Why Thinking Like A Buyer Will Help Sell Your House For More

Marni Epstein-MervisUPDATED: May 23, 2023

It’s official, you’ve decided to sell your home! After researching the real estate market trends in your neighborhood and working with a top real estate agent to price your home, it’s time to prepare for it to be shown to potential buyers. Coming out on top in the real estate market is all about understanding your buyer. Shifting your point of view from home seller to home buyer will allow you to see things you may not have otherwise, and help you get the best return on your home. Here are a few reasons why thinking like a buyer will sell your house for more.

See Things Objectively

One of the hardest things about selling your home is having the ability to see things objectively. You’ve invested years into your house, so taking yourself and your memories out of the equation is tough. However, taking on the perspective of a home buyer will help you see your home objectively – for all its positives and negatives. Furthermore, it will allow you to fix those negatives and turn them into selling points. Think about where you were in your life when you bought your home. What was it that made you fall in love with it? What makes it unique and what are the unusual reasons you love your house? Make a list of all your favorite attributes and work to highlight them as you prepare your house for viewing.

Decorate for Someone Else

A home buyer wants to see a home that is move-in ready. That means clearing out your sentimental items, like family photos, from the space. If you aren’t bringing in a professional home stager, then consider only displaying decorations that are neutral, subtle, and compliment the design of your home. You’ll also want to make your home as spacious and bright as possible. If you can’t imagine another reconfiguring of your furniture to accomplish that, bring in someone who can look at your home with fresh eyes.

Fix What You’d Want Fixed

Seeing your home through the eyes of a buyer will help you notice what you need to fix. Think about the upgrades you’d want in your new home and apply them to the one you’re putting on the market. A kitchen renovation is one way to increase the value of your house, but you don’t have to uproot the whole thing to get your desired asking price. Small upgrades like new appliances, track lighting, or an automated faucet can have an impact on your selling price. Small bathroom upgrades like replacing the tile and installing a new showerhead can also help increase your home’s appeal.

Have the Best Open House Ever

Having a bustling open house is a great way to generate interest in your home. Working with a top real estate agent can help ensure a sizable turnout of prospective buyers. Invite those neighbors who have been dying to get a look inside your home. It will add to the liveliness of the open house – plus, they may know of someone looking to move into the neighborhood! Make sure your open house is timed well, on a weekend in the early afternoon when most people are free is ideal. If there is a bad storm predicted, try to postpone your open house date.

Ready to Think Like a Buyer?

Coming out on top of the housing market can be a simple as changing your perspective. Being able to see your home as a potential buyer helps you set yourself up for success. Happy selling!

Marni Epstein-Mervis

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