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Room Ideas For Teens: 9 Tips For Designing The Bedroom Of Your Teenager’s Dreams

Morgan McBride7-minute read
June 16, 2022

As your child ages and enters their teen years, you’ll start to see changes in their tastes and personal sense of style. New friends, new clothes and new interests begin to enter the scene. As their independence grows, they’ll want to have a greater say in their world.

Helping them redecorate their bedroom is a great way to spend time together, while giving them greater control over their personal space. Check out our guide to room ideas for teens.

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Preparing To Design Your Teen’s Room

It’s important to have a plan before you dive into a bedroom makeover. While some teens may randomly rearrange their furniture on a whim, the time-consuming and possibly costly process of painting a room and replacing furniture should be thought out. Here are some of the factors to consider when planning your makeover.

Consider The Size Of The Space

It is important to keep the square footage of your teenager’s bedroom in mind when deciding on ideas for how to update their space. A small bedroom or a room shared between your children can limit the kinds of changes you’re able to make. You’ll want to make sure you have the right size furniture and accessories and are designing it in a way that maximizes the space available.

Small Teen Bedroom Ideas

White small bedroom with desk and combo dresser and bed.

A small room will require extra storage solutions to avoid clutter. Vertical shelving units and under-the-bed storage are key. You’ll also want to use furniture that won’t take up too much floor space, meaning you may opt for a twin bed instead of a full bed, create a loft-style bed with a desk underneath or choose a desk that can fold up into the wall.

If you can build shelves and drawers into the wall or closet, that will leave more space for other things. Make sure you take advantage of higher spaces as well by installing shelves over the bed or hanging shelves or other decor from the ceiling. To make the room look bigger, consider using soft tones that keep the room bright and using mirrors to add depth.

Large Bedroom Ideas for Teens

Large bedroom with angled ceiling.

If your teen’s lucky enough to get a large room, make the most of the extra space by sectioning off portions for various purposes based on your teen’s interests and lifestyle. A bedroom isn’t just for sleeping. For teens, it can be a sanctuary and a place to spend time with friends. Have a chat with your teen to see what else they’d like to use their large room for and design it to fulfill those needs.

Add a hangout space for friends with a TV and futon or couch that functions as a bed for sleepovers. If your teen is striving to be the next influencer, build an area for recording videos or podcasts or taking the perfect picture. Create a space for homework or leisurely reading or make a display area for their collections. A vanity with a mirror and counter space for makeup and hairstyling tools will make primping fun and keep clutter out of a shared bathroom. Keep your teen’s interests in mind to design the perfect space for them and make sure they are part of the process.

Choose A Color Scheme

White and green themed bedroom for teen.

When choosing a color scheme for your teen’s bedroom there are several factors to keep in mind. The most important thing is picking colors they like and will feel at home in. It might not be your first choice, but it’s not your room. If your teen changes their mind a lot, consider picking a basic color for the walls, then adding pops of the color they like with throw pillows, bedroom linens or even an accent wall. This is a lot easier to change as their interests change.

Establish A Budget

It’s important to determine your budget before starting your teen’s bedroom makeover. Even without a huge budget, there are lots of ways you could save money. One of the best ways to save is by making it a DIY project and not hiring any help. This can be especially nice if you and other family members work on the project together. Another way to save money is by choosing second-hand furniture over new. Try flea markets, thrift shops, garage sales and other second-hand shops to find vintage pieces or furniture with good bones. You could always refinish old furniture and decor with paint and new hardware.

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9 Teen Bedroom Ideas

Here are some ideas for what to incorporate when giving your teen’s room a makeover.

1. Prioritize Storage And Organization

Assess the size of your teen’s space and the current storage situation. Do they have clothes falling out of their closet? Are their collectibles and books littering the floor? This could be a sign to invest in more shelving and storage containers. Having enough room to put away items can really change the look of a room. The right storage solutions and organizational pieces in your teen’s bedroom design will help them to stay at least a little organized and keep the room from looking too messy.

2. Design A More Grown-up Space

Minimalistic white bedroom with dresser and paintings above and near bed.

A more grown-up space may mean removing decor from their childhood years, replacing smaller beds with bigger ones and swapping taped-up posters with hung, framed art. You may need to remove the toy box for a work desk, topped with an industrial, vintage desk lamp or swap stuffed animals out for throw pillows or bean bag chairs. Whatever updates you make for a more adult feel, allowing your teen to have a say in the design will help them feel more adult, too.

3. Create A Multifunctional Space

Multifunctional teen bedroom with bed and desk.

Teens like to spend a lot of time in their rooms. It’s important to give your teenager areas to study, hang out with friends, or work on creative hobbies such as arts and crafts or practicing music in their bedroom. Think of their hobbies and create spaces to suit that. You might want a craft table that folds down from the wall, a chair for playing guitar, or a futon for sleepovers.

If the budget allows, you could even hire professionals to build out and expand the size of your teen’s room to better accommodate these kinds of changes. Compare quotes for this type of project in your area with HomeAdvisor by entering your ZIP code.

4. Choose A Decor Theme

Pink and gray decor themed bedroom for teens.

A great way to give a room a cohesive feel is by sticking to a theme. While younger kids usually prefer literal themes like superheroes or fire trucks, older teens often want a space that evokes a style instead of an on-the-nose theme. The best way to choose a theme is to show your teen images of boho, minimalism or maximalism, cottagecore or other popular interior design trends on Pinterest or in magazines and see what they lean toward. Try to narrow it down to specific elements within each theme to be sure you really capture their vision.

5. Swap Out Old Furniture

Trading your teen’s old furniture for new pieces is a great way to change the look of the space. Furniture is going to take up the most space and the most budget in the room, so it is important to get it right. New furniture might include a new bed frame or headboard, dressers, bookshelves, armchair, couch, or daybed as part of the design update. Be sure to measure and possibly use tape to lay out the space before purchasing anything large. Add one item at a time when possible to prevent overwhelming the space. Remember that small rooms fill up very quickly!

6. Update The Lighting

Lighting has an impact on a room in two ways: the amount and color of light the fixture provides, and the appearance of the light fixture itself. Both are important in room design! Changing out some of the lighting in your teen’s room can have a big impact. Consider a new overhead lighting fixture, a chandelier, lamps, string lights, or wall sconces. Having three different light sources is best for a well-lit space.

7. Put In An Accent Wall

Teen bedroom with wall accents of chalk style drawings and musical notes.

Accent walls are a great way to make a statement in a bedroom. You could liven things up with bold statement wallpaper, by curating a gallery wall or by utilizing other methods of creating an accent wall. A natural place for an accent wall is the wall behind the bed. This gives the room a natural focal point. You can really tie the room together by incorporating the color of the accent wall into other parts of the room such as in the furniture, rugs, and smaller accessories throughout the space.

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8. Take A DIY Approach

There are lots of ways in which you can incorporate DIY touches into your teen’s bedroom redesign. DIYing can save money and can also be a bonding experience for your family. If you set the right atmosphere, repainting the room together can be a lot of fun. Clear out the furniture and set aside a day. Play music and get it done!

Another DIY project is to refinish old furniture. You could use their old dresser or go thrifting together for the perfect piece. New paint and knobs can go a long way to give the piece a custom look. You can also craft small decor together. Look on Pinterest for easy ideas that work with your teen’s style. Wall decor can be especially fun to make!

9. Give Your Kid Space To Express Themselves

Whatever your ideas for your teen’s bedroom, it’s important that they are able to incorporate their own ideas in a way that will allow them to further showcase their personality and interests. After all, they are probably going to spend most of their time in there. Worry less about style and flow and more about what might make them feel happy and comfortable.

The Bottom Line

Giving your teen’s bedroom a makeover can be a great project to do together. Take the time to make a plan that they are happy with and work together to make it happen. You might even make memories to last a lifetime. Find more decorating tips and design inspiration through the Rocket HomesSM homeowner's guide.

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