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What The Enneagram Test Says About What Kind Of Home You Should Own

Molly Grace6-minute read
December 24, 2019

When it comes to making moves in our careers, choices in our relationships or just guidance through life in general, some of us turn to personality tests to discover who we are and what we want.

There are plenty of quizzes that can get you these results. From magazine tabloid quizzes to online professional career tests like Myers-Briggs, we hope to gain knowledge into how we relate to the world and to those around us personally, romantically, professionally and so on.

One popular personality test is the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator test. Like the Myers-Briggs, the goal of this test is to help you learn more about your personality. However, instead of 16 personalities, the RHETI identifies nine major personalities.

While it’s common to find aspects of your personality in each of the nine described varieties, a specific one should stand out as being your “true self,” according to the Enneagram Institute. This is your “basic personality.” You can take the test on the official website (it costs $12) or a similar free online test to determine where you fall.

We’re not saying it’s 100% accurate (a co-worker of mine actually had a few numbers that had a tie score at the end of the test), but getting an idea of who you are as a person could help you make important decisions, one of which could be what type of home you should own. Take the Enneagram test and then see what the results have to say about what kind of home you should own based on your results.

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If You’re A Type One

Type ones are known as Reformers for their strong principles and their sense of mission, which push them to improve (or reform) the world around them. They make calculated, rational decisions and always strive to do things the right way.

With a mission to make things around them better, Reformers should look for a fixer-upper – a home that needs significant improvements.

A fixer-upper house to a Reformer would be like a blank canvas to an artist: full of possibilities and an outlet of expression. They would also be one of the more capable Enneagram types to take on a fixer-upper, as they’re more organized and purposeful and tend to do things the right way, even when it’s challenging.

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If You’re A Type Two

Type twos are Helpers. Caring and interpersonal, they crave to serve (or help) those around them through their generosity and selflessness. They put others before themselves and strive to create an environment that’s welcoming and friendly.

In order to achieve this, Helpers would need a house with an open-concept floor plan, with large entertainment spaces like kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, backyards and plenty of guest rooms.

An open floor plan would symbolically represent the openness that Helpers have when it comes to taking care of their loved ones. This would also allow the Helper to keep their friends near to them and give them an outlet to serve others.

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If You’re A Type Three

Type threes are Achievers, the most ambitious of the Enneagrams, motivated to project an image of success to those around them. Achievers are hardworking and want the best out of life.

For this reason, both in their tendency to succeed and their desire to have an appealing image, Achievers would likely need a jumbo loan for the type of home they would want. We’re talking a big house.

It would have to be the biggest and best home on the block so that everyone knows they’re successful. If not, it would need to have all the latest and greatest furnishings and technology to suggest success.

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If You’re A Type Four

Type fours are Individualists, the most sensitive and emotional Enneagram. They pride themselves on their uniqueness and authenticity and typically have an aptitude for all things romantic, like art and poetry.

Individualists would need a home that mirrors their uniqueness (or individuality) to the outside world, preferably a nontraditional space like a tiny home, a refurbished shipping container or an RV.

Individualists reject convention, so living in a cookie-cutter neighborhood where every home looks like the next would be unappealing to them. Their tendency to favor the romantic would lead them to idealize the unusual.

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If You’re A Type Five

If you’re a type five, you’re an Investigator. To put it in common verbiage, Investigators would be categorized as loners – a little suspicious and incredibly perceptive. Investigators choose to keep to themselves so that they’re able to concentrate on developing their ideas and skills.

For this reason, they would need a home that’s off the beaten path and not easily accessed, such as a home that sits on a fair amount of acreage in the country or in a rural area. The more space between their house and their neighbors’ homes, the better.

Since investigators tend to value their isolation, they wouldn’t need a large home or space for hosting but, rather, a quiet place for introspection and observation of the environment around them.

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If You’re A Type Six

Type sixes are Loyalists, trustworthy and devoted to those around them, although sometimes lacking trust in others. Loyalists are researchers who consider every option in order to make a safe, informed decision.

Loyalists crave security, so they would most likely settle in a traditional neighborhood, most likely by a school (because it’s thought to be safer), with a neighborhood watch program and a home security alarm system.

Loyalists aren’t about flash or appearance, but rather responsibility and security. They would tend to spend a decent amount of time on research while looking for a modest, affordable home that they know they can financially afford and maintain.

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If You’re A Type Seven

Sevens are Enthusiasts, or extroverts who crave fun and spontaneity. They are social individuals who enjoy the company of others and know how to see the good in every situation.

Since Enthusiasts can make themselves happy wherever they live, they would most likely be renters – because they tend to choose fun over the hard decisions and can be indecisive.

Due to their indecisive nature, they’ll probably end up renting for a long period of time because they’re not able to commit to a home during their search. Until they figure it out, their apartment won’t get much use anyway, as they are always on the move, looking for adventures – unless they’re throwing a party!

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If You’re A Type Eight

Type eights are known as Challengers. As the name suggests, Challengers are always up for, well, a challenge. They’re extremely confident and independent, and they love to have control of a situation because they know they can get the job done.

Challengers know what they want, and they aren’t afraid to make it known to others, so for that reason, Challengers might choose to build their own home, because they can have it built to their exact specifications.

Their decisiveness would also help them make the tough calls in new construction, moving the process along without hesitation. They would enjoy taking on the challenge of having a home built from scratch and might even get involved in the construction themselves, because they value their physical strength.

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If You’re A Type Nine

Type nines are comprised of small bits of every personality, which is why they’re known as Peacemakers. They’re generally easy-going and strive to get along with everyone, promoting harmony and avoiding conflict.

Peacemakers tend to avoid things like stress and anxiety, so the prospect of having to maintain a home would not be ideal. Instead, they would thrive in an environment with a homeowners association, like a condo.

This would allow them to avoid some of the stress of maintaining their home and yard and instead focus on the things that make them happy. Since peacemakers put others’ needs before their own, they won’t have time (or make time) to focus on home cleaning or landscaping, like mowing the lawn or fixing broken appliances.

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As we said, these descriptions aren’t 100% accurate. Each person has a multitude of characteristics that could make them more like another personality when it comes to their needs and wants. Use your type to get ideas, but don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from other types as well.

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