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Rachel DenneyApril 29, 2019

Don’t place that “For Sale” sign out in your yard just yet. Making a few renovations before putting your house on the market could  increase how much you end up selling your home for.

Keep in mind, many major home renovation projects result in little to no return on investment. In fact, many homeowners end up losing money on major overhauls like expanding a deck. But, if you are selling, there are a few home renovation projects that can possibly help you get more money for your home. From front yard landscaping ideas to tips on how to insulate an attic, we’ll help you increase your home value on a budget.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Minor bathroom remodeling can go a long way. No need to get out the sledgehammer or uproot the plumbing; just focus on affordable, easy-to-make updates to rejuvenate the room. Here are a few bathroom remodel ideas you can tackle on your own:

·     Trade up for a new faucet and showerhead.

·     Replace outdated fixtures.

·     Remove old bathtub caulk and apply a fresh layer.

·     Install a wall-mounted magnifying mirror.

Remember, it’s usually wise to focus on small bathroom remodeling ideas instead of any major transformations. Once you start rearranging the pipes or ripping out tiles, your return on investment is likely to drop drastically.

Upgrade Your Landscaping

The front of your house displays its age and how you care for the home. If you haven’t power-washed the siding or trimmed the trees in years, then you will be pleasantly surprised by how new your home looks when you do. Potential buyers start judging your home the second they pull up, so you’ll want to make sure your yard looks its best.

To boost your home’s curb appeal on a budget, here are a few ideas:

·     Install garden bed borders.

·     Add fresh mulch and flowering plants.

·     Reseed grass and trim shrubbery.

·     Power-wash siding and walkways.

As for the backyard, it might not be the first thing buyers look at, but it’s a safe bet that an overgrown jungle won’t make a positive impression. In addition to pruning trees and shrubs, consider these backyard landscaping ideas before you plan to show your home:

·     Add a planter box or two to your patio (a tropical hibiscus tree is a cheap, colorful option).

·     Edge your lawn along walkways and the driveway.

·     Brighten things up with a few tiki torches or lanterns along walkways.

·     Freshen up your deck with a new coat of paint or sealer.

Replace Your Attic Insulation

Savvy home buyers know to look at the state of the insulation. If they see crushed, moist or dirty insulation batts, they will try to negotiate for a lower price. Fortunately, replacing your attic insulation is a manageable project. Plus, pulling down the old, pink batts of insulation and replacing them with new ones is the perfect opportunity to check for damage and make any minor repairs.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to insulate your attic yourself:

1.    Dispose of existing material.You’ll want to get rid of any material that’s matted or moldy. If you see shiny flecks, it’s a good idea to have the insulation tested for asbestos and removed by a professional.

2.    Choose your new material.There are two common options: batt (or blanket insulation) and blown-in. Batts are easier to install (so long as you don’t have a lot of oddly shaped spaces to fill). You don’t need specialized tools, and batts offer better thermal resistance. Blown-in insulation requires a blowing machine, but if you have a lot of nooks and crannies to fill, it’ll probably be less of a hassle to rent the blower and go with this type of insulation.

3.    Seal air leaks.Gaps between your attic and rooms below will allow air to escape, which defeats the purpose of insulation. It’s wise to use the proper spray foam or caulk to seal spaces around windows, pipes, ducts and chimneys. Also check for roof leaks and make any needed repairs before insulating.

4.   Protect your roof. It’s important to maintain proper airflow in your attic so your roof doesn’t overheat or freeze. Take care not to block soffit vents and attach baffles to the underside of your roof so your insulation doesn’t bunch up against it.

5.    Install your insulation. Whether you choose to use batts or blown-in insulation, work from the perimeter inward so you don’t walk on insulation you put in. Always protect yourself by wearing a dust mask, and work in a well-lit area while standing on secure platform that spans at least three joists.

Focus On What Sells, Not Just On Increasing Value

If you’re transferring to a new job or already found a new home, your schedule may be a bit hectic. Even though your real estate agent can handle the sale while you get settled in, it can be tempting to accept the first offer and move on. But with the right renovations, you could make a quicker and more profitable sale.

Home buyers tend to focus on the kitchen and bathrooms the most. So, replacing the caulk, upgrading the light fixtures and refreshing the paint are often the best projects to start with. Another cost-effective way to help your home sell is through staging, which involves fine-tuning your interior design and making it easier  for buyers to imagine themselves living in your space.

These simple and cost-effective home renovation projects could help you get top dollar for your home and ensure it doesn’t go stale sitting on the market.

Rachel Denney

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