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Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas And Design Tips

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October 19, 2021

Remember when you were younger, and you wanted to paint your wall bright green? Your parents opposed, and you were probably stuck with a boring neutral color like tan or white instead. Now that you’re older, you have full reign to design your space however you see fit. If we’re being honest, adults are just big kids anyway. So, the urge to slap that bright green across the walls of your master bedroom is stronger than ever. You’re in luck! Etsy named chartreuse the color of the year for 2020. And while it might not be a great move to paint your entire room chartreuse, you can incorporate some bright colored elements into your decor to satisfy the kid within. This is your year to decorate your master bedroom however you like to meet your needs.

Here are 17 tips to help get you started decorating your master bedroom.

Mix Up Aesthetics

Bohemian and rustic decor in a master bedroom

There’s no rule that your room decor has to be limited to one style. Play around with different types of decor. If your room is already boho, try pulling in a few pieces with a more rustic feel. The earthy textures will help to add dimension to the room and set your master bedroom design apart from other similar bohemian designs.

Try An Accent Wall

Bright blue accent wall in bedroom.

Is your room a bit bland or lacking color? Spice things up by adding an accent wall. Accent walls are a great way to make your master bedroom feel like a whole new room without having to do a complete overhaul. They typically feature bright colors that stand out from the walls around them. An accent wall is also perfect for trying out the patterned wallpaper design you love but don’t necessarily want to use to cover your entire bedroom. Having a wall that stands out means having a room that stands out.

Invent Depth With Mirrors

Mirrored dressers in a bedroom.

The more mirrors you have in your master bedroom, the bigger the room will feel. If your walls are already full, a creative way to make your room feel larger that doesn’t involve hanging mirrors is to add a couple of mirrored furniture pieces. Mirrored dressers and nightstands are a great conversation starter because of their unique and eye-catching qualities. Plus, they’ll reflect the colors around them, enhancing the color scheme you’ve chosen.

Keep It Bright

Bright colored room with orange and green.

Dark, dreary bedrooms can make waking up on Mondays that much harder. Invest in some bright lighting to enhance the mood. Light makes a room appear bigger and more inviting. Statement lighting like chandeliers and sconces are popular lighting trends that will draw the eye as a decoration, and will light your way as an added benefit.

Be Intentional With Colors

Bright colored pillows in a bedroom

For the bedroom, blue is the most relaxing color. But believe it or not, yellows and greens are linked to a great night’s sleep as well. The lighter the colors you use in your master bedroom, the larger it will feel. Here is where your childhood dreams of swimming in chartreuse come into play. Toss a green throw on the bed and live your best bright-colored master bedroom life.

Experiment With Wood

Rustic Wood headboard and bed with green decor.

Bringing natural elements like wood into your bedroom can make the space feel much less cold and impersonal. There are many different wooden textures you can use to give your room whatever style you’re going for. Finished, polished wood will give your master bedroom a more modern look while rough, unfished wood can add a natural touch for a more rustic feel. Making a wooden backboard the centerpiece of the room or installing hardwood floors are both great choices for your master bedroom.

Make A Seating Area

Seating area in bedroom

Have an empty space left in your master bedroom? Turn that corner into a seating area. Add a little table where you’ll be able to relax and drink your coffee in the morning. This also great if you ever get visitors in your bedroom. Instead of having to stand or awkwardly squat at the edge of the bed, they’ll be able to stay and relax in your seating area.

Incorporate Storage Into Your Design

Storage incorporated into bedroom design

You can never have enough storage, but sometimes it tends to cramp your room’s style. Get around this is by incorporating storage into your overall design. Use built-in shelving in your closet or use storage pieces that double as seating. There are even bed frames that double as storage units. Placing a storage piece around your headboard is another great way to optimize the space in your master bedroom. Anything that doubles in purpose saves time and room and maximizes the usability of a small space. Incorporating storage into your design will reduce clutter and headaches in the future.

Play With Patterns

Bedroom with multiple patterns incorporated into decor.

A common misconception is that patterns must always match. Mixing patterns is a popular design trend right now. Play with a pattern on an accent wall. Play with patterns on your pillows and your furniture. Some tips when mixing patterns are to start with about three different patterns and use colors that are similar in intensity.

Create Texture With Textiles

Bed pillows and blankets with different textures.

If your current room is a bit bland, consider adding design elements with distinct textures that will add dimension to your master bedroom. Velvets, silks and textures that resemble those found in nature are all textures you’ll find plenty of in 2020. Adding a silk throw pillow or a velvet chair to your master bedroom can change the whole look of a room.

Upholster Your Headboard

Upholstered headboard.

We talked about using wood as your headboard, but another option is to upholster your headboard. This is a little bit cozier and will help to make the bed the focal point of the room.

Add An Accent Rug

Colorful bedroom with accent rug.

An accent rug is the final piece that helps tie all the decorations of a room together. Plus, who wants to step out of bed in the morning onto a frigid hardwood floor? Trust us, the accent rug is definitely worth the splurge. Your paws will thank you.

Decorate With Wall Art

Bedroom decorated with wall art.

Wall art has been used to spice up barren walls for decades. You can pull in more patterns here or pick pieces that complement the color scheme you’ve chosen for your master bedroom. Raw artist brush strokes are a popular pattern for 2020, so that opens up plenty of options for hanging wall art in your master bedroom.

Another great option is to feature a gallery wall. Gallery walls are a perfect way to incorporate memories and mementos that are significant to you into your master bedroom decor. You can place family photos on your gallery wall or even items that are important to you that aren’t picture frames. Gallery walls are a unique way to make your wall art stand out and incorporate what you love into your master bedroom design.

Wallpaper The Ceiling

Bedroom with wallpaper on the ceiling.

Not the wall, the ceiling. There are a couple of different directions you could take this one. You can opt for a more natural look and fake the look of a reclaimed natural wood ceiling. You could add shiplap to the ceiling to add dimension. You could choose to make your ceiling your “accent wall” and add wallpaper with a pop of color or a bright design. You could also play around with hints of metallic in the pattern of the wallpaper on your ceiling.

Throw In Color With Pillows

Bedroom with tan bed and colorful orange throw pillows.

Did you hop on the all-white room trend and go a little overboard with the white decor? Although your master bedroom decor might resemble one giant cotton ball right now, there are plenty of easy ways to switch things up, starting with your pillows. Pillows aren’t just great for adding texture. They’re an inexpensive way to add pops of color to your master bedroom. One trick is to add a bunch of pillows of the same color, but in all different shades. Throw a couple of uniquely shaped pillows in there and add a throw blanket and you have yourself a totally new room.

Divide With Decorative Screens

Bedroom with decorative screen.

Room dividers aren’t just for dressing. They can split up a large master bedroom to divide one large space into two separate ones. If you want to separate your seating area from your sleeping area, putting a decorative screen between the two is a simple and effective way to do so. Room dividers can also help block some light if your master bedroom has large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Bring In Plant Life

Room with lots of house plants.

Plants clear the air, add pops of color and literally liven up your master bedroom. You can place houseplants on tables, on windowsills, hang them or place them on the floor. They do have indoor houseplants that don’t require the same amount of care as a small child to stay alive – we’re looking at you, orchids. There are plenty of houseplants you can add to your master bedroom decor that even the most forgetful can’t kill. The best part of all? Most houseplants go great with chartreuse.

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