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6 Ideas For Hidden Rooms You'll Want In Your House

Morgan McBride4 minute read
April 08, 2022

Have you ever dreamed of having a secret room in your home? Hidden rooms are a unique way to repurpose an unused space. Whether you need the space for an out-of-sight office, a hide-away, or want to treat your kids to a secret play space, hidden rooms might be perfect for your needs. Secret rooms are mysterious and fun way to add a splash of unique personality to your home. Check out these ideas for our favorite hidden room ideas and how to create them.

What Is A Hidden Room?

Hidden rooms are sometimes also called secret rooms, panic rooms or safe rooms. They are often concealed behind hidden doors. From an interior design perspective, these rooms can provide a tucked-away spot for a room you might not want to prominently feature in your home. Or, it could be a jewel box of a hideaway space that you cannot wait to show to your houseguests! Whether you want the room hidden for practical or fun reasons, a secret room can be a great way to use that space.

How To Make A Secret Room

You can create a secret room on your own or hire a contractor to do it for you. The first step to making a secret room is to choose a location for it. Popular spots are existing walk-in closets. You could also use drywall to close off an unused space into its own room. If you want to convert a closet into a secret room, that is an easy DIY project. All you need is a little vision, some elbow grease, and touch of creative home engineering.

Make a plan about what you will need to do to create your secret room. You may simply want to set up a closet as a room, or you may want to go as far as concealing or disguising the door. Once you have your plan, break down the makeover into steps. Breaking big projects into smaller steps can make them much more manageable as DIY projects. Create a list of what you’ll need for each step of the project and gather your tools and materials.

If you want to have a hidden door, the most common way to do that is behind a bookshelf. You can DIY a bookshelf door or purchase a swinging interior bookcase door. You can also hide a secret door behind a fireplace, cabinet, piece of artwork, or mirror. If you choose to DIY your door, be sure that the door and the hinges are strong enough to support the additional weight and are secured onto a proper stud.

Beware – these projects can get expensive quickly. Many things that are used to conceal doors are heavy, meaning you might need a special heavy-duty door and hinges. If you want a soundproofed safe room, prepare to spend extra on the additional upgrades. If your secret room is based on a budget, stick to DIY and keep it simple to stay on target.

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Our Favorite Secret Room Ideas

No two hidden rooms are the same – that’s part of their excitement. Remember that hidden rooms can be anywhere in your home and can serve many purposes. Here are some of the most common and popular types of secret rooms.

1.   Brilliant Bookcase Secret Room

If secret rooms can be traditional, the most common would be one hidden behind a bookcase. Basically, you use a bookcase door to hide the entrance to the room. This is great if you have a closet or other room off of a room that is suited to shelving. Be sure to secure the items on the bookshelf so they don’t fall as you swing the door open.

2.   Unique Underground Bunker

Another really cool idea is an underground secret room. Underground hidden rooms are popular for safe rooms or bunkers. If you are looking for a room to keep you protected from the outside, an underground bunker is perfect. Beware that if you don’t already have an underground space, it could be very expensive to dig an underground bunker.

3.   Sneaky Stairs Hidden Room

Many homes have a hidden room under a staircase. This is the perfect place to create a hidden room. While you might use this as a storage space, it could also be transformed into a small office, playroom or reading nook. Try to set up some kind of lighting to help keep the space from feeling like a dark closet. Fairy lights can work great if there is no overhead light fixture or easy way to run electricity.

4.   Captivating Children’s Playroom

Kids love secret spaces. If you have a spot for a secret room in your home, make it all about the kids! Consider turning a small hidden room into a children’s playroom with a reading nook, play kitchen area, or playhouse. Adding a modular kid’s couch makes a great spot for cozy lounging for older kids.

5.   Whimsical Wine Cellar

Love wine? A secret wine cellar will really impress your friends! If your hidden room is dark and climate controlled, it could be the perfect environment for storing wine. Consider the size of your collection and get appropriate shelving or refrigeration. Add storage for glasses and any other extras. If you have enough space, consider adding a small bar and barstool seating.

6.   Handy Home Office

A hidden home office might be the perfect way to get privacy for your remote work. All you need is a desk, a comfortable chair, and lighting to turn a closet or nook into a home office. Just make sure the space can get good Wi-Fi and cell reception!

The Bottom Line

Secret rooms are a fun addition to any home. Whether you want to use a hidden room for practical reasons, like a safe room or a home office, or for fun reasons, like a playroom or a wine cellar, this can be a really unique and interesting way to use space in your home.

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