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COVID’s Impact On Home Trends And Preferences:1 Year Later

Rachel Burris2-minute read
June 01, 2021

Rocket Homes® conducted a study to determine how COVID-19 has impacted consumer home sentiment and trends. We surveyed 3,200 Americans to find out how they now feel about their home after spending more time in it than ever before.

40% of those surveyed were over the age of 55 and from the South
About 39% of those surveyed lived in their current home over 10 years

25.4% of Americans have started to like their home more since the pandemic began. The greatest advantages people now find in their home include:

Home perception statistics

Just 8.8% of Americans have begun to like their home less over the course of the pandemic. The biggest drawbacks people now find in their home include:

home perception graphics

A majority of Americans have had to make at least one repair since the pandemic began:

About 40% of people said Zero Repairs

For the 53.7% of Americans who have had to make repairs to their home during this time, the most significant repairs made were to:

home perception graphic

When asked what they would change about their home if money was no object, 27.1% said they would renovate the kitchen. The most popular kitchen renovation projects involved:

About 33% of kitchen renovations were for more space

Meanwhile, 21.1% said they would renovate the bathroom. Respondents were most interested in the following bathroom upgrades:

home perception graphics


To find out how the pandemic has impacted home sentiments and trends for individuals across the country, Rocket Homes surveyed 3,243 Americans, aged 22 and over. The survey was conducted online from April 9 – 20, 2021. The percentages presented regarding home advantages, drawbacks, kitchen projects and bathroom upgrades represent respondents’ top 3 choices and therefore do not amount to 100%.

Rachel Burris

Rachel Burris is a writer covering topics of interest to present and future homeowners, as well as industry insiders. Prior to joining Rocket Companies, she worked as an English teacher for the New York City Department of Education and a licensed real estate agent for Brown Harris Stevens. She holds a bachelor's degree in creative writing from Bucknell University, a postbaccalaureate certificate in psychology from Columbia University and a master's degree in English education from Teachers College, Columbia University.