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The 13 Best Real Estate Podcasts To Start Listening To In 2023

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UPDATED: April 26, 2023

Podcasts are everywhere. From your favorite comedians to investigative journalism, if there’s a topic, chances are there’s a podcast for it. Real estate is no exception. Whether you’re interested in house-flipping, homeownership or investing, there’s a relevant real estate podcast out there for you.

Want to tune into the best real estate podcasts? Read on to learn about 13 must-listen real estate podcasts for investors, home buyers and homeowners.

Best Real Estate Podcasts For Investors

If you’re looking to flip or rent an investment property, check out a real estate podcast made specifically for investors. Listen to the following shows if you’re interested in learning more about real estate investing or have already bought your first investment property.

1. “BiggerPockets” Podcast 

BiggerPockets” podcast is a weekly show, running strong since 2013 that is hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene. Turner and Greene have interviewed hundreds of real estate investors who talk about their successes, failures and keys to growing their real estate businesses.

Topics range from a beginner’s guide to finding great real estate deals to what to do when you experience your worst-case scenario. With great insights and a wide range of guests, both new and experienced real estate investors can benefit from this podcast.

“BiggerPockets” listeners can stream for free or pay to become a member of the podcast’s networking and resources program. New episodes are uploaded every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. If you’re a prospective real estate investor, make sure to subscribe to the #1 real estate investing podcast!

2. “The RealWealth Show” 

The RealWealth Show” is hosted by expert real estate investor Kathy Fettke. The show is one of the first podcasts ever listed on iTunes and has hundreds of episodes interviewing top real estate experts. “The RealWealth Show” covers topics in-depth, from having the right property insurance to investing in rentals in exotic places. The show drops at least every week, and sometimes multiple times a week.

Subscribe now to the 4.5-star-rated podcast, so you never miss a new episode! “The RealWealth Show” is part of the bigger RealWealth Network, which real estate investors can become a member for free.

3. “Think Realty Radio” 

Think Realty Radio” provides advice for investors, covering a variety of topics including online marketing, financing, social media, managing cash flows and business growth. Its host, Abhi Golhar, reports on real estate market trends and industry news.

Although “Think Realty Radio” is newer than some other podcasts, it offers a wealth of resources for anyone looking to learn more about real estate investment. Episodes drop weekly, so if you’re a savvy investor, or want to be one, subscribe to “Think Realty Radio” to keep you abreast of the current state of real estate.

4. “The Real Estate Guys Radio Show” 

Believe it or not, “The Real Estate GuysTM” actually predates podcasts.

The Real Estate Guys” started as a radio show and has been in production since 1997. The real estate investing talk program is hosted by professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russel Gray. Many real estate investment topics are covered on the podcast ranging from being a landlord during COVID-19 to offshore investing and changes in apartment financing.

With experienced hosts and guests tackling everything from the basics to current trends, “The Real Estate Guys” is great for new and experienced real estate investors. The podcast is broadcast weekly, so tune in to learn more about topics related to real estate investing, such as taxes, asset planning and portfolio diversification.

5. “RentPrep For Landlords”

The weekly podcast, “RentPrep For Landlords,” is hosted by Andrew Schultz and covers a variety of topics, including tenant screening, leasing questions, evictions, landlord tips and legal issues. The show gives investors a glance at the common challenges landlords face, from pest problems to legal obligations to managing rental properties.

Tune into “RentPrep For Landlords” to learn everything you need to know about renting properties.

Best Real Estate Podcasts For Home Buyers

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, educating yourself on mortgage information or budgeting for your next home, there’s something here for you. These top picks of podcasts are geared toward potential home buyers. Even if you’re not interested in listening to real estate investing influencers, there are still many podcasts that provide helpful tips for first-time and experienced home buyers.

6. “How To Buy A Home” 

David Sidoni shares biweekly advice on homeownership on his podcast “How To Buy A Home.” The podcast is new, and aims to ease first-time home buyer jitters by helping buyers decide when to start the process and answering listener-submitted questions like, “Should I buy a house now or wait?"

Whether you’ve bought a home before, or if you’re in the market again, “How To Buy A Home” will help you brush up on what to expect, especially if it’s been a while. Sidoni is interested in making the home buying process accessible and understandable to all audiences, so subscribe now to ease your home buying stressors!

7. “Real Estate Today” 

Real Estate Today" is a weekly podcast produced by the National Association of REALTORS® and is hosted by experienced real estate professionals Stephen Gasque, Melissa Tracey and Bill Thompson. The three hosts have commented on real estate for decades, and in the podcast, they cover topics such as thinking like a home inspector, seasonal markets and current mortgage trends.

The weekly show is geared toward sharing information to help make the dream of homeownership happen. If you’re already a homeowner and are selling your home, it provides relevant information on current market trends and conditions. Stay up with the latest market and mortgage trends by tuning into “Real Estate Today.”

8. “Smart Money” 

Nerdwallet’s podcast, “Smart Money” is a great general podcast for better understanding your finances. Hosts Liz Weston and Sean Pyles help listeners answer questions about financial freedom, passive income and debt management. Additional home buying topics covered in the podcast include buying your first home in an expensive city, saving for a down payment and calculating how much house you can afford.

Not only can you learn how to budget for your home, but you can gain specific real estate insights on how to save for a down payment and other general tips for first-time home buyers

9. “The Home Stretch” 

The limited six-part series “The Home Stretch” offers listeners a great look at the home buying process. While it’s specifically geared toward buying a home in Ireland, many of the principles carry over. It’s hosted by Gaff Interiors, a design company emphasizing how to make your new house a home.

This series navigates through the process, starting with organizing your finances and hunting for a house, to transferring ownership. The series ends with settling into the house and making it feel like yours. Listen now to learn how to make your house a home!

Best Real Estate Podcasts For Homeowners 

If you’re a homeowner or are currently working on a DIY project, look no further. These top picks cover topics perfect for homeowners like interior design and home inspections.

10. “Home. Made.

The 10-episode podcast “Home. Made.” is hosted by Stephanie Foo and features homeownership stories with a lifestyle and documentary-like approach. The podcast starts with a simple concept: Inside every home, there’s a story. Or, inside every story, there’s a home. “Home. Made.” explores the meaning of home and what it can teach us about ourselves and each other. It showcases the diversity of home in America and is sponsored by Rocket Mortgage. Listen to the 4.3-star-rated podcast, published in March 2022, now!

11. “House Party” 

Who said real estate podcasts can’t be fun? “House Party” dives deep into trending real estate news about celebrities and their home purchases. The podcast combines home with pop culture and is hosted by Rachel Stults and Natalie Way, editors of

“House Party” is published weekly, so don’t forget to subscribe and stay on top of the latest celebrity and pop culture home and real estate trends!

12. “The Money Pit Podcast” 

The semi-weekly podcast “The Money Pit Podcast” is hosted by Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete. “The Money Pit Podcast” covers topics related to home inspections and interior design while answering questions about completing renovations and keeping organized.

The 4.1-star-rated podcast features new episodes every Monday and Thursday. Don’t miss it — you don’t want your home falling into a money pit! Start planning your home improvements now.

13. “Style Matters” 

Style Matters” is a podcast hosted by Karen Grant and Zandra Zuraw, a designer and stylist duo dedicated to discussing how to make a home fit any aesthetic. The weekly podcast is all about developing your own personal style in your home by listening to interviews with top stylists, designers, artisans and tastemakers, both nationally and internationally, about why style matters to them. Recent topics covered on the “Style Matters” podcast include designing a life for parenting, living in a historic home and storytelling in design. Subscribe to “Style Matters” to take your home design to the next level!

The Bottom Line

You can learn a lot about real estate investing, the buying process and homeownership by listening to the previously mentioned podcasts. Podcasts can be a useful tool to connect with insights from successful people involved in real estate daily. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned house-flipper, there’s a podcast for you.

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