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House Number Numerology: Are You Living At The Right Address?

Morgan McBride8-Minute Read
August 15, 2022

Many homeowners try to improve their personal well-being by addressing the atmosphere of their home. While balancing the energy in your home with feng shui and hygge is great, one method for making positive changes in your living space can be through understanding house number numerology, how it fits into your life and how you can adjust it.

What’s Numerology?

Numerology is the study of the numbers in your life through the universal language of numbers. The core concept of numerology is that everything is made up of numbers and, if we can break things down to their core numbers, we can better understand them.

At the core of numerology is your life path number. This is calculated as the sum of your birthdate. Supposedly, this speaks to your traits, talents and difficulties, in the same way as your astrological sign.

To calculate your life path number, you add up the numerals in your birthday until you get down to a single digit.

For example, if your birthday was April 1, 1985, your life number would be 4 (April) + 1 (the first) + 1+9+8+5 = 28. Then, take 2+8 = 10, then 1+0 = 1. Your life path number is one.

Each life path number has a set of character traits and personality tendencies that typically go with it. If you believe in numerology, then understanding your own life path number can help you understand yourself better.

House Numerology: What’s Its Significance?

The idea of house numerology is that your home’s street address affects the feeling and tone of the home. If you’re concerned with your own life path number, you should also pay attention to your home’s number and the numerology associated with it.

How To Find Your Home’s Number

Finding your home’s number is very simple and is done the same way as your life path number. Simply add all the digits until you have a single digit number.

If your address has a letter in it (for example, apartment 3B), assign that letter the number of the alphabet it is. So, A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on.

For example, if you live at 1569 Apple Street, you will do 1+5+6+9 = 21; 2+1 = 3. Your home number is 3.

Home Numbers And Their Meanings

Each home number represents a different set of influences your home might have on your life.

Here are each of the home numbers and what they represent.

Number 1 Homes

In numerology, the number 1 represents creativity, drive and innovation. A number 1 home is excellent for those who work from home or entrepreneurs starting new businesses.

The challenges associated with the number 1 are that it can lead to too much independence and, therefore, loneliness. If you live in a number 1 home, you may need to go out of your way to spend time with others and invite them into your home for company. Don’t spend all your time locked up on creative projects; make sure you get out and enjoy things outside your home as well.

Number 2 Homes

The number 2 is a very sensitive and sentimental number. Homes with the number 2 are particularly well-suited for couples, best friends and young families. These homes are also perfect for intimate gatherings and general togetherness.

The challenges associated with the number 2 are that it can often lead to feeling overly sensitive or overwhelmed with emotions. This can be difficult for those who feel a constant need for validation and affection.

Number 3 Homes

The number 3 is an extremely social number. It’s ideal for networking, romance and anything involving interacting with people. These homes are cheerful, vivacious and perfect for hosting parties.

The challenges associated with the number 3 are that it tends to lend itself to disorganization, scatteredness and flippancy. Set a schedule to make sure you’re taking time to organize and manage your home and the people in it. Don’t let your home take over your life.

Number 4 Homes

The number 4 is very grounded and practical. It’s disciplined, structured and not at all spontaneous. These homes can be very successful when used for investments, business and education.

The challenges associated with the number 4 are that there tends to be no excitement or spontaneity involved. This can lead to a lack of work-life balance. Don’t get wrapped up in working all the time and doing things because they make the most sense. It’s OK to get out of your comfort zone. Renovations and design in number 4 homes tend to be structured toward resale value instead of making the current owner happy.

Number 5 Homes

The number 5 is a very social and gregarious number. It’s all about excitement and socialization. These homes easily become party places, where people love to go and celebrate. People in number 5 homes are less likely to get bogged down about the past and more likely to enjoy the present.

The challenges associated with the number 5 are that it’s not suited well for quiet, introspection or peace. Number 5 homes often make great temporary homes but can be hard to cope with long-term.

Number 6 Homes

The number 6 is compassionate, generous and full of goodness. It’s harmonious and full of love. Number 6 homes are usually very comfortable and safe places for children, pets and plants.

The challenges associated with the number 6 are that you might find yourself giving too much to others and not saving enough energy for yourself. Being at home can be very comfortable, so it takes a lot of initiative to get out and spend time on yourself.

Number 7 Homes

The number 7 is peaceful, reflective and secretive. It’s a wonderful home number for those who wish to be alone and spend spiritual time reflecting internally. If you love to read, pray or meditate, a number 7 home is perfect for you.

The challenges associated with the number 7 are that these homes are not well-suited to entertaining or hosting others. It could feel lonely if you don’t make the effort to get out and see others regularly.

Number 8 Homes

The number 8 is the number of prosperity and abundance. It’s an excellent home number for entrepreneurs and those trying to make money. This is a high-energy, high-growth home for growing a business or family.

The challenges associated with the number 8 are that, while there tend to be big wins, there are also big losses; everything is done on a big scale. The number 8 also tends to lend itself toward a sense of dissatisfaction as you might never feel that you have enough, no matter how much you have. Don’t let this lead to a house full of junk.

Number 9 Homes

The number 9 is a number that represents love and acceptance. Everyone is welcome in a number 9 home. It’s the type of home where everyone feels welcome stopping by and calling for advice or just to hang out.

The challenges associated with the number 9 are that it can lead to not enough alone or private time for you or your family. You’ll have to go out of your way to establish clear-cut family time to avoid guest burn out. While it’s OK to have people over, make sure that doesn’t take up your life.

Master Numbers

Master numbers in numerology are 11, 22 and 33. They’re considered extremely powerful. Normally, you add the digit numbers of your house until you get a single digit number, but you can stop if you get an 11, 22 or 33.

Number 11 Homes

The number 11 looks like two pillars and represents a gateway. This could be a gateway to a new life or mindset. Number 11 homes are great places to live or work if you’re trying to discover new ideas or change your life.

The challenges associated with the number 11 are that you can encounter a lot of tests and trials when trying to learn or create something new. You must be willing to persevere through the difficulties.

Number 22 Homes

The number 22 represents stability. It’s a safe and calm home. Many numerologists consider it the best number of all and a great source of power to tap into. These homes are typically going to be “forever homes” and places kids come back to many years after they’ve left.

The challenges with the number 22 are that you may be put through spiritual trials involving outside pressures, such as work. It’s important to remember to keep up delegation and work-life balance.

Number 33 Homes

The number 33 represents uplifting others and loving energy. This is a very rare number that’s full of an extraordinary amount of selflessness and love for others. This type of home is where others will feel safe to come in their darkest time of need.

The challenges associated with the number 33 involve focusing too much energy on others and not enough on taking care of yourself. Remember to take some time alone in your home for self-care and love to have the best ability to help others when needed.

Karmic Numbers

If you’re adding up the digits of your home’s number and arrive at a 13, 14, 16 or 19, your home has a Karmic debt number.

Karma is based on the idea of the cyclical nature of life and the birth and rebirth cycle. Karma sometimes saddles you with a burden you have to overcome due to actions taken in the past, sometimes that had nothing to do with you.

Homes with Karmic debt numbers have obstacles that its residents need to overcome while living there. In general, they may be homes that you prefer to avoid all together.

Number 13 Homes

The number 13 represents the debt of past laziness and lack of work ethic. That means you can expect to make up for that debt by putting in extra work and physical and emotional labor.

Homes with a number 13 might need a lot of work done to them. They could be prone to damages and structural problems, or they could just be in rough physical shape. You don’t necessarily have to avoid all number 13 homes, but just be aware of what you might be getting yourself into.

Number 14 Homes

The number 14 represents the misuse of freedom in the past. It usually implies that you now must pay back for the past when you were selfish or inconsiderate of others. This could’ve been abusive behavior toward others or a general lack of self-discipline. In general, it indicates that someone in the past was cruel to someone else.

To repay that karma, now you must practice extreme modesty and kindness to avoid being sucked back into that cycle of violence and anger. It takes a strong personality and a lot of willpower to overcome this negative energy.

Number 16 Homes

The number 16 represents a misuse of love – often illicit love affairs. Houses with the number 16 aren’t conducive to successful romantic relationships – or even good friendships.

Residents of houses with this number will need to work hard on their willpower to shun outside romantic desires or they’ll risk their own existing relationships.

Number 19 Homes

The number 19 usually represents a lack of compassion and abuse of power. That might be narcissism, egotism or selfishness.

Current residents of number 19 homes will have to work hard to think of others and take actions to help those other than themselves to repay this bad karma. If you live in a number 19 home, you’ll want to work hard to create new habits and patterns that help lift others up.


Knowing your home’s numerology is a fun way to determine the energy and atmosphere that your home may naturally lend itself to. Be sure to check out more Homeowner Tips articles on the Rocket HomesSM blog.

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