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10 Boho Decor Ideas To Style Your Home

Morgan McBride6-Minute Read
December 03, 2021

It’s so important that your home be decorated in a way that matches your personality and personal style. Whether you need a completely new look for your space, or just want to refine the decor that you already have in your home, bohemian or “boho” style might be for you.

Regardless if you’re new to the style or you already know you’re a boho person, here are 10 ideas to help you style your home.

What Is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style is a kind of dress or home decor inspired by world travels and free spirits. “Bohemian” comes from a French word to refer to outsiders and the unconventional. Our more modern concept of boho style originated with hippies in the 1960s, but has continued to exist in popular culture since then.

Many people who personify boho style are involved in the arts. They might be attracted to bohemian design because of the colorful, layered decor. Boho style is relaxed in nature but full of bold colors and textures.

Eclectic, Personalized Design

Bohemian design has a lot of overlap with the eclectic style of decor. They both feature a “more is more” aesthetic and lots of layered, vibrant colors.

An important aspect of bohemian design is a relaxed, casual feel. There are very few straight lines and instead lots of soft, upholstered touches.

Additionally, bohemian decor incorporates diverse accessories and textures inspired by world travel. Exotic accessories are paired with vintage furniture for an eclectic yet cozy look.

10 Tips to Bring A Boho Vibe To Your Home

Looking to bring warmth and color to your home? Take inspiration from these bohemian decor ideas, and transform your space to reflect your unique story.

1. Get Playful With Colors And Patterns

Colorful carpet and pouf.

One of the biggest elements of bohemian style home decor is lots of bold colors and patterns. However, you don’t want just any colors. Stick to warm, earthy colors and rich jewel tones for a true bohemian look.

Another important element of boho decor is pattern play. Focus on intricate patterns such as micro-florals and Moroccan prints with warm or jewel-toned background colors. Layer multiple patterns, such as contrasting throw pillows, for an eclectic, mismatched look.

Another way to bring both color and pattern into your space is by including wallpaper. A wallpapered focal wall can make a really big impact and create a great base layer for your bohemian home.

2. Get The Right Lighting For Your Vibe

Boho bedroom with lots of texture and soft light.

Finding the right lighting is an important part of achieving the perfect bohemian look. Bohemian style is layered in all ways, including lighting. It is essential that each room has multiple light sources and that they are not just functional but are also interesting to look at.

Unique lighting is a big trend right now. Standard overhead lights can be really plain and boring. Swap them out for pendant lighting made from lanterns, baskets or macrame.

String lights are a great way to bring in warm, dim light other than an overhead light. Consider sets of string lights that have decorative shades, such as lanterns or metal shapes, over each bulb.

Lighting is easy to overlook in your home. However, by swapping out generic fixtures for updated, bohemian lights, you’ll start to give your home that collected, curated feel.

3. Embrace Nature

Natural boho decor in living room.

Bohemian style celebrates nature in all ways. Plants – live or faux – are an essential element of any boho home. If going for live plants, select something low maintenance so they stay lush and healthy.

Remember to layer plant heights in your space – a tall tree or two or hanging planters from the ceiling draws the eye up and makes a room feel larger.

Another important part of including nature in your home’s decor is focusing on furniture and accessories with natural elements. This could be smooth stone, live edge wood, or even a feathered trim on a bold pillow.

Natural elements are an excellent way to add texture and interest to every room in your home.

4. Maximize Texture With Textiles

Cozy bedroom with multiple boho textures and soft light.

Textured textiles are trending in a big way and work for a lot of styles of home decor. In a bohemian style home, you want to layer textures eclectically alongside layered colors and patterns.

For example, layer hand-woven tribal print pillows onto a jewel-toned velvet couch on top of a Moroccan shag rug. This combination of colors and textures will feel artistic and interesting, yet cozy and inviting. That is the exact point of the boho chic look.

5. Buy Secondhand

Vintage furniture and plants.

Vintage furniture is an essential part of bohemian style. You want your space to feel comfortable and inviting, and worn, broken-in furniture is an important part of that aesthetic.

Vintage furniture has the additional benefit of often featuring solid hardwood aspects. This is a great way to bring in an element of nature and pairs really nicely with the soft textures of modern textiles. Remember to focus on wooden pieces with soft, curved lines and edges.

Rugs are another great bohemian decor piece to buy secondhand. Vintage rugs can be absolutely luxurious. Look for the largest rug you can fit in your space, something with a bold, warm-toned pattern. If a vintage rug feels a bit threadbare, be sure to pair it with the right rug pad and it will feel thick and luxurious again.

6. Use Screens To Divide Your Space

Bathroom with a screen divider.

Screens are an interesting element often incorporated in bohemian style homes. They might seem counterintuitive – open floor plans and huge living rooms are all the rage – but you have to remember that boho homes feel cozy and comfortable.

Often, that means defining smaller spaces within a larger room, and screens are a fantastic way to do that.

Another reason that screens are so popular with bohemian decor is that they add an extra layer of texture to your space. Screens can be wooden, woven or even macrame. They are also a very renter-friendly way to bring texture up in vertical height in your space.

When shopping for a screen, look for something with an interesting texture that contrasts with the textures that you already have in your space. Height-wise, taller is better, especially if you have high ceilings.

7. Keep Things Cozy With Throw Pillows

Hammock with pillows outside.

Throw pillows are an essential part of your bohemian room’s decor. Pillows check nearly every box in the bohemian guidebook – they are comfortable and inviting, feature soft lines, and can be bold in color and pattern. If you want a boho room, you need throw pillows.

Remember that an essential part of bohemian home decor is the “more is more” philosophy. This especially applies to throw pillows. More is more! Layer pillows upon pillows on any reasonable surface. It even makes sense to have small piles of pillows on the rug for an extra cozy vibe.

8. Make Your Bed Stand Out

Modern, urban, boho bedroom.

The bedroom is an excellent place to bring in a bohemian look. Bedrooms usually feature beds, which are meccas for lots of linens and pillows. Your bed should be the star and is really an excuse to go over the top with layered blankets, pillows, colors, and textures.

A great place to bring in an interesting texture is in the headboard. Look for something woven or carved from natural elements. Just be sure that it has soft, rounded lines.

Pair that natural headboard with lots of soft, richly colored linens. In addition to a duvet, layer at least one throw blanket at the foot of the bed. Add a variety of sizes and shapes of pillows, with an emphasis on intricate patterns and bold colors all around.

For an even cozier look, consider adding a canopy or a fabler. This soft fabric will feel very inviting and add an additional warm texture to the space.

9. Dress Up Your Walls

Boho wall hanging.

Texture doesn’t have to be limited to your furniture and accessories and should continue up the walls in your bohemian home.

Wall hangings are an essential part of any boho room. Woven macrame pieces are an obvious choice. You can also hang interesting, vintage rugs on the walls.

Hanging plants in planters or baskets bring a touch of nature into a space. Finally, intricate gallery walls can be a great way to bring tons of interest into a space.

If you have tall shelves, be sure to decorate them with a “more is more” mindset. Tons of colorful books and small accessories inspired by global travels really complete the look. Don’t worry about overcrowding the shelves – that’s a part of this vibe.

10. Specify Your Boho Style

Modern living room with Boho touches.

Remember – the whole point of a bohemian-style room is that it is eclectic and reflective of you, your artistic preferences and your world travels. This isn’t like a traditional-style home where you can just replicate a page out of a trendy catalogue. Make sure to select elements that speak to your personality and each have a story.

There are many sub-styles of bohemian decor. For example, you might like white walls with tons of textured textiles everywhere.

Or, you might prefer a pattern on every surface, from the wallpaper to the rugs and everything in between. Neither one is wrong, and they both are boho style, but each reflect their owner in a unique way.

Your Unique Story

Bohemian home decor is all about expressing yourself through lots of color, texture and natural elements. Whatever furniture and accessories you select, be sure that you choose items that are meaningful to you.

If you love every item in your home, it will easily feel cozy and inviting, like the bohemian style. These tips should help you create the perfect boho home.

Morgan McBride

Morgan McBride is a DIY-lover and home decor enthusiast living in Charleston, South Carolina. She has been blogging at CharlestonCrafted.com alongside her husband since 2012, where they empower their readers to craft their current home into their dream home through the power of DIY.