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30 Simple DIY Home Project Ideas

Holly Shuffett9-Minute Read
April 18, 2022

Social media makes it easy to condense months’ worth of home renovations into short video clips or an aesthetic photo set. The reality, however, is that big home projects can feel draining and time consuming, especially over an extended period of time. 

If you're looking to spruce up your home without such a big commitment, we’ve compiled some simple DIY home projects that are sure to change up the look and feel of your space without all the stress. Read on for our favorite 1-day DIY projects or to find some inspiration. 

What Are Home Improvement Projects, And How Do They Improve Your Home Value? 

Home improvement projects are just what they sound like: projects that upgrade your home’s interior, exterior, or make other improvements to the property. Not only can home improvements affect how happy you are with your home, but – depending on what changes you make – they may also increase the value of your home.

Home Improvement Projects Vs. Home Remodels

So how do home improvement projects, more commonly known as renovations, differ from a home remodel? While both make visible changes to a property and may improve its value, home renovations are smaller-scale projects which don’t affect the actual layout of a home. Home remodels are larger – typically pricier, more time consuming – projects which change the structure of a home. Things like removing a wall or building an addition are popular remodels, and it’s not uncommon to need permits, expert help or even a home improvement loan for a well-done remodel.

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15 Easy DIY Projects For Your Home Interior Design

Artist lays down floor tiles.

There are endless opportunities to spruce up your indoor space with DIY home projects. From organization to DIY home decor, these simple home improvement ideas will put the ‘fun’ in ‘functional living.’ 

1. Add An Accent Wall 

Accent walls can completely transform the feel of a room - whether by making a room appear larger or by updating a bland space with the latest color trends

The time and effort necessary for an accent wall depends on the size and condition of your home - things like ceiling height and whether you need to patch damaged areas, will all require more time and elbow grease. If you’re interested in forgoing the painting process, try an elaborate gallery wall or shiplap. 

2. Freshen Up Your Kitchen Cabinets 

There's good reason that the kitchen is known as the heart of a home. Many of us will spend ample time cooking, entertaining, or devouring our favorite take-out right in our kitchens. 

If you’re looking for a change, upgrading your kitchen cabinets is a great place to start. Whether you want to switch up the color or simply swap outdated knobs or handles for shiny new hardware, this quick and simple project will make a world of difference. 

3. Frame Family Photos 

Though many of us are happy to leave dorm life in the past, one thing we can learn from old college decor is the importance of utilizing wall space. Though we’re not likely to tape up band posters or crumpled flyers anymore, filling blank walls with framed photos is an easy way to make a house feel more like home. 

4. Repot Your Houseplants 

Indoor houseplants are a low-maintenance way to breathe some life into your home, and planters and pots provide a fun opportunity to add some color and textures to a room. 

If you’re already a proud plant parent, you already know that plants must be repotted to help them thrive. During your next repotting, consider switching things up by replacing your old planters for a fresh look.

5. Reorganize The Kitchen 

As the hub for all things food it’s no surprise that kitchens can clutter easily. A quick home project is taking a day to clean and reorganize your kitchen to keep your countertops clear. Open counter space can make the kitchen feel larger while also providing ample prep space for your next meal. 

For a small space, consider investing in a sliding spice rack that can fit snugly between your fridge and counter, or installing wall hooks for extra pan or utensil storage. 

6. Install Crown Molding 

If you’re more experienced with home improvement, crown molding could be your next DIY home project. Crown molding typically has a positive return-on-investment and is a simple way to elevate any room. 

7. Add Wallpaper To One Or Multiple Walls 

No longer a thing of the past, wallpaper is a great way to add playfulness to any room. With endless colors, patterns, and textures, adding wallpaper can transform your home without ever picking up a paintbrush. For an even easier home improvement project, find a good stick-and-peel wallpaper to get the job done. 

8. Make A Compost Bin 

If sustainability is important to you, consider making a compost bin for your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a small bin for your counter or a larger unit to place next to the trash, compost bins can serve as a cute reminder to rethink your waste. 

9. Expand Your Closet Space 

Building out your closet with some simple tweaks is a great way to maximize your storage and keep your home tidy. While many closets have one rod across the middle, consider installing two stacked rods and upper shelves to make the most of your closet space. Or look at your unique wardrobe and organize according to your needs – shoe racks fit for sneakerheads or special hooks fit for belts and scarves. 

10. Declutter And Donate Items 

If a space begins to feel cramped, it may be time for decluttering the space. While it can be hard to part ways with our belongings, if you have rarely used items, donating them is a great way to feel good while also doing good for your home.

11. Add Backsplash Tiles To The Kitchen 

Adding a kitchen backsplash can create a new focal point that brings your kitchen together. Whether you like the sleek look of tile, the rustic charm of beadboard, or want a unique space with metal sheeting, your options for personalizing your kitchen are endless. 

And not only does backsplash look great, but it can also protect your kitchen wall from wear and tear while also making cleaning easier. 

12. Retile Your Bathroom 

Whether your bathroom tile is damaged or simply outdated, retiling the bathroom – though a more challenging project – will leave your home feeling like new. By selecting high-quality materials, tackling this bathroom remodel project can even reduce your risk of water damage. 

13. Line Drawers 

Lining your drawers is an affordable and easy project that not only protects your surfaces from scuffs and stains, but can add a pop of color to even the darkest corners of your home. 

14. Showcase Decor With Shelving 

Adding shelves offers plenty of opportunity to showcase your unique home decor. From sports memorabilia to your favorite books or a record collection, floating or free-standing shelves can fill up blank wall space while also proudly highlighting your personality. 

15. Set Up A Home Office 

With the recent influx in working from home, setting up space for a home office can play an important role in helping you compartmentalize work and play, while also cutting down on mess. 

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15 DIY House Projects For Your Home’s Exterior

Gardener mowing lawn with stone path.

When we think of home renovations we typically think of interior changes, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do outside. A house’s exterior also plays an important role in building a home, and these exterior improvement projects are here to help. 

1. Redo The Entryway 

As one of the first things visitors see, updating your entryway could be your next renovation project. Whether it’s time to replace an old front door or dress up your porch by adding a pergola, redoing your entryway will give your home a fresh, new feel. 

2. Update Your Mailbox 

Repainting, repairing, or replacing your mailbox is a simple way to add a touch of personality to your yard or keep things looking shiny and new. 

3. Pave An Outdoor Walkway 

Outdoor walkways are both functional and attractive, adding to your home’s curb appeal and allowing for easier access to areas you may not have been utilizing fully. Concrete molds, stone pavers, or even pebbles are popular materials for exterior walkways, and can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

4. Adorn Your Door 

Although we tend to associate home decor with interior design, don’t let the flourishes stop once outside. Consider hanging up a seasonal wreath, upgrading your welcome mat, or setting out a few potted plants or flower boxes for a particularly inviting look. 

5. Add Color To The Front Door And The Garage 

If curb appeal is a priority for you, adding a pop of color to your front or garage door may be a worthy investment. Your front and garage doors are a focal point of your home’s exterior, so cover scuffs and age with some fresh new paint.

6. Design A Fire Pit 

If you love a reason to gather with friends and family, adding a fire pit could be the way to go. From roasting marshmallows in the summertime to a cozy fireplace alternative in cooler months, fire pits are a stylish yet functional way to liven up your yard. 

There are plenty of DIY fire pit building kits on the market, fit for any size and aesthetic. Just keep in mind that you may need approval from your local municipalities and you must adhere to proper codes. You should also never leave an active fire pit unattended and steer clear of flammable debris and branches. 

7. Improve Your Yard Space 

As summer approaches, having an outdoor space to soak in the fresh air is more appealing than ever. Make the most of your home’s exterior by focusing on landscaping and designating a sitting area in your backyard or on your porch. Having a well-lit, bramble-free area to relax can expand your home’s living areas and your quality of life. 

8. Make A Garden 

Gardens not only offer the chance to pick up a rewarding hobby, but also colorful landscaping opportunities. Whether you want to harvest your very own fresh veggies or plant low-maintenance perennials, a garden will make your home appear livelier and more inviting. 

9. Add New Light Fixtures 

To make the most of your outdoor space, consider adding new light fixtures to your home’s exterior. Not only can a well-lit space lend a chic feel to your home’s exterior, but lighting your porch or back deck – especially with LED lights or mosquito-repellent lighting – is a great way to expand your living space without a full remodel. 

10. Winterproof Your Home 

If you live in an area that experiences harsh winters, winterizing your home is an important preventative measure that could save you valuable time and money down the road. Check your windows and doors for leaks and fill in gaps with caulk or weather stripping. You should also make sure that exposed pipes are properly insulated to avoid freezing and cover outdoor spigots. 

11. Clean Your Exterior Of The House With Power-Washing 

It can be easy to overlook certain blemishes with our homes, especially if they happened gradually. But power washing your home each year will quickly reveal just how much dirt, mold, and mildew can accumulate, and cleaning it off can increase the longevity of your home’s exterior. 

12. Spray Paint A Yard Item 

Upcycling is all the rage as of late, so hop on this sustainable trend and give some old outdoor furniture or planters an update with a fresh coat of paint. Spray paint isn’t just for art murals – it’s also an affordable way to change up your home’s color palette and style. 

13. Build An Outdoor Kitchen 

Though it may be on the pricier end of things, building an outdoor kitchen is sure to elevate your home while also expanding your outdoor living space. If you love to entertain, adding an outdoor kitchen to your grilling area is a show-stopper for parties – or if you love cocktails, a wet bar with plentiful seating is sure to please. 

14. Add An Accent Color

If you’re looking for a change, painting sections of your home’s exterior a different or new color can create a decorative trim and transform your home’s appearance. Also consider repainting any shutters, window boxes, or awnings to really commit to a new look. 

15. Top Your Chimney

If your home has a chimney, installing a chimney cap is both functional and stylish. Not only does it provide a polished focal point to your home’s roofline, but they can also protect your home from harsh weather or small animals. 

The Bottom Line 

With so many easy and affordable DIYs, it can be hard to choose where to get started. Take a look around your home and find areas that might need some attention or tackle that room you’ve always wanted to spruce up. 

Visit our homeowner guide for more inspiration and helpful tips. 

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