Spacious cabin bedroom with high ceilings.

Cabin Decor Ideas: 10 Ways To Design A Cozy Space

Morgan McBride5-Minute Read
UPDATED: May 23, 2023

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Cabin style is a cozy, comfortable home decor style with roots in nature. Whether you live in a log cabin, lake cabin, or no cabin at all, with some inspiration and fresh decor ideas, you can create a cozy space with the unique charm of a cabin.

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10 Decorating Ideas For Your Cabin

When it comes to decorating, it’s important to gather ideas and inspiration and then put your own personal style spin on the decor. Even little additions can make all the difference in elevating a space and creating the right ambiance.

If you’re struggling to find your groove as a designer, this is where a professional can step in. A skilled interior decorator can help you choose furniture and other decor that’s cohesive with your cabin’s style. Compare quotes from top-rated interior decorators with HomeAdvisor today to start creating your perfect sanctuary with these rustically chic cabin decorating ideas.

1. Bring Outdoor Light Fixtures Inside      

Woman standing in the doorway of an open cabin room.

Lighting is very important in interior design. Exterior lighting fixtures can add an unexpected and casually cool look to indoor rooms. Lanterns, for example, add a cozy and homey feel when used as chandeliers or sconces. Light fixtures with exposed light bulbs or candle fixtures give a rustic cabin feel to any space.

For best results, pick one finish – such as black metal – and use that on all of the light fixtures in your cabin style home. A cohesive metal allows you to play with different styles of lighting but keeps them from looking too eclectic or mismatched.

2. Mix And Match Patterns And Textures

Rustic cabin couch and fireplace.

Blending different patterns and textures, while a very boho decor trend, can create a cozy and eclectic feel to any living room or bedroom. Cabin-style decor should feel very layered and collected over time. Playing with textures is a great way to bring interest into your home without feeling too busy with lots of different colors.

Throw pillows are a great and inexpensive way to do this. Layering a patterned pillow (such as red-and-white plaid) with a solid but textured pillow (such as white sweater material) adds a lot of interest. It’s also great to add an interesting textured throw blanket into the mix!

3. Incorporate Faux Fur

Cozy cabin bedroom with furs.

Faux fur is a great way to warm up a space and add texture for a lived-in, earthy vibe. Faux fur throws and pillows can add a pop of nature, without overwhelming the space. Look for furs in neutral colors, such as white, tan or gray for the most natural look.

If full-on faux fur is too much for you, you can look for things with faux fur accents. For example, a curtain or pillow with faux fur piping just along the seam gives a hint of texture and rustic style without feeling overwhelming.

4. Display Found Treasures 

Bowl of potpourri.

Natural elements can make the best finishing touches – from antlers to rocks to pine cones and branches. Display collections together to show your passions!

One idea is to create a DIY shadow box. You could frame a collection of rocks, or create a shadow box for each year if you have a vacation cabin that you visit periodically. Use these natural treasures as a way to display happy family memories!

5. Light Candles

Wood slabs and lit candles in home.

Candlelight in any season creates a relaxing and homey atmosphere, and is a nod to simpler times. Candles can come in many forms. You could cover a fireplace mantle with wax candlesticks for a dramatic look. Or, you could hang a chandelier with candle-shaped bulbs. For electric or battery-powered candles, look for something dimmable that flickers for the most realistic look.

6. Opt For Leather Furniture

Cabin room with high ceilings, leather furniture and a fireplace.

Leather is perfect for a cabin interior because it’s a natural material and provides a rich look while being incredibly durable and flexible. Focus on pieces in natural colors – like shades of brown – for the ultimate cozy look.

Don’t go for a full set of matching leather furniture. Pick one piece – maybe a sofa or an ottoman – and pair it with other pieces made of similarly cozy materials, for a layered, collected look. Cabin interior furniture should look like family has been visiting for decades.

7. Install A Wood Burning Stove  

Wood burning stove with wood piles surrounding it.

Wood stoves are a great source of heat, and provide an ambiance that can’t be beat. They can get a little pricey, but are totally worth it. There is just something about the pipe of a wood burning stove going up into the ceiling that makes a space feel super cozy.

If a wood burning stove isn’t meant to be in your home, make the fireplace a focal point. Paint it a dark, moody color or add a chunky rustic wood mantel to really let it be the star.

8. Create A Gallery Wall Of Plant Art

Corner of potted plants and botanical decor.

When decorating the walls of a cabin-style home, nature-inspired art is a fantastic option. A well-designed gallery wall is an ideal focal point. Incorporating different plant prints is another way to bring the great outdoors inside.

While you could hang a photo or painting of a plant, you could also consider framing pressed leaves or flowers for an extremely authentic look. Also, wall-mounted or hanging plants make great additions to any gallery wall or shelf.

9. Balance Wood And Metal Elements

Rustic cabin dining room with high ceilings.

Many cabins feel heavy on the wood – especially log cabins. This can be balanced by adding in some metal elements throughout – hanging antique metal signs or using antique metal cans as planters. Bringing in additional textures will help to keep a space from feeling too stiff and wooden.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to give a home that’s not a cabin that cabin-style feel, adding wood is an excellent way to do that. Bring in natural- or light-toned wood furniture, and consider covering a ceiling with tongue and groove wooden planks. Adding wood accents is an easy and inexpensive way to get the cabin look in your home.

10. Add Strategic Pops Of Color

Wicker chairs and cabin-like living room.

Cabins can tend toward being a bit dark, and adding in strategically placed pops of color can make a huge difference in freshening up the space. When working with a lot of natural materials – like wood, metal, or stone – it’s best to pick one main accent color or color family to work with. Pantone’s color of the year list is a great place to get inspiration.

Bring your choices of paint color into impactful but easy-to-change areas in case you want to mix up your accent shades down the line. Linens and bedding, pillows, lamps and rugs are all great places to bring in color and texture alongside your more permanent fixtures.

The Bottom Line

Whether you own a cabin or just want your home to feel like a vacation destination, cabin-style decor is a great option for those who love a cozy, rustic atmosphere. If this guide has inspired you to channel your inner designer for another space, check out some more interior design trends and styles for your next expertly decorated sanctuary.

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