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Teen Bedroom Ideas: How To Give Your Teen The Space They Want

Lauren Nowacki5 minute read
July 16, 2021

The teen years are tough. For parents and teens. Your child is starting to have their own ideas, opinions and style. They’re growing up. They’re becoming their own person. And they’ll be looking for ways to show that to you and the rest of the world.

One easy way to help your teen during this important phase in life is to give them a space of their own. And while you may not want them to grow up so fast, it may require giving their room a makeover to look and feel more adult. Here are a few teen bedroom ideas to get you started.

Design A More Grown-Up Space

Teen Room Idea

A more grown-up space may mean removing decor from their childhood years, replacing smaller beds with bigger ones and swapping taped-up posters with hung, framed art. You may need to remove the toy box for a work desk, topped with an industrial, vintage desk lamp or swap stuffed animals out for throw pillows or sophisticated bean bag chairs. 

Whatever updates you make for a more adult feel, allowing your teen to have a say in the design will help them feel more adult, too.

Consider The Size Of Your Teen’s Room

It’s important to consider the size of your teen’s bedroom when designing the room. You’ll want to make sure you have the right size furniture and accessories and are designing it in a way that maximizes the space available. 

Small Teen Bedroom Ideas

Small Teen Room Storage Idea

A small room will require extra storage solutions to avoid clutter. Shelving units and under-the-bed storage are key. You’ll also want to use furniture that won’t take up too much space, meaning you may opt for a twin bed instead of a full, create a loft-style bed with a desk underneath or choose a desk that can fold up. If you can build shelves and drawers into the wall or closet, the more space you’ll have for other things. Make sure you use higher spaces as well by installing shelves over the bed or hanging shelves or other decor from the ceiling. To make the room look bigger, consider using soft tones that keep the room bright and using mirrors to add depth.

Large Teen Bedroom Ideas

Large Attic Teen Room

If your teen’s lucky enough to get a large room, make the most of the extra space by sectioning off portions for various purposes based on your teen’s interests and lifestyle. Add a hangout space for friends with a TV and futon or couch that functions as a bed for sleepovers. If your teen is striving to be the next influencer, build an area for recording videos or podcasts or taking the perfect picture. Create a space for homework or leisurely reading or make a display area for their collections. A vanity with a mirror and counter space for makeup and hairstyling tools will make primping fun and keep clutter out of a shared bathroom.

A bedroom isn’t just for sleeping. For teens, it can be a sanctuary and a place to spend time with friends. Have a chat with your teen to see what else they’d like to use their large room for and section it off to fulfill those needs.

Add Functional Teen Bedroom Furniture

Teen Room With Functional Storage Solutions

Help your teen succeed by adding functional furniture that is useful for them throughout their day. This may include a workspace for studying, a bed frame with extra storage, mirrors for getting ready and an entertainment center to help them relax and unwind. Functional furniture could also be gym equipment for athletic teens or an easel and writing/drawing desk for the creative type. Whatever furniture helps them achieve their goals is functional.

Opt For Fun Teen Bedroom Decor Pieces

Of course, not everything has to be functional. Make sure you’re adding youthful elements to your teen’s bedroom decor by including fun pieces, too. Install hanging chairs or a hammock, use statement lighting, add a decorative headboard or put up funky wallpaper or a gallery wall for photos, art or concert posters. Paint one wall with chalkboard paint to make their room interactive. Your teen and their friends will love being able to write on the wall, express themselves in a new way and use the chalkboard to change up the look of their room from time to time. Consider working with your teen to create DIY decor, which will allow you to spend quality time with your child and create a unique piece you can’t find anywhere else.

Choose A Color Scheme

Teen Room Color Scheme Idea Forest Green Wall With Pink Accents

It can be hard to choose the right color scheme for your teen’s bedroom because there are several factors to keep in mind. You’ll obviously want to consider their wishes, but you also want to make sure the colors don’t look tacky, make the room look small or even negatively influence your teen’s emotional state. Work with your child to figure out how you can incorporate their favorite color, especially if it’s a little outrageous. Maybe it’s picking a basic color for the walls, then adding pops of the color they want with throw pillows, bedroom linens or even an accent wall.

When it comes to color scheme, you’ll first want to help them decide what their decor style is, then work on matching the color – and its shade – to the design style. For example, if your teen loves the color pink, but wants a more rustic style, a dusty rose color may be a better option than neon pink.

Don’t Forget To Add Accents To The Room

Teen Musical Theme Room Decor Idea

Round out your teen’s bedroom decor with accents that add their signature style to the room. Throw pillows and blankets can help add texture and a pop of color, while area rugs and colorful tapestries soften the room, add warmth and protect the floors or walls. Decorative lights, monograms, collectibles and trinkets help add your teen’s unique character to the room to make it truly their own. Whatever you choose to accent the room, make sure you keep it to a minimum. Too many accents or too much of a mix of different accents can come off as tacky.

How To Save Money On A Teen Bedroom Design

These teen bedroom ideas don’t require you to break the bank. There are several ways to save money on your teen’s bedroom design. As mentioned before, try your hand at DIY projects. This can be especially nice if you or other family members work on the project together. Try flea markets, thrift shops, garage sales and other second-hand shops to find vintage pieces or furniture with good bones. You could always refinish old furniture and decor with paint and new hardware.

The Bottom Line

Teens are looking for a way to express themselves and a place to take a break from their parents, siblings and the rest of the world. A place that’s truly their own. Redoing your teen’s room to incorporate their new style, while staying functional, is a great way to allow them to be themselves in a space they feel comfortable in.

These are just a few teen bedroom ideas. To find more decorating tips and design inspiration, check out our homeowner's guide.

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