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Launching: New Products And Features From Rocket Homes

Andrew Dehan2-Minute Read
November 09, 2020

From the start, it’s been our goal to simplify the home buying and selling experience. We’re in it to be more than just a real estate company. We’re focused on using our technology to make life easier for you.

Whether you’re buying, selling or maintaining your home, our tools and resources give you the information to help you make the right decision for you. These are all available on the Rocket HomesSM  mobile app or on

Breaking Down The New Features

We’ve added features to improve your experience, whether you’re buying a home or checking your credit.

Let’s go through the new elements we’re rolling out.

Find Your Home

Now you can search on the go with the Rocket HomesSM mobile app to easily find the place that fits your budget and lifestyle. Our listings are continuously updated and sourced directly from the MLS, so you know the information is accurate and up to date.

Each home listing comes with a variety of details that are important for you to consider. These include school ratings, neighborhood details, home specifications and available loan options.

Monitor Your Credit

If there’s a situation when your credit score matters most, it’s when you’re thinking about buying a home. You can keep a close eye on your credit whether you’re at your desktop or on the go.

Understand your credit score, view your credit history and get tips on how you could improve your score. Every week, your score is updated and you have access to an updated credit report.

With visibility into your report, you can review for any possible errors, and see how changes to your accounts and debts affect your credit. Your credit history lets you view how your score has changed over time and see what actions have impacted it the most.

Our Score Simulator estimates the effect a financial choice will have on your credit. This allows you to see how paying off a debt or taking out a new loan will affect your score. For example, if you’re taking out an auto loan around the same time as you’re applying for a mortgage, you can see how much the extra debt will affect your score.

Establish Your Home Buying Plan

Part of making the home buying process easier for you is helping you develop a plan to reach your goals. That’s why we’ve built a home buying plan into our app. This plan will help you organize your choices, breaking down the process into a series of activities.

It’s easier to take on a big process like home buying one step at a time. By using the home buying plan, you can prioritize your decisions and act on them.


Rocket HomesSM is your place for home buying, home selling, maintaining your home and managing your finances. We’ve added new tools and resources to our website and app to simplify the process and give you an incredible experience.

Whether you’re house hunting or monitoring your credit, we’ve got your back. Rocket HomesSM will give you the information you need in one easy-to-use place so you can make decisions with confidence.

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