra (September 23 To October 22)

Aquarius (January 20 To February 18)

Water Signs

Cancer (June 21 To July 22)

Scorpio (October 23 To November 21)

Pisces (February 19 To March 20)

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Fire Signs As Houses

Chart showing the fire zodiac signs as different housing styles.

Fire signs enjoy taking risks and need a space that lets their fiery personalities burn brightly. Learn which type of house is best for these energy-filled fire signs.

1. Aries: Ranch

Aries have a constant need to grow into new experiences, but also enjoy space all to themselves. A ranch-style home is an ideal in-between, as Aries can be part of both the bustling city life and quaint suburbia on the days they need quieter moments.

As a dominant fire sign, Aries is the leader of their own life and tends to be restless at times. Modern ranches have an open floor plan, so this sign won’t feel cramped and constricted. A ranch property surrounded by nature allows Aries to rejuvenate their mind for their future adventures.

2. Leo: Victorian

Leos have big, bold personalities and aren’t afraid of being the center of attention, making a classic Victorian-style home an optimal choice for this zodiac sign’s dream home. Stemming from gothic revival and Queen Anne architectural influences, Victorian homes are just as passionate in design as Leos are in life.

These homes can be seen splashed with vibrant colors, small towers and distinct ornate detailing. Victorian homes are typically two to three stories, so they have enough room for Leo’s family and friends to come and stay. These lions like to make a statement, which a Victorian home does with regal perfection.

3. Sagittarius: Tiny House

Sagittariuses always like to be on the move, so they don’t need a grand place to call home. A tiny house offers all of the amenities a home needs in a functional space typically less than 400 square feet. Plus, many tiny houses can be moved around, so this on-the-go sign can pick up their home and move to a new destination whenever they need a change of scenery.

Tiny homes can be customized to this fire sign’s needs, whether they’re traveling with it in tow or adventuring abroad and coming home for a quick recharge. If you’re a Sagittarius gravitating toward this unique home style, it’s not a bad idea to learn more about your tiny home financing options.

Earth Signs As Houses

Chart showing the earth zodiac signs as different housing styles.

Earth signs are hardworking and need a space that provides structure and security. Learn which type of house is best for these practical earth signs.

4. Taurus: Cape Cod

Tauruses gravitate toward older antique-style homes to feed their finer appetite, so a Cape Cod-style home is a perfect fit. Cape Cod homes are known for their distinct elements of roof shingles, wood siding and plenty of windows.

The homey features of Cape Cods make these comfort-centered bulls feel at ease, especially if placed by a nearby beach so they can enjoy the soft sounds of waves crashing to soothe them. The charming Cape Cod is a practical choice of dwelling for this sign, who prefers practicality over vanity.

5. Virgo: Midcentury Modern

As one of the more realistic signs, Virgos like simplicity and organization in their homes. A midcentury modern home offers a sleekness and consistency that feeds their perfectionist tendencies.

Elements popular in midcentury modern homes are large windows, bright whites and a blend of futuristic and organic architecture. Virgos tend to avoid clutter, so this open-concept space gives them full control to embrace efficiency while making the place their own.

6. Capricorn: City Apartment

Capricorns live at a fast pace. To satisfy their need to succeed, they should live in an apartment in the city. This earth sign often prioritizes their career, so a city apartment that’s close to their job and fun after-work activities is a perfect fit for their lifestyle.

City apartments can vary in size and characteristics, but for Capricorns, it needs a contemporary-style layout with a modern aesthetic to mirror their detail-oriented personality. An apartment complex with live-in amenities like an open gym and sophisticated shared workspace fulfills Capricorn’s need for a structured lifestyle.

Air Signs As Houses

Chart showing the air zodiac signs as different housing styles.

Air signs are known for their ability to adapt and prefer to be seen as visionaries in thought and aesthetic. Keep reading to learn which type of house is best for free-spirited air signs.

7. Gemini: Mediterranean

Geminis never say no to hosting a grand gathering, so they need a large home with plenty of room. A Mediterranean-style home provides the open space they need to allow them to express their lively and social personality.

With an indoor-outdoor concept and grand Italian features, Geminis will never be bored living in this type of home. Geminis need to satisfy their double-sided personality, making the eclectic Mediterranean home a perfect fit for never losing interest.

8. Libra: French Country

Romantic at heart, a French country home is fitting for the charming Libra. Influenced by the stunning French countryside, this home style is known for its provincial features and time-worn details.

With a French country home’s warmer-toned colors and stone elements incorporated into its exterior, Libras will feel at home with its balanced symmetry. In addition, Libras can satisfy the socialite in them with its outdoor-indoor layout – perfect for hosting gatherings as elegant and classy as they are.

9. Aquarius: Modern Contemporary

Progressive and original are two of Aquarians' common personality traits, so they need a home that reflects just that. Modern contemporary homes offer the eclectic details this air sign needs to stand out, with clean lines, shapes and plenty of windows to let natural sunlight in.

An Aquarius tends to be innovative in thought, so they need a home that’s fresh in design. Typical modern contemporary homes use eco-friendly materials for their structure and open floor plans that flow well into their outdoor living spaces. The humanitarian in this sign will enjoy a space with a bit of asymmetry and green-oriented elements.

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Water Signs As Houses

Chart showing water zodiac signs as different housing styles.

Water signs have the ability to connect to their inner selves and express their emotions through their creative abilities, so they need a home just as intuitive as they are. Learn what these sensitive zodiac signs’ dream houses are.

10. Cancer: Cozy Cottage

Known as the nurturers, Cancers flourish in a forever home that can offer all the warm coziness they need. A quaint cottage provides the privacy Cancers need for their nesting priorities while being a great family-oriented space.

Cottages tend to be smaller in square footage, with a small front porch and charming characteristics like a wood fireplace, Cancers will feel at home in their space. This water sign can also feel comfortable enough to escape the outside world and recharge with their loved ones.  

11. Scorpio: Woodsy Cabin

Scorpios are big fans of privacy, so a woodsy cabin home in the mountains can provide them the seclusion and lack of disturbance they desire. This mysterious sign needs space to refuel the emotional energy they use up, so a cozy log cabin is the perfect style of home for a mystifying scorpion.

With its timber-structured features and smaller layout, Scorpios can enjoy the serenity and peace they need. Plus, who doesn’t love a cozy fireplace and relaxing on a porch swing after a long day?

12. Pisces: Beachy Bungalow

Pisces prefer spaces that allow their creative juices to flow and spark inspiration in their life, so a beachy bungalow offers a dreamy aesthetic to let this water sign indulge their artistic pleasures. A low-pitched roof and a comfortable outside porch are just two features that make a bungalow ideal for free-thinking Pisces.

Bungalow-style homes can be complex in design and color, making them just as unique as Pisces are. If placed by a beach, the dreamer in them will slip away in imaginative bliss in this style of home.

Not only is the type of home important to consider in the home buying process, but so is your home layout. Check out the best home layouts based on your Enneagram type to discover how your personality type can play into your ideal home layout and interior design.

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