Front door with "Home Sweet Home" mat surrounded by pink flowers and yellow pot with green plants.

30 DIY Home Projects Ranked By Difficulty

Morgan McBride10-Minute Read
February 18, 2021

Transforming your home isn’t a quick process. If you don’t have a lot of experience working with tools, it might seem extremely overwhelming to even do so. However, DIY home projects range greatly, from simple to more complex.

If you are less confident in your skills, easy projects are a great way to get your feet wet and get comfortable working with tools. Once you conquer easy projects, you’ll feel ready to take on bigger DIY home tasks!

Easy DIY Projects For Your Home (Estimated Time: A Weekend)

If you are a homeowner who’s inexperienced with tools and feel like you need to watch a few how-to videos before starting a home project, start with these easy projects. Each of these tasks is doable in a weekend and great for beginners.

1. Add An Accent Wall

Blue accent wall in an all white marble bathroom

Accent walls are extremely on-trend and an easy way to make a big impact without redoing an entire room. Accent walls can be as simple as painting one wall with the latest paint color trends or including more intense finishes like molding or faux brick. Accent walls are a great way to cultivate a bold sense of style. They come in so many different styles you can have a different look in every room.

2. Craft Some Seasonal Decor

Dining table with spring decor on a tiered treat stand.

Seasonal decorations can add a personalized touch during spring, summer, fall or winter. You might want to select one area of your home to redecorate seasonally. This could be your front porch, mantel, or dining room table. Select a theme for each season with 2 – 3 colors and a variety of textures. Using natural elements such as flowers, pinecones or branches is a great way to keep your costs low.

3. Repot Your Houseplants

Person repotting small indoor plant.

Houseplants need to be repotted about once a year. This gives them fresh soil and room to grow. To repot them, remove them from their existing pots and loosen the root systems gently. Place in a new pot – ideally about 1 inch larger in diameter than the old pot – with new soil. Be sure there is adequate drainage to avoid soggy roots. You can reuse the old pots for repotting smaller plants.

4. Showcase Decor With Shelving

industrial shelving with camera, filing folders, and plant

Adding shelves is a great way to show off your existing decor. Many people have blank walls in their home. Adding shelves can fill the blank space, draw the eye up, and create a spot to display your unique home decor. Display your things in groups of three to draw the eye and corral any smaller items into beautiful bins or baskets to keep the shelves from looking too cluttered.

5. Organize The Kitchen

White kitchen with exposed shelving nicely organzied

Kitchens are often the most used room in a home. Having a stunning kitchen can instantly make your home feel more beautiful. An easy DIY project is to clean and organize your kitchen. Adding shelving or stowing away kitchen supplies can clear off the counters and make the space feel larger and more open. Plus, an organized kitchen can help reduce clean-up times for the next cooking project.

6. Frame Those Family Photos

Collage of framed family photos

Displaying framed photos can turn an empty living room into a welcoming environment. While you can display a few frames sitting on tabletops, the best way to showcase a large number of photographs is with a gallery wall. Aim for photos at least 8 inches by 10 inches so visitors don’t have to squint to see who’s in a picture. You can get frames from a thrift store and spray paint them all to match for a cohesive but eclectic look. Gallery walls can go up in lots of different patterns, like in a grid, line or mismatch.

7. Refresh Your Storage Strategy

Entryway Storage

Every home has at least one area that is almost always a mess. Whether it’s a dumping spot for papers or shoes, adding simple organization systems can make a big impact. Walk your home and identify those messy areas and what could make them more organized. You need to set up a system so that all of the household members put things in the right spot right away. This could be as simple as adding a basket, bin, or hook that even small kids can throw their belongings onto. Expanding your storage options will keep your spaces neat and make your home feel more bright and open.

8. Adorn Your Door

front porch decorated with plants, rugs, and other outdoor decor

Beautiful entryways deliver a welcoming flourish for guests entering your home. First, take a minute to wash your front door with a wet, soapy rag. I bet it’s looking better already! Consider adding a wreath (maybe something that you DIY seasonally). Replace your doormat if it has seen better days. Add a potted plant or two for seasonal color. Inside your door, consider hooks for coats, a dish for keys, or a basket for shoes. A little organization can go a long way!

9. Freshen Up Your Old Cabinets

Fresh painted green cabinets in small kitchen

Revitalizing your existing cabinetry can integrate new design elements into your kitchen. A simple way to do this is by swapping out the knobs or hardware on your cabinets and drawers. All you need is a drill or screwdriver and you can give your space a whole new look. If you’re up for more of a project, you can paint your cabinets. White cabinets instantly brighten a space, and it is still on trend to go for the “tuxedo” look, with white upper cabinets and a dark color on the lowers.

10. Concoct Some DIY Cleaners

spray bottle with DIY house cleaner in it

You can make your own cleaning products and to ensure you are creating a safer, greener home. Many things can be cleaned with white vinegar, baking soda, and half a lemon. You can also purchase or sew cloth rags to use in place of napkins or paper towels to help cut down on waste.

Intermediate DIY House Projects (Estimated Time: 1 Week)

These intermediate DIY projects are best suited for more experienced DIYers or homeowners who are willing to spend a bit more time learning and working on their homes.

11. Design A Fire Pit

outdoor firepit surrounded by chairs at night

Humans naturally love to gather around fire. If you like to entertain outdoors, adding a fire pit can be a really worthwhile DIY project. There are many ways to make a fire pit, but in general you want a stone paver that you can stack to form a round or square area to have the fires. Also be sure that the surrounding area is free of flammable debris and branches. Finally, carefully select the seating to surround your new fire pit. You will want plenty of space for a crowd.

12. Install New Appliances

brand new fridge in home

New appliances can modernize your kitchen, but they also can reduce your home’s energy usage. Look for appliances with an Energy Star rating. Unless you have a big truck and the ability to move large appliances alone, you will probably want to have them delivered. Also consider what you will do with the old appliances once you remove them.

13. Pave An Outdoor Walkway

outdoor stone path walkway

Outdoor walkways can make yards more useful and can also add to your home’s curb appeal. Walkways can be made using concrete molds, stone pavers, or even bags of pebbles. Mark your path out first to be sure you like it. Then, remove all grass and level the dirt beneath. Finally, add the stone of your choice.

14. Make A Garden

luscious green garden with colorful flowers

Gardens can be beautiful, give you a rewarding hobby, and help you live more sustainably. Consider if you would prefer to grow fruit, vegetables, or herbs. Focus on produce that your family likes to eat as well as things that grow well in your area. If your soil is not very nutrient-rich, you’ll want to add raised planters and fill them with store-bought soil. Then, you’re ready to plant a new garden.

15. Create A Reading Nook

Cozy reading nook in home

Reading nooks are cozy relaxation spots and the perfect addition to your home if you’re trying to prioritize reading and other self-care practices in 2021. A reading nook can be as simple as a cozy chair in a sunny corner or as involved as a built-in daybed in a nook in your wall. Consider how you like to read – sitting up or laying down – and what you like nearby, whether it be a lamp, a place to set a drink, or extra shelving for lots and lots of books.

16. Clean Up Your Exterior

man cleaning brick on the outside of the house

When you get used to seeing your home every day, you might start to overlook certain things. One of those things is often a dirty exterior. Homes often need to be power washed every year. Power washing will help to blast away mold and mildew and can even increase the longevity of your home’s exterior.

17. Retile The Bathroom

Black tiled wall in bathroom

Whether your bathroom tile is damaged or just outdated, retiling the bathroom is a big – but doable – project. By selecting new materials with high-quality ratings, this DIY project can even reduce the risk of water damage. If you plan to do several bathrooms, select a tile that will work in all of the spaces for a cohesive flow in your home.

18. Winterproof Your Home

person winterproofing windowsill

Winterizing your home can keep you safe amidst harsh weather conditions. This preventative maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs down the road. First, check all doors and windows for leaks. If it’s cold outside, you’ll feel any cold air getting in. You may need to caulk or replace weather stripping. Make sure that all exposed pipes are properly insulated to avoid freezing as well. Cover outdoor spigots to avoid freezing, too.

19. Backsplash The Kitchen

geometrical blacksplash behind stovetop

Adding a backsplash can highlight a new focal point in your kitchen’s overall design. It’s easy to add a backsplash yourself. You can of course use tile, but beadboard, metal sheeting, and even contact paper can work, too. When it comes to tile, using a peel-and-stick option can make the tiling process much less intimidating.

20. Plug In Some Smart Tech

person holding smart phone and tech plug in

Smart home integrations can make your home feel really fancy really fast. There’s nothing like a robot butler to make you feel like a million bucks! Select one system – such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home – and be sure that all of your tech is compatible. Then, begin to identify opportunities to make your life easier. Smart plugs, for example, can be set to cut lights on a schedule or be voice activated. Your thermostat and vacuum can be programmed to adjust themselves, too. This technology is constantly evolving and will be in all of our appliances soon.

Long-Term Projects To Do At Home (Estimated Time: 1 – 3 Months)

These more challenging home improvement projects are best suited for homeowners that want major renovations to their home or are seeking to add substantial value to their house before selling.

21. Stake Out Your Yard

new fencing in landscaped backyard

Fencing your yard can make the space feel more private and usable. If you have pets or kids, it can help with their safety, too. Identify your land’s boundaries and fence in your yard along the property lines to maximize your space.

22. Finish The Basement

basement with cozy couch and tv

Finishing a basement can add square footage to a home and increase the home’s value. Think carefully about whether this is something that you can DIY. If the space just needs drywall, it’s a doable, although tedious, task. If you want to reconfigure walls or add a bathroom and aren’t experienced doing those things, it might be time to call in the pros.

23. Build A Retaining Wall

two retaining walls in backyard stacked above each other with plants filling them

Retaining walls can prevent erosion and protect your property. If erosion is an issue for you, a retaining wall is a great idea. Depending on your situation, you might need permits before putting in a retaining wall or filling in low land. Be sure to check with your city and comply with any inspection requirements to avoid fines.

24. Construct A Treehouse

backyard treehouse covered in pink flowers

Treehouses have always been cool, but the recent tiny home trend has really incentivized some people to build amazing tree houses. These alternative living spaces can serve as guest houses, home offices, or even a short-term Airbnb-type rental. Consider carefully what you plan to do with your space before you design it. If you need to add plumbing and electricity, you most likely want to call in subcontractors for help.

25. Makeover The Kitchen

kitchen renovations

The kitchen is the heart of the home. If your kitchen is dated, it can make the whole house feel dark and out of style. Giving your kitchen a makeover can have a big impact. You can gut the whole space, or just focus on the flooring, cabinets, counters, backsplash, or lighting. Any of those aspects can totally transform the space.

26. Assemble Outdoor Storage Space

blue shed in backyard

Adding a shed or detached garage can help you protect outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers or snow blowers. It also adds valuable storage space and can allow you to clear up extra space in your garage or basement. Be sure that all outdoor storage is assembled on level, stable ground. You may want to have a concrete slab poured to avoid shifting.

27. Set Up An Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen covered over with greenery and screened awning

Outdoor kitchens are common in luxury homes, but they can add a special touch to any backyard. You might be surprised at how easy it is to construct an outdoor kitchen area and how this DIY project can greatly expand your outdoor living space. If you love to entertain, adding an outdoor kitchen to your grill area can be really impressive for parties. Don’t forget extra seating and an outdoor bar if you like to mix up special drinks.

28. Expand Your Closet Space

empty closet with plenty of storage

Building out an existing closet can increase your storage potential. Many closets have one rod across the middle and are totally inefficient in their use of space. Think vertically and add two stacked rods along with upper shelves for rarely used items. Examine the types of clothes that you have and add drawers, shoe shelves, and special hooks for belts or scarves to totally personalize the space.

29. Convert Your Empty Attic

small attic turned into office space

If you have a walk-up attic, you can turn it into a bedroom and increase your total living space. You’ll need to be sure that the space is insulated and has HVAC running to it for temperature control. Also note the slope of the ceiling and if there will be enough walkable space to make this project worth it. Assuming those things work out, this is a great way to add a bedroom, play space or office to your home.

30. Make Room For A Home Office

home office with black wall and modern styling

Making a dedicated home office room can help you create distinct professional and personal spaces within your home. With so many people working from home, having a dedicated home office makes it easier to close the laptop and walk away from work at the end of the week. Be sure to include a flat work surface and incorporate storage spaces for any necessities. You’ll feel better if you have a place to tuck work papers away – such as a folder or cabinet – than have them sitting around your home all the time.

Final Thoughts For Your Next DIY Project

DIY projects can transform your home, teach you new skills, and give you a new hobby. Start with smaller, easier tasks until you build up your confidence and DIY skills.

You can find further inspiration by reading through the Rocket Homes® homeowner tips archives.

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